Envo Stax Pro VS iGo Metro CX - Which electric bike is better?

By Shahab Ranjbar

Jan 30, 2024

Envo Stax Pro VS iGo Metro CX - Which electric bike is better?

A Comprehensive Comparison of Envo Stax Pro and iGo Metro CX Electric Bikes

In recent years, the electric bike market has experienced a surge in popularity, offering eco-friendly and efficient transportation options for commuters and enthusiasts alike. With an array of choices flooding the market, selecting the right electric bike can be a daunting task. To assist in this decision-making process, we'll conduct a thorough comparison between two prominent contenders: the Envo Stax Pro and the iGo Metro CX.

iGo Metro CX

Price: $2099.99CAD
Weight: 49.8lbs (22.6Kg)
Power: 500W
Battery 482Wh
Mechanical Disk Brakes

Envo Stax Pro

Price: $2979CAD
Weight: 48lbs (21.8Kg)
Power: 500W
Battery 460Wh
Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Style and Design  

The Envo Stax Pro earns a score of 9/10 for its sleek and minimalist design, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame that appeals to urban commuters. Meanwhile, the iGo Metro CX receives an 8/10 for its robust frame design catering to stability seekers. The slight edge in style and design goes to the Envo Stax Pro due to its aerodynamic construction and different look design specially for the front shock new design.


Both bikes score well in ergonomics, with the Envo Stax Pro earning a 9/10 for its ergonomic saddle and handlebar design, ensuring optimal comfort and posture alignment. Also it's ergonomic is really the best for the riders who are seeking for a road bike. The iGo Metro CX receives an 8/10 for its adjustable stem and grips, providing customizable fit options. However, the Envo Stax Pro's superior shock absorption capabilities and the road-bike geometry give it a slight edge in this category.


The iGo Metro CX has higher power as being advertised with the peak 900W of power while the Envo Stax Pro has the max power of 600W. That means Metro CX should go faster than Stax Pro if their limitations were removed (that is illegal in Canada), but both are being limited and sold as 500W to be street-legal and thus they have the same power. A negative point for iGo Metro CX is that the maximum torque of the motor is surprisingly low for a 900W motor. It has only 48N.m of max torque while its competitors and specially the Envo Stax Pro has 60N.m of max torque which brings better performance when going uphill and more ramp degree climbs on mountainous routes. That will lead to a 7/10 for iGo Metro CX and meanwhile, the Envo Stax Pro earns an 8/10 for its responsive cadence sensor with more torque, ensuring smooth acceleration and agility.

Range and Efficiency  

Metro CX has a 482Wh compared to Stax pro having 461Wh. But as Metro CX has a 48V system and Stax Pro has a 36V system their battery capacity is 10.05Ah (for Metro CX) and 12.8Ah (for Stax Pro). This combination shows they both will deliver around the same range and on this stage, they will both get the point 8/10.

Control and Monitoring  

The iGo Metro CX earns a score of /10 for its advanced control and monitoring features, providing enhanced visibility and control. In comparison, the Envo Stax Pro receives an 9/10 for its seamless and intuitive riding experience, color display and bluetooth connectivity to phone and bike application. Despite the iGo Metro CX's user-friendly interface, the Stax Pro showcases superior control and monitoring capabilities.

Component Grade  

Both bikes receive good grades for component grade, as they feature high-quality components ensuring durability and reliability. While there may be slight differences in component selection, Envo Stax pro will get a higher grade of 8.5/10 as it has hydraulic disk brakes and iGo Metro CX will get 8/10 for having mechanical brakes and both offer commendable build quality and performance in this regard.

Braking Performance  

The Envo Stax Pro earns a score of 10/10 for its slightly superior braking performance, offering the best hydraulic disk brake system, responsive and reliable stopping power, providing riders with confidence and control. Meanwhile, the iGo Pro receives an 8/10 for its mechanical disk brake system, and commendable braking performance. The Envo Stax Pro takes the lead in this aspect.


With a score of 9/10, the Envo Stax Pro weighing 48 pounds is 1.8lbs lighter than the iGo Metro CX weighing 49.8lbs (again 9/10 with a little leniency), offering increased maneuverability and agility for urban commuting. Stax Pro also has a lighter sister, the "Envo Stax" which is only 42lbs not having accessories like fenders or racks. While weight may not be a significant factor for all riders, the Envo Stax Pro's lighter frame may appeal to those seeking a more nimble riding experience.

Serviceability and Spare Parts  

Both bikes earn an 9.5/10 for serviceability and access to spare parts, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and repairs when needed. Riders can expect excellent customer support and access to spare parts for both the Envo Stax Pro and iGo Metro CX.

Access to Service Centers  

Both brands provide access to service centers for maintenance and repairs, earning them both an 7/10 in this category. Riders can expect convenient options for servicing their electric bikes, regardless of the brand chosen.

Accessories Included  

Both bikes receive an 9/10 for accessories included, as they come equipped with essential accessories for a comfortable riding experience. While the inclusion of additional accessories may vary, riders can expect both the Envo Stax Pro and iGo Metro CX to provide a satisfactory level of accessories.

Transport and Storage  

The Envo Stax Pro earns a score of 9/10 for transport and storage options due to its lighter weight and compact design. In comparison, the iGo Metro CX receives an 8/10 for its relatively easy transport and storage capabilities. The Envo Stax Pro offers slightly better options for riders with limited space.

Transmission Reliability  

Both bikes receive an 9/10 for transmission reliability, delivering smooth and efficient power delivery. Riders can expect consistent performance and reliability from both the Envo Stax Pro and iGo Metro CX in this regard.


The iGo Metro CX earns a score of 8/10 for its slightly more competitive price point compared to the Envo Stax Pro (7/10). However, the price difference may vary depending on factors such as features, specifications, and market demand.

Final Thoughts  

While the Envo Stax Pro (total 8.7/10) and iGo Metro CX (total 8.1/10) excel in different aspects, both electric bikes offer commendable features and performance capabilities. Riders should carefully consider their priorities and preferences when choosing between these two exceptional options, whether prioritizing style and comfort or opting for top-notch performance at a competitive price point. Regardless of the choice, both the Envo Stax Pro and iGo Metro CX promise an exhilarating and eco-friendly riding experience.



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