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A great product

I did have to do some mods on it - had to machine it to allow for the higher and wider water bottle bosses on my frame, but it solved my mounting issue. Would be nice if shipping were a bit more reasonable.

Some things.

Well it would be good if there is a lock for the seat post. Maybe even a way to track with your phone. Wouldn't be bad turn signals.


Works perfect for my needs. Bravo!!!

Awesome ebike

Bought the Envo D35 ebike and we love it!!
Gorgeous bike. I did however change my seat as I'm old and need a comfy cushiony wider seat 😊👍

Easy good you tube video

Easy to repair

Lacking information

I purchased an open box 20" Envo ebike, so I thought I should add extended warranty to be on the safe side. When the bike arrived it had no paper work, instructions, or any info about the warranty. I'm not really sure what my $60 investment includes. It would be nice to know that if my bike needs repairs or replacement parts, I can get it locally and submitted receipts. But so far I haven't found any info on that. On the other hand by ebike is awesome. Battery life is wonderful. Bike is very sturdy and well made, lots of power.. It's very comfortable to ride. Bought a second one for my Husband. Hopefully service won't be a problem.

Hi Kathy,

Your order details and warranty information is saved in our CRM, whenever you need to get in touch please submit a ticket and our team would be able to help you with your query!

So far, so good!

I've only gone out on a couple of test rides, but so far the Lynx 20 has surpassed my expectations. Easy to setup (I bought a demo model with superficial blemishes) the bike itself rides like a dream. The battery charged up fairly quickly, and since I had operating experience after purchasing a Lynx 16, was familiar with the way the bike works. The powerful rear motor is fairly quiet, delivering ample torque, and I found the seat and handlebars to be comfy. The bike rides high, and I'm used to mounting bicycles that are not step through. Takes a bit of getting used to :-). [4 stars instead of 5 because no-one listens to 5 stars :-)] Oh, and the staff at EBike BC are super nice and reactive when there are questions. BTW Canpar delivers broken boxes, so be careful...I'm in Montreal, and the delivery box had a huge hole in the end...and I ended up with a missing cover bag. Ebike BC told me they'd send me a replacement - FAB!

Vélo électrique D35

J’aime beaucoup mon nouveau vélo, livraison et montage du vélo ont bien été

E35 Electric Scooter
Shirley Madrigal
Amazing 🤩

Inglés: Scooter is everything I was looking for, super fast, the battery does not last long but if enough, it is a bit complicated to fill the back tire, it is always necessary to carry the tool, but in general I am very happy with my purchase

Love it!

So far I love this bike! I’m new to ebiking and this one is comfortable, smooth, easy to operate and adjust. I plan on getting it tuned up yearly by a professional but so far it’s great. The only thing I would change is when it’s in 1st gear the chain rubs on the tire, so I won’t use 1st if I can help it.


For the price it isn't bad, definitely the cheapest option I found for a cargo ebike that carries kids. It does the job.

I haul two kids with it using Polisport seats attached to the large rack - gets them to and from daycare, barely. I live in Nelson, BC - we have a ton of steep grades and the battery can sometimes struggle. I would definitely recommend going with a 48V bike if you have a bunch of hills.

I like that both a front and back rack, as well as foot pegs, were included as part of the purchase price. ENVO also seems to have a ton of dealers in Canada, so service options should be available if it comes to that. We were also heavily considering an Aventon Abound. Chose ENVO because it was quite a bit cheaper, but you always get what you pay for :).

Setup was simple enough, they have an online video on youtube.

My main issues with the bike are:

- Mechanical brakes are stock. For a bike that's supposed to carry kids, this is a truly headscratching choice from the design team. You absolutely have to spec hydraulic brakes on a cargo bike. Even the D35 has hydraulic brakes.
- Battery range is nowhere near what they advertise! I have never achieved more than 30km before running out of juice, and when you get to around 30% charge remaining the bike starts to struggle with power up hills.
- Fender stay was broken when shipped. Customer service was fairly responsive and sent a new part right away, props to that. They've been fairly responsive on the whole.
- Chain rubs against tire in 2 lowest gears. I have a strip all the way around the tire where you can see the rub. This was a setup issue from factory that I fixed.
- Fat tires. Not a huge fan of the 3" tires on the bike. I emailed and asked if I can decrease the tire size, they stated only a 3" tire would fit. That's unfortunate.
- External battery looks a bit silly compared to bikes with integrated.
- No child containment systed (ie. MonkeyBars). We have two seats for now but my 5 year old will be too big for them next year. This would be a huge seller for ENVO so not sure why they don't have a simple containment system. When I asked ENVO they said one might be in development.

Even with the mixed experience on this bike I am still considering other ENVO Bikes like the D50. It's just tough to find independent reviews of ENVO bikes to help when researching bikes. Hope this helps future customers.

Lynx 20" folding bike

A very versatile and convenient bike, the pedal assist is a life saver for the hills. Looking forward to using it on our trip this summer.

Great customer service 👏

Had the D35 for about a year, used it everyday to work and back. Had it stolen within minutes when I arrived home. Took the battery in the house to recharge as I do everyday. Let my dogs out and came back out to my porch and it was gone. Covered bye my house insurance I was reimbursed but with a 500 dollar deductible. Loved that bike so much. Called customer support and explained my story, they took my deductible off the price for a new one. I am just waiting for it to get here so I can ride again! They are wonderful people!

ENVO ST Electric Bike
Roland Schroeder

ENVO ST Electric Bike

Great bike

It’s my first e-bike and trust me it was worth it , Ramin at envo was great in helping finding the right fit. Test ride of overland at envo gave me a nice feel to the bike and I preferred to purchase it from main office at envo drive system BC.Got it shipped to Alberta . Overall highly recommended the overland

lynx 20"

nice folding bike,peefect for me

Great Scooter

Exceptional store, great service and very friendly! The E35 scooter was exactly what my son was wanting. We were a little concerned about the scooter being able to make it up the hilly roads in the area where we live, happy to say that it does it with ease. Very satisfied!

Can you translate. In french ?

ST - Demo/Floor
Jeff Follett
Excellent Replacement

Received the bike well packaged and in excellent condition. Relatively easy to put together. This bike was for my wife which was to replace the Yukon 750 which was way too big and heavy for her. She absolutely loves the size and how it handles like a regular bike. Very impressed!

Love riding again!

I've had my ENVO ST 19" for over a year and LOVE it! As a senior with a bad hip, it's enabled me to ride again. The ENVO's light weight (50 lbs vs 60 to 64 lbs of my friends' bikes) means I can lift it onto my bike rack and drive to other locations to ride on paved and unpaved trails. The inclusion of the throttle on this bike is a huge plus. Allows me to easily accelerate when starting, mount more easily maintaining balance, making it a safer bike to ride. My friends' more expensive bikes don't have that feature. I can accelerate quickly when crossing streets and it makes is easier to get to full power when going up steep hills. I did change the seat to a more comfortable Cloud 9, a personal preference. Two negatives. When you turn on the lights, the display screen is noticeably dimmer, making it harder to see on bright days. In addition, when the brakes are applied the rear light could be brighter. Some 'problems' other owners identified in their reviews are not problems... they are not aware of how to use the controls and settings and need to read the manual. All in all, an excellent choice and I highly recommend the ENVO product.

awesome battery

Good bike

It's a good bike. Lots of neat features that I have yet to fully discover and use, compact and relatively easy to stow. It's a bit heavy and awkward to carry though.
The rear light doesn't blink(or at least I haven't been able to figure out how to make it blink) and the front light doesn't seem very powerful nor bright.
Pedaling at the higher gears produces an audible "thunk" which may indicate that the chain is loose and doesn't engage the gears properly.
The bell provided isn't very audible and seems quite fragile.
Overall, it's a good bike and serves my purposes well enough. I'll have to buy and add a few extra accessories to it though in order to make it more functional fir my purposes.

D35 - Demo/Floor
Corny Girsbrecht
Excellent bike

Bought for my wife.. she loves it.. highly recommended


Instructions de programmation incomplètes, difficile à suivre, et en anglais seulement J'ai due faire des recherches sur internet pour trouver des instructions en français.


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