The Top Must Have Ebike Accessories

By Jocelyn C

Feb 23, 2022

The Top Must Have Ebike Accessories

So your brand new ENVO electric bike is charging up, and you're craving to burst it out for your first ride. But we want to make sure you and your bike are prepared and accessorized from head to toe. Some ebike accessories are just for show, but because ENVO electric bikes are so popular, you want yours to stand out and be unique just like you! It also helps to identify unique attributes if your ebike gets stolen. No matter what adventure you set yourself on, nobody rides the same way you do. The perfect ebike will feel comfortable, and you will become one with the ebike with the right accessories. Discover the best ebike accessories to transform your already perfect ENVO ebike.

First Aid Kit

No matter where you go, it's essential to carry a first aid kit with you. Even if you're a seasoned rider, having a safety kit can make all the difference in your or someone else's ride. Now, not all first aid kits are created equal; consider where you're going, how long, who will be with you, and the terrain. There's a multitude of supplies you can put in your DIY ebike accessory kit, but here are some basic ideas to get your going and then you can tailor it to your needs:

    • Bandaids in assorted sizes
    • Sterile gauze pads in various sizes to place over wounds
    • Antibacterial wipes/Sanitizer
    • Polysporne
    • Scissors
    • Instant Icepacks
    • Ibuprofin (Advil/Tylenol)
    • Allergy Medication
    • Whistle
    • Tweezers
    • Adhesive tape
    • Significant phone numbers and contacts who can help
    • Roller and triangular bandages to hold dressings in place or to make an arm sling
    • Disposable surgical or examination gloves (latex-free)
    • Flashlight, with spare batteries in a separate bag
    • Emergency blanket
    The Top Must Have Ebike Accessories - First Aid Kit

    Pannier Bag

    You may be thinking, how do I carry all my ebike accessories? Well, bags like ENVO Pannier Bags are a brilliant accessory to any electric bike. These bags hang off the rear rack of your D35 or ST and can even double as a backpack. These particular pannier bags are fully waterproof, making them a perfect addition for packing extra gear for those long rides.

    Bike Repair Kit

    Aside from keeping yourself safe, you should also have a kit to keep your ebike safe. Having some tools for whenever mother nature decides to go rogue will differentiate between a fantastic adventure and an unfavourable story for the family. Ask any cyclists, and they'll tell you the number one rule is to never find yourself without an extra tube (even if you have tubeless tires) and a pump. Make sure you know how to do essential maintenance on your ebike, as it can come in handy when the time comes (knock on wood). Some other important tools you should have in a repair kit:

    • A multitool
    • A tire lever
    • Replacement chain links
    • Tire patches
    • Chain lube


      Extra Battery

      If you're thinking of going for a long haul, it can never hurt to bring a spare battery with you. Our ENVO D35 and ST ebikes can already travel an excellent 100km on a single charge- that's about Vancouver, BC to Bellingham, WA one way! We recommend picking up a spare battery, and since our ENVO lizard-style down tube batteries are lightweight, you'll have no problem carrying them. Even if you're not going for long rides, it helps to have a spare one anyways; in case you forget to charge your ebike one day, you'll always have a backup!

      ENVO D35 and ST ebikes battery


      More often than not, you'll find yourself pedalling home in the dark. Luckily all ENVO ebikes come equipped with a bright LED 40 LUX headlight powered by the main battery and a rear taillight and reflector. Being seen and noticed is crucial, especially in the dark. If your ebike does not come with one, you can also wear a headlamp on your helmet or purchase bike lights. 

      ENVO ebikes come equipped with a bright LED 40 LUX headlight


      Most shy away from biking when the clouds start rolling in, but there's no reason you have to stay home! It can be fun riding through mud and rain, especially if you don't mind getting a little dirty. If you want to be comfortable, mudguards are a must. Some ebikes will have actual fender mounts, but if you don't, then clip-on fenders are another option. They can keep you drier and prevent your rear wheel from spraying any riders behind you. Luckily all our ENVO ebikes come with fenders!


      Rear and Front Rack

      As mentioned earlier, all ENVO ebikes come with built-in racks. For those who don't have one, racks are a valuable ebike accessory to add. It allows riders to distribute any gear on their ebike rather than carrying it on their back. External racks can easily attach to a bike frame- make sure to get one sized for your ebike!


      Side Mirrors

      Most cyclists forget to add side mirrors, but they can come in handy. When you're in the zone, you may not hear cars coming up beside you. It is vital to see a vehicle, especially if other external sounds can cloud your hearing. Just like in cars, having a mirror on your ebike can make your ride safer so you can have fun riding.

      Sire mirror for electric bikes

      This list is relatively general. When you think of the accessories you need, consider your riding style, environment and nature of your ride. It's all about having fun but also being prepared. So, bottom line: slow down, take a moment, and get on your accessory game! We're here to help.


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