Comparison of Ebgo CC60 and ENVO D35: Which Electric Bicycle is The Best fit for You?
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Comparison of Ebgo CC60 and ENVO D35: Which Electric Bicycle is The Best fit for You?

When it comes to an electric bicycle, there are countless options available on the market right now. Different brands, colours, designs and power features are important aspects to consider before making a buying decision. On EbikeBC we are comparing the most popular electric-assisted bicycles, so you can consider some great options, before purchasing. 

Keep reading this blog if you want to know more about two popular models - ENVO D35 and the Ebgo CC60 electric bicycle. 

You can refer to a 14-metrics chart with a points system below. Note: all points are subjective and you might have a different opinion and experience, we would appreciate though if you can share your thoughts in the comments under this article.  


PRICE: $2,479 CAD - $1,810 USD




500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


460Wh Panasonic Lithium Ion



Envo D35 quality score

TOTAL SCORE - 85/100

Ebgo CC60

Ebgo CC60

PRICE: $2,199 CAD - $1,610 USD


27.6 kg/61lb


250W 60Nm geared-hub motor


10-speed Shimano Deore 





Ebgo CC60 Quality score


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Both bikes have the excellent build quality and are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. However, the ENVO D35 is a high-step e-bike that has a more modern and sporty design, while the Ebgo CC60 has a more cruiser-style bicycle look. 

ENVO D35 comprises hydroformed, thin-walled aluminum tubes with 27.5" x 1.95" tires. Riders can choose between two prestigious colours: Galactic - deep blue colour or Teal - aquatic mint colour. Ebgo CC60 has a low-step design, also called a step-through frame style. Made of aluminum alloy frame with 26" x 1.9" tires. The bike comes in a shiny silver shade.


To feel fully comfortable on an e-bike, you need to make sure that you will get the best suitable size. Envo D35 electric bicycle comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large, so pretty much everyone in the height range from 5” to 6’5” can comfortably ride the bike. Stem and the saddle are also adjustable for better comfort. Ebgo CC60 has only one size option - Medium, but the stem is also adjustable. It might be more difficult to find the perfect fit with Ebgo CC60, but with the low-step frame, it will be easier to get on and off the bike. The rider’s height range for this electric bike is 5’2” to 6”.


In terms of performance, both electric bikes can climb steep hills and ride for a decent range with minimum effort. They are in the second class of e-bikes with a maximum motor power output of 500W and a top speed - of 32 km/hr. Both electric cycles have throttles, and a pedal assist. Both bikes provide excellent performance with access to 5 levels of assistance and are well-suited for commuting or recreational riding. 


Envo D35 electric bike can ride for around 100 kilometres using electronics. Ebgo CC60 will take you for around 80 kilometres. The range also depends on the conditions that you are riding in, the terrain, the hills and the weight the bike carries. The numbers listed above refer to perfect riding conditions and minimal use of electronics. If you will go full throttle with no peddling, your range will be lower. 


The ENVO D35 has a premium colour TFT display that provides riders with access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and self-diagnostics. Additionally, this electric bike features a power-on-demand throttle with enhanced pedal-assist technology and torque-emulating software. The soft acceleration option from a complete stop makes the bike safe for all users. Ebgo CC60 has a black-and-white display with fewer customization options. You will still have access to all the necessities regarding your ride. 


Both electric bikes use top-of-the-line components. Envo D35 has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus 8 speeds gear set and a Suspension fork,  with load adjustment and lock, travel 80mm. Ebgo CC60 electric bike has non-branded hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 8-speed Acera derailleur, and SR Suntour front suspension. 


ENVO D35 is one of the lightest e-bikes in its class, with an elite-grade hydraulic disc brake system and a 180mm diameter rotor for both the rear and front wheels on a 1.95" thickness. This ultimately makes the ENVO D35 the safest electric bike in terms of braking performance. Ebgo CC60 uses hydraulic disc brakes with an engine shut-off system. 


Both of these bikes are considered lightweight e-bikes — Envo D35 weighs 22.8 kg with the battery attached, and Ebgo CC60 is a bit heavier - 27.6 kg. The payload capacity of the Ebgo step-through electric bike is 99.79 kg (220 lb.). Envo can carry up to 136 kg (300 lb) rider, giving all cyclists a much more comprehensive range. 


Overall, the ENVO D35 and the Ebgo CC60 were designed to be easily maintained by the rider. This bike's mechanical and structural components are all industry-standard parts available off the shelf at almost every store and are reasonably priced compared to competitors on the market. 

All ENVO electric components, including the motor, sensors, battery, controller, and display, are modular and easily accessible, and replaceable on the bike itself as well. Additionally, the interface module has self-diagnostics that display error codes should any failures occur. With the Ebgo electric bike, you won’t have a self-diagnostic option. 


Both electric bike companies, Envo and Ebgo, are Canadian-based. Envo’s headquarters is in Vancouver, BC, with many distributors across North America. Ebgo’s main office is in Victoriaville, Quebec. You can also find Ebgo CC60 electric bikes in Costco and purchase both brands online with a delivery to your address. If you are within reach of a service center, we recommend bringing the bike to a specialized one. Both electric bike companies offer excellent online support, access to manuals, and a bike purchase warranty. 


By Getting an expensive electric bike, you sure don’t want to spend too much more on additional accessories. For the best comfort and budget saving, electric bikes Envo D35 and Ebgo CC60, come with a set of accessories included. They both have rear racks, fenders, kickstands, front and rear lights and suspension seatposts. 


Unfortunately, these e-bikes are neither foldable nor compact in terms of its size. However, Envo D35 is a comparatively lightweight electric bike, so you will easily hang it vertically on a bicycle wall mount, car, or transit bike rack. You can also remove the battery for storage, which will make the bike just under 20kg. Ebgo e-bike more heavy, so you will need to make sure that the payload capacity of the rack will allow you to mount a 25+ kilogram bike. You might need to get a specialized car rack or a mount for transporting Ebgo CC60 electric bike. 


The ENVO D35 utilizes a well-engineered gear hub motor that is equipped with high-grade bearings and shaft seals. Precise nylon gears, top-quality magnets, an iron core, and copper. This motor does not heat up during prolonged usage and is very reliable and efficient. Riders are guaranteed that this motor will not lose its performance standard for years as the motor mechanical defect rate is close to zero. The EBGO CC60 is powered by an AIKEMA rear hub 48V / 500W brushless motor in an aluminum casing. From both bikes, you will get around 60NM torque and the same maximum speed of 32km/h. 


The ENVO D35 is priced at $2,479.00, Ebgo CC60 goes for $2,199.00. For not a huge price difference with Envo electric bike you will get much more features and flexibility than with the Ebgo CC60. Getting Envo e-bike you can pay monthly using the installments option as well. 


The market for electric bicycles is expanding every day, and choosing the right one for your needs and budget can be a daunting task. Overall, the ENVO D35 and the Ebgo CC60 are excellent electric bikes with high performance and quality. Envo offers more size options, larger payload capacity and a wider height range for the riders. Both e-bikes come with a set of accessories that you will find very helpful if you are planning to use the bike as a commuter. Both motors and batteries have proven themselves reliable and qualitative in Envo and Ebgo. As you can see, there are a lot of parameters that you must review before purchasing an electric bike that will be the best fit for you. Hopefully, this blog helped you to consider some aspects and once you have read through it, it will be easier to make a decision. 

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