Comparing TOP Step-through electric bikes - ENVO ST vs RadCity5+

Comparing TOP Step-through electric bikes - ENVO ST vs RadCity5+

If you want to buy an electric bike that will be perfect for commuting or just a pleasure city ride, ST from Envo or City 5+ from Rad Power Bikes would be great options.

In this article, we will compare the appearance, mechanical and electronic components of these two top-of-the-market step-through e-bikes. 




PRICE: $2,479 CAD - $1,879 USD




500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


460Wh Panasonic Lithium Ion



TOTAL SCORE - 85/100


RadCity 5+

PRICE: $2,299 CAD - $1,999 USD




500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


672Wh Lithium Ion



TOTAL SCORE - 75/100


If you want to have not just a highly efficient but also a stylish electric bike, both Envo ST and Rad City 5+ would make an excellent choice. Envo comes in two colour options: Pearl and Jungle. Rad City comes in Glossy White and Charcoal. Both of these electric bikes have fenders and rear racks. This configuration makes them look like cruiser-style bicycles - elegant and classic with upright positions, comfortable for various groups of people.

The design of the electric bike is not only about the appearance but also the practical side. Envo ST comes with an external battery pack with a little handle for comfort, while Rad City 5+ has a semi-integrated Lithium-Ion battery. Both are easy to remove if you want to charge them at home. The considerable advantage of ST is that you can put the bike in an "off mode" with the battery locked to the frame. It is a good safety feature if you want to leave your bike unattended for a bit.


Envo ST electric bike comes in two different frame sizes so everyone can find the perfect fit. RadCity 5 has only one size, but the stem is adjustable so that you can change the angle of the handle. It will give you less flexibility in getting the most comfortable size that Envo ST can offer.


Both ENVO ST and RadCity5 have 500W of power output and up to 60Nm of torque, making both efficient bikes choices for an urban e-bike. These bikes are in the second class of e-bikes and are legally allowed on the bike path in Canada. The maximum speed for both electric bikes is 32 km/h. They can climb hills up to 15%, so even if your commute is a bit "mountainy-road," you will get home without a sweat.

5 reasons why your e-bike motor should have 500W or less


The range for electric bikes depends on a lot of factors: terrain, weather conditions, the weight that the bike is carrying etc. Envo ST can go up to 100 km per single charge in perfect road conditions, while the Rad City will take you for around 70 km. Both bikes will be efficient on hills and have a front suspension, so you can even go through some trail routes.


Both e-bikes have control displays with all the information about your ride. They also have a set of adjustments that you can make for better comfort. ENVO ST has a colour TFT display that gives information such as self-diagnoses and status visualization. Moreover, you can see the parameter settings and monitoring on your ENVO's display. E-bike has a black-and-white display on the center of the handlebar and a remote control panel on the left side. If you are new to electric bikes, it might be a distraction for you to have two displays while you need to be focused on the road.


Envo ST and RadCity 5 have a highly efficient set of qualitative components. Envo ST comes with branded hydraulic brakes, a suspension fork with load adjustment and lock, an alloy crank with a single chainring cover, puncture resistant 27.5″x1.95 tires and 8-speed Shimano gears.

RadCity has 27.5" x 2.0" puncture-resistant tires with smoother traits than the Envo ST. Rad e-bike has a 7-gear drivetrain and a spring fork with 50 mm travel, lockout, and preload adjustment.


Both of these electric bikes, Envo ST and RadCity 5, have top-of-the-line hydraulic disk brakes equipped with electric cut-off sensors that provide more safety to the bike and the rider. They are super responsive and don't require adjustments every few rides like some mechanical brakes.


Weight is vital to your comfort because a lighter bike can provide you with higher mobility in urban settings. ENVO ST has a total weight of 22.8 kg (50.2 lb). RadCity 5 ST, on the other hand, weighs 29 kg (64 lb). Currently, ENVO ST is one of the lightest urban e-bikes on the market.


It is always better to have a branded service center nearby. If you have one - you are lucky; if not - you might need to fix your bike alone. Only a few bike stores want to work on other brands' electric bikes, especially when they have different components. With the Envo ST or RadCity 5, you will be fine servicing your bike or finding spare parts. You can find both bikes' mechanical and structural components in many bike shops nationwide.

ENVO is made in a modular manner, which means it's easier for riders to find and replace the parts if you are working on it alone. You can identify the problem, and the support team from the company will lead you through it. Servicing RadCity 5 might be more complicated, as all the electronic components are built into the frame, and it will be more challenging to access them.


There are over 100 ENVO service centers across North America, making it easier for riders to find help at their disposal should they need it. However, RadCity operates on a direct-to-customer model. It means the number of service centers customers can access is more limited.


RadCity 5 ST and Envo step-though electric bikes have accessories such as a rear carrier, fenders, bell, and light. These accessories can make the riders' life much easier because you won't have to go out and buy them spending even more money. From the additions, ENVO ST also has a seatpost with suspension, perfect for rough terrains. Moreover, the e-bike has a USB port to charge your phone and stay on the ride.


You must have a special car rack and get a bike adaptor bar to transport step-though electric bikes. RadCity 5 ST is considerably heavier, and transporting the bike will be more challenging if you ever need to get it on the car rack.


The geared hub motor and transmission system are ultimately efficient for both bikes. The hub motors have a sealed nature which makes them even more reliable. Both e-bikes have a paddle assist help and a throttle system so you can get even more boost with less effort. This system enables you to keep riding the bike even without pedalling.


When getting an electric bike from a well-known brand, you must understand that the price also indicates the level of after sale support and overall experience. RadCity 5 ST is more affordable; ENVO ST has a slightly higher price point due to the brand name parts used in the brakes and other systems used in ENVO.


Picking one e-bike between RadCity 5 and ENVO ST might seem impossible as both o bikes have their advantages. Rad City is cheaper and has a bigger battery. With the Envo ST, it is more likely to find a better bike size and feel entirely comfortable on longer rides. Also, it is much lighter and more user-friendly in terms of servicing it.  

Happy riding!

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