Electric Bike Incentives Across United States: Government rebates on EBike and Cargo ETrikes

By Haseeb Javed

Mar 09, 2023

Electric Bike Incentives Across United States: Government rebates on EBike and Cargo ETrikes
Electric Bike Incentives Across Canada: Government rebates on EBike and Cargo ETrikes Leiendo Electric Bike Incentives Across United States: Government rebates on EBike and Cargo ETrikes 10 minutos Siguiente 5 reasons why your e-bike motor should have 500W or less


  • Clean Cars for All: Bay Area residents can get $7,500 in grant funding to use for public transit and the purchase of an e-bike and bike accessories in exchange for dismantling their old car.
  • Berkeley E-Bike Access: Income-qualified Berkeley households can get e-bikes, training, and safety lessons with a $250,000 grant from the City of Berkeley.
  • AMP Rebates & Incentives - Electric Bicycles: Residents of the City of Alameda can get rebates on e-bikes and other electric vehicle chargers.
  • Contra Costa Electric Bicycle Rebate Program: Contra Costa County offers rebates of $150 to $500 for adults living in the county who purchase a new e-bike.
  • East Bay Community Energy E-Bike Incentive Program: A $6 million e-bike program for residents throughout the East Bay service area, including a $2 million e-bike lending program and a $4 million e-bike incentive program.
  • Healdsburg Electric Bike Rebate: Income-qualified CARE customers in Healdsburg can get $700 for an e-bike purchased in the city, $400 for an e-bike purchased outside of Healdsburg, and $50 for an e-bike conversion attachment kit.
  • Google TDM Program: Google employees can get free loan of high-quality electric-assisted and conventional bicycles for a period of six months.
  • Oakland Electric Bike Library: Local bike shops in low-income neighborhoods of Oakland would rent out e-bikes in partnership with GRID Alternatives.
  • Redding Electric Utility Electrification Rebate Program: Income-qualified customers in Redding can get a point-of-purchase voucher of up to $1150 towards the purchase of an eligible e-bike, lock, and helmet.
  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge E-Bike Commute Program: Eligible commuters can get up to $1000 off a new e-bike from participating bike shops.
  • Pedal Ahead Program: Eligible participants can work toward owning an e-bike by completing program requirements.
  • Electro Bici: Northeast San Fernando Valley residents can get free e-bikes with a $500,000 grant from LADWP.
  • San Francisco E-Bike Delivery Pilot: Drivers will receive free e-bikes, helmets, locks, saddle bags, rain jackets, and other accessory gear indefinitely.
  •  GoSGV: offers e-bike rebates starting at $49/month for Classic Commuter models, with reduced rates for students and income-qualifying riders, and varying rates for Cargo/Family bikes depending on the group/business/qualification status.
  • E-Bikes for Everyone: San Mateo County provides a point-of-sale discount of up to $1,000 or 80% of the purchase price (whichever is less) for eligible residents who buy a new e-bike, as long as they meet certain program or income requirements.
  • Santa Clara Electric Bicycle Rebate: Santa Clara offers a post-purchase rebate of up to $500 for customers who purchase an e-bike, with additional rebates for low-income customers purchasing electric vehicles, solar panels, pool pumps, and smart electric panels.
  • Go Santa Cruz E-Bike Rebate Program: offers rebates of $400-$800 for eligible individuals who work in Downtown Santa Cruz and/or are employed by the City of Santa Cruz, provided that they complete a training and application process.
  • Santa Monica's Family Cargo Bike Loaner Program: allows parents of eligible schools to borrow electric assist family cargo bikes for a one-week trial period at no cost, and also provides discounts on bike services through a commuter membership.
  • Replace Your Ride program offers up to $7,500 in rebates and subsidies for South Coast Area residents who trade in their vehicles for e-bikes.
  • The CalBike Affordability Campaign provides a point-of-sale discount of up to $1,750 for cargo or adaptive e-bikes and up to $1,000 for regular e-bikes, with additional incentives of up to $250 for those who qualify based on income or location. Participants must purchase from a California-based shop or online retailer.


  • Avon E-Bike Rebate: Avon residents can get a $200 rebate for new e-bikes and a $100 rebate for used e-bikes with a minimum purchase price of $500.
  • Ride-to-own: A two-year loaner-to-owner program for e-bikes in Boulder that requires a fee of $250 to be paid in full before receiving the bike. Participants also receive a free tune-up at 150 miles and a 2-year membership to Community Cycles, including an invitation to participate in classes and workshops on bicycle maintenance.
  • Empire Electric Association Outdoor Power Equipment Rebates: Discounts on the purchase of new e-bikes and energy-saving accessories such as chargers and batteries are available.
  • Denver Rebate Vouchers: Denver residents can receive a point-of-sale discount on the sale price of an e-bike from participating bike shops. There are three types of vouchers: Standard Rebate (up to $300 for e-bikes or up to $500 for e-cargo bikes), Income-Qualified Rebate (up to $1,200 for e-bikes or up to $1,400 for e-cargo bikes), and Adaptive Rebate (up to $1,400 for adaptive e-bikes) for persons with disabilities.
  • Can-Do Community Challenge: Free e-bikes are provided to income-qualified essential workers in Denver neighborhoods, and a pilot program in Sun Valley provides e-bikes to residents of affordable housing.
  • La Plata Electric Association E-Bike Rebate: Members can receive rebates for purchasing e-bikes and other electric equipment. The maximum combined rebate per member per year is $300.
  • Roll to Restaurants: 16 low-income restaurant workers in Durango are provided with e-bikes, helmets, LED lights, locks, panniers, and training from Roll's co-owner.
  • Edwards E-Bike Rebates: Rebates and subsidies for e-bikes are offered to Edwards residents to promote sustainability.
  • Can Do Colorado eBike Pilot Program: Five organizations are providing rebates and subsidies for e-bikes to low-income essential workers in Fort Collins, Durango, Boulder, Pueblo County, and the Northeast Transportation Connections.
  • Holy Cross Energy E-Bike Rebate: A $50 rebate is offered when purchasing a new e-bike for running errands or commuting to work. HCE members living in the Edwards Metro District may be eligible for an additional $200 rebate.
  • Mountain Parks Electric E-Bike Rebate offers a 25% discount on e-bikes, up to $150 in Granby.
  • Gunnison County Electric Association E-Bike Rebate offers a 25% discount on e-bikes, up to $150 in Gunnison.
  • Highline Electric Association offers a rebate program for electric bikes, up to $150 in Holyoke, Sterling, Ovid area.
  • Can-Do Community Challenge(Pueblo County) provides e-bikes with accessories to income-approved essential workers through the e-Cycle to Own Program in Pueblo County.
  • Can Do Colorado Community (Smart Commute Metro-North)
    Challenge provides funding for eBike pilot programs to increase access to eBikes for low-income essential workers.
  • SB 22-193 creates the community access to electric bicycles grant program and rebate program for individuals and organizations to purchase electric bicycles and equipment used for commuting purposes statewide.


    District of Columbia:

    • goDCgo is offering a $200 rebate towards the purchase of a new ebike or a complimentary ebike tune-up service for those who already own an ebike.


    • SB 3158: Up to $500 or 20% of the retail price is available for eligible purchases of newly purchased electric bicycles and electric mopeds through SB 3158.


    • Electrify Everything: South Portland residents with household income up to 100% of Area Median Income are eligible for a rebate of $300 for an electric bike or $500 for an e-cargo bike through the Electrify Everything! program.


    • Massachusetts has a state rebate program offering $500-$750 rebates for e-bike purchases and a refundable tax credit for 30% of the cost of a qualified electric bicycle.
    • Cape Light Compact offers a voucher program for income-eligible participants to cover 75% of the cost of a Class 1 e-bike, up to $1,200, and bike accessories up to $125, with a $100 gift card for completing a Home Energy Audit.
    • H3262 offers a state rebate program of $500-$750 rebates for e-bike purchases, up to 40% of the retail price, available at Massachusetts-owned and operated bicycle retailers.


    • A2ZERO program offers a $150 rebate for new e-bike purchases for Ann Arbor residents.

    New York:

    • Equitable Commute Project: E-Bike Loan NYC provides low-cost e-bike loans for employees of participating employers.
    • East Side Bike Club provides an e-bike lending library for Buffalo residents, as well as additional bike-community events.


    • Columbus offers a rebate of up to $100 for the purchase of an e-bike.


    • Ashland Electric customers are eligible for a cash incentive of up to $1,000 for the purchase of an eligible electric bicycle.
    • The City of Bend is offering a rebate of $2,000 each to 75 qualified transportation-disadvantaged, low-income households in Bend to be used toward the purchase of an e-bike.
    • Empower Benton County E-Bike program offers an instant rebate of $200 less than the purchase price; maximum of $1,200 for the purchase of an e-bike.
    • EWEB offers a $300 e-bike incentive to increase access to more affordable, zero emission electric bikes.

    Rhode Island:


    • Austin Energy offers rebates for eligible E-bikes, scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles purchased on or after January 1, 2023. Rebate amounts vary depending on the type of electric vehicle purchased up to $600 for e-bikes.


    • Burlington: $200 point-of-sale discount on e-bikes for residents or businesses, as well as special financing rates, free consultations, and charging stations available.
    • Colchester and Surrounding areas: $200 point-of-sale discount on e-bikes for Green Mountain Power customers who switch from fossil fuels to e-bikes for commuting.
    • Statewide: $3,000 voucher for income-eligible residents who trade in a gas car that's at least 10 years old for a new or used EV or PHEV, as well as a lending library for testing different e-bike models.
    • Town of Stowe: $75-$1,250 post-purchase rebate on qualifying Class 1 e-bikes for residential or commercial customers, as well as other state incentives for purchasing or leasing an EV.
    • VPPSA-Serviced areas: $100 post-purchase rebate on e-bikes or retrofit kits purchased at Vermont-based stores for VPPSA member customers.
    • Washington Electric Cooperative Service Area: Up to $200 post-purchase rebate on in-state purchases of new electric bicycles, as well as rebates for commercial and residential electric lawn mowers for WEC members.


    • Amazon offers a post-purchase rebate and a monthly bike subsidy of up to $400 for employees who bike to work.


    • Madison Public Library Foundation funds BCycle passes for library cardholders, making bike share more accessible in the community. Riders can also check out a helmet as needed.




    James Gross

    James Gross

    Hi Haseeb- Thanks for highlighting our incentive program! Would you mind putting the source at the top of the post and highlight how it is available for all countries around the world? Thank you! (you don’t have to publish this comment)

    Hi Haseeb- Thanks for highlighting our incentive program! Would you mind putting the source at the top of the post and highlight how it is available for all countries around the world? Thank you! (you don’t have to publish this comment)

    Alan K.

    Alan K.

    How up to date is this info? thanks

    How up to date is this info? thanks

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