ENVO D35 Vs. Rad Power Bikes Rad City Vs. Costco Ebgo eBikes

By Amar

May 01, 2019

ENVO D35 Vs. Rad Power Bikes Rad City Vs. Costco Ebgo eBikes
How Ebikes Are Changing The Daily Commute In Canada Leiendo ENVO D35 Vs. Rad Power Bikes Rad City Vs. Costco Ebgo eBikes 3 minutos Siguiente THE FIRST LOW-COST ELECTRIC SNOWKART

Many people ask questions comparing our new ENVO D35 (2019 model) electric bike with others in the same price category such as Rad City by radpowerbikes or the ones offered by Costco like Ebgo model;

Specifications of the Ebgo products can be found at this link:

Rad-city Specs:


All of the above mentioned models are using rear hub motors at the max street legal limit of 500W. They all are capable of 32km/h which is the maximum street legal. They all have Aluminum frame, with front shocks, rack, fenders, headlights, kickstand, adjustable handlebar stem with average good quality bicycle parts. They all also have 5 levels of assist, plus a power-on-demand throttle with brake cut-off switches.

RAD City and EBGO are priced at $2,000 CAD and ENVO D35 Retails at $2,379CAD.

You will get a Samsung Li-Ion battery 48V 14Ah capacity on Rad City and LG 48V 10Ah on Ebgo. ENVO, uses the Samsung 37V 10.4Ah Li-Ion battery.

What you additionally get with ENVO D35:

  • ENVO D35 uses light-weight but also strong hydroformed aluminum frame technology. This gives the bike a modern look with thin-walled frame tubes.
  • ENVO D35 uses a high-tech geared hub motor which offers 60Nm of torque giving you 50% more traction on hills.
  • The motor is 25% more efficient on average which make the ebike 25% more economical with a single battery charge. This allows the bike to use a much smaller and lighter battery but you get the same range as other ebikes such as the Rad City or Ebgo model.
  • ENVO D35 is proven to be way more responsive on pedal sensor. This is very critical for a desirable and natural feeling, just as if you were on a normal bicycle. Also there is no drag or resistance for un-assisted cycling. This is frequently withnessed by customers who have also tried Rad or Costco ebikes.
  • ENVO D35 offers Hydraulic disk brake with cut-off switches, which is way stronger than mechanical wired disk brakes offered in the other two ebikes.
  • ENVO D35 is 21.5kg including battery, rack, metal fenders, etc. which is 7kg lighter than the competitors. That comes from the upgrades in hub motor, frame technology and the battery. The 7kg makes a huge difference in quality of ride and performance.
Come in for a test drive of our ENVO D35 by contacting us HERE or visit one of our dealers across Canada

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