5 reasons Why getting a Step-Through Electric Bike is a good idea
Choosing a step-through electric bike would be an excellent choice for many riders.

5 reasons Why getting a Step-Through Electric Bike is a good idea

History knows two main bicycle frames - the high-step or step-over, also called "diamond," and the step-through style. Time has changed, and from the first wooden frames in the 1800s bike industry tremendously evolved. Now the market knows a great variety of bicycle styles and designs. However, the original "step-through" and "step-over" are still the leading choice among riders of regular bicycles and electric bikes. 

If you are getting an e-bike and wondering which frame will be a better fit for you - keep reading to learn why getting a step-through electric bike is a good idea and why it is easier to customize low-step bikes with accessories. 

1. Consider your height.

It should be the first point of your decision-making. Getting an electric bike - consider that, on average, these bikes are heavier than regular ones, and you need to feel comfortable and safe riding an e-bike on the road. It would be best to be confident that when you might be doing an emergency stop, you can easily step off the bike, reach the ground with both feet and hold your balance. 

2. If you want to use your electric bike for delivery.

For the delivery drivers getting the step-through e-bike will be the best suggestion from bike professionals. Imagine an 8-hour shift and tons of orders when you must get on-and-off the bike every few minutes. Riding the high-step electric bike, you will be much more tired of swinging your leg over the bar with the heavy backpack or the basket on the rear rack. On the positive side – in a couple of months, you might be able to do a split, worst case scenario – stretch your muscles.

If you want a step-through bike but think your height fits better for the diamond frame – there is always a solution. For example, the e-bike ST from ENVO has a pretty wide height range and offers three different sizes so everyone can get a perfect fit and a comfortable ride.

3. You are getting your first electric bike and want to feel safe.

If this is your first e-bike and you don't feel confident riding it in the busy city flow where you need to get off and off the bike fast – go for the low frame. This way, you will feel closer to the ground and more secure if you lose your balance. 

4. More age-friendly.

Electric bikes with lower steps are suitable for the elderly and riders with restricted agility. It makes an excellent choice for those who feel it is difficult to swing the leg over the bar but love riding the bike. It is time to get back on track! 

5. Perfect for commuting

If you want to look more casual and not all sporty riding your bike to the office – a diamond frame won't be a great choice. Most bikes with a high bar will give you a more familiar cycling feeling when the step-through is upright and cruiser-style e-bikes. At the same time – less pressure on the wrists and your back. To feel more comfortable riding upright, we also recommend looking at the bikes with a suspension seat post to absorb all the bumps on rough terrains of the road.

Disadvantages of step-through e-bikes

Having the step-through electric bike also has a few downsides. First, these bikes are usually a bit heavier due to their construction. Not having a crossbar requires conventional support and protection.

There are fewer places to mount accessories, so you must use your handlebar to put a water bottle holder or a phone mount on the handlebar. Some people might feel too crowded having all the accessories there.

If you plan to transport the bike on the car rack, you should get a bike adaptor bar, depending on the carrier.

Final thoughts

Choosing a step-through electric bike would be an excellent choice for many riders. Whether you're looking for a more comfortable, commuter-friendly or age-friendly ride, these bikes offer a range of benefits that make them a great choice. 

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