ENVO Flex Trike Gets a Game-Changing Update: Differential Transmission

By Haseeb Javed

Apr 23, 2024

ENVO Flex Trike Gets a Game-Changing Update: Differential Transmission
ENVO Drive Systems Unveils Next-Gen Flex Overland and Flex Trike eBikes Leiendo ENVO Flex Trike Gets a Game-Changing Update: Differential Transmission 3 minutos Siguiente BC E-Bike Rebates coming back in 2024?

ENVO Drive Systems is shaking things up in the world of electric trikes with the launch of the next generation of their Flex Trike! This feature-packed eTrike boasts a revolutionary addition: a rear differential, one of the first in Canada.

But what exactly is a differential, and why is it such a game-changer?


The Differential Advantage

A rear differential is a mechanical component that allows the two wheels on a trike's rear axle to rotate at different speeds while cornering. This is crucial for maintaining stability and preventing tire scrubbing, especially when taking sharp turns. Here's how a differential makes your ride smoother and safer:

  • Enhanced Cornering: When you corner on a trike without a differential, the inner wheel needs to travel a shorter distance than the outer wheel. This can cause the inner tire to scrub against the pavement, leading to reduced efficiency, instability, and premature tire wear. A differential solves this problem by allowing the wheels to rotate independently, ensuring a smooth and controlled cornering experience.
  • Improved Traction: On uneven terrain, a differential can prevent one wheel from losing traction if it encounters a bump or loose patch of ground. This keeps you in control and prevents the trike from getting stuck.
  • Greater Maneuverability: With a differential, the Flex Trike can handle tight turns with ease, making it ideal for navigating busy streets or maneuvering through narrow pathways.
  • Rear Hub Driven: Differential allows for electric motor to be directly placed in the rear hub, so unlike its predecessor new ENVO Flex Trike is not front hub driven. This configuration allows for more traction when climbing hills with a higher payload. 

Braking Innovation: One System, Two Applications

The introduction of the rear differential on the Flex Trike offers another exciting benefit. It allows the rear axle to be used for braking both wheels. This paves the way for ENVO to utilize the same braking system on both the Flex Trike and the Flex Overland, their popular eBike model. Thanks to the compatible braking system enabled by the differential, converting the Flex Trike to a Flex Overland (and vice versa) is a breeze, offering riders maximum flexibility.

The next generation of the ENVO Flex Trike represents a significant leap forward in eTrike technology. With the incorporation of a rear differential, ENVO is delivering an eTrike that prioritizes stability, safety, and rider comfort. The potential for a simplified conversion system between the Trike and Overland adds another layer of convenience for ENVO customers. Stay tuned for more details on how you can experience the thrill of riding the next-generation ENVO Flex Trike!



Linda Brazeau

Linda Brazeau



Linda Brazeau

Linda Brazeau

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J’aimerais savoir comment collecté la deuxième batterie

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