May 22nd, 2019



Vancouver, BC: ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC. is set to launch the first ever environmentally friendly snowkart, designed to give you the experience of a full-fledged snow mobile at a much lower cost and convenience.

Snowboarding or Skiing is not the only option to enjoy winters anymore. As 80% of Canada is covered in snow for almost six months of the year, there is definitely a need for this versatile vehicle. The Snowkart is a completely battery-operated vehicle; it’s easy to transport as you can fit it in your SUV and does not require a truck/trailer. With a powerful Li-Ion battery, providing 2 hours of pleasure riding at 15-25km/h speed with single charge using 2.3KWh battery pack.

As this will fall into a new category of snow vehicle and different from conventional full-size snowmobiles, it might need new laws provision or exemption. Safety rules and measures were considered in the design of this small Snowkart. This will open new prospects and bring opportunities for many demographics to get access to cross country winter trails. It can also be used for pleasure by young adults and kids, on the farms, rural transportation and on hills.

The inventor, Ali Kazemkhani, moved to Vancouver from Iran with a degree in mechanical engineering. He always had a passion for designing and developing new mobility systems. He founded ENVO SYSTEMS to promote clean transportation and as a way to get people to exercise and move more. He has been designing electric drive systems since the early 1999s while in university.

The Envo Electric Snowkart will be available in the market next winter. It can be ordered online or you can make a trip to one of the authorized EBikeBC dealers.


Compact design to fit in a medium sized SUV
40KG total weight including battery making it light weight and portable
Capable of riding on up to 30CM deep fresh snow
15% Climb-ability with 100KG of rider with cargo
25km/h maximum speed in powder snow
Less than 1m turning radius for great maneuverability and fun on packed snow or ice.
2 hours of ride per single charge


ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC is an engineering R&D and market research company which focuses on solutions for clean transportation and electric drive systems. ENVO has been an industry leader in designing & manufacturing best e-bike conversion kits. Their very first product was the ENVO D35 Electric Bike which was launched a year ago and quickly became popular because of its features, affordability and after sales service. ENVO currently offers over 100 customizations as bicycle conversion kit and two purpose designed electric bicycles.


Ali Kazemkhani

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