Electric Bike

Repair, Service, & Installation

EbikeBC have been providing excellent service for ebike/etrikes repair and diagnose since 2018 our team has experience on working with Hub drive and mid-drive e-bikes.


Both Hub Drive and Mid Drive E-bikes have different challenges with their repair and service, and require special tools. Other electrical components such as Li-ion Battery, Controller could get short circuit. While electric sensors on ebike such as PAS(Pedal Assist sensor), Brake sensor, Speed sensor are more likely to get damaged. Fortunately, EbikeBC has experties, tools and established location which can provide custom solutions to these problems.

Our Services

E-bike Installation/ Electrification

E-bike installation/ Build -  $180

Having diffeculties to install your ebike?

-We can install of your ebikes

-We also provide Pre-ride safety inspection

-EbikeBC has huge varity of accessories for your E-bike

-Bring your accessory to install ($20 per 15min incremental)

-We also provide professional bike fitting

Bike Electrification/ E-bike Conversion - $200

In love with your bike. We make you fall in love again with our tailored conversion kit solutions for your bike.

We can electrify almost any bike or trike to e-bike. Book an appointment and bring your bike in or send us images and we can suggest appropriate conversion kit for you. To learn more click below!