envo lynx20 electric bike in side view
envo lynx20 electric bike in front view
envo lynx20 electric bike in rear view
Envo Lynx electric bike - blue color side view
Envo Lynx electric bike - blue color front view
Envo Lynx electric bike - blue color rear view
Envo Lynx electric bike - red color side view
Envo Lynx electric bike - red color front view
Envo Lynx electric bike - red color rear view

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Lynx 20" - Folding Electric Bike

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Lynx 20" - Folding Electric Bike

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1685 Ingleton Ave
Burnaby BC V5C 3V6


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Size Chart

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1685 Ingleton Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 3V6
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The Best Folding Pedal Assist Urban Ebike in North America

Powerful, Foldable, Light, Compact and the most Reliable!

The ENVO LYNX 20" is a compact, super-light and powerful foldable electric bike. Capable of supporting riders up to 130 kg (300lbs) / 6’4”, the Lynx 20" is proudly the most reliable, safe and excellent choice for anyone who needs a bike that is fully featured and easy to transport. To have the most safety, the bike is UL-2849 certified.

Open Box models will have 3 months of Warranty. Pre-owned ones don't have warranty. You can add 1 year of warranty to each for $60 by adding extended year of warranty to the cart. Top Speed 32Km/h (20mph).

class 2
Max Power


Total Weight


Top Speed


Max Range




    36V 12.8Ah/Panasonic

    Geared hub motor, 500W, 60 Nm torque

    5 levels of assist + Thumb throttle

    Custom Drawn T6-Aluminum Foldable e-bike

    City 20″ x2.35″

    11-28, 7-Speed Freewheel

    Seat post:
    50mm Battery container telescopic adjustable

    QR folding, with telescopic height adjustment

    Brake Levers:

    Brake Levers:
    3-Finger with cut-off switch

    Mechanical Disk-Brake

    Black, Light Blue, Red

    Unfolded dimensions:
    168 x 59 x 112 cm (66″ x 23″ x 44″)

    Folded dimensions:
    93 x 48 x 70 cm (37″ x 19″ x 28″)

    CC-CV 42V 2A

    Max power:

    Max Speed:
    32 km/h

    Range per single charge (average):
    70 km

    Max Torque:
    60 Nm

    Available Options:



    The top tube of the bicycle and the ground plane: 22″ (55.84 cm)

    Note: This is a non-traditional bike so minimum leg length does not necessarily guide the bike sizing. We suggest minimum height of the rider to be 5 feet and maximum height to be 6’2’’

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            • MANUALS
            • MANUALS


                            Ebike Lynx 20

                            ULTRA-LIGHT FOLDABLE FRAME

                            The ENVO Lynx 20" has a sturdy, lightweight, sleek, and unisex aluminum alloy frame. The frame and seat post are designed to support different height riders. It can support a rider weighing up to 300 pounds and has an ergonomic form that makes it easier for the rider to get on and off. The frame is brilliantly engineered to reduce all drive-system vibrations and noise, and the wheelbase is tuned for the most compact foldable size while giving a smooth and stable high speed, delightful riding on paved and uneven roads.

                            UL-2849 Certified

                            Envo Drive Systems prioritises customer safety above all else by designing the incredible Lynx 20" that has been granted the UL 2849 electric bike safety standard, which is a significant boost to the quality guarantee of this bike. The UL 2849 certification procedure evaluates a wide range of features of an electric bike's electrical system, including battery management systems, controllers, chargers, and electric batteries. Envo's passion is for sustainably engineered, future-proof mobility solutions that are industry leaders in safety, and this bike's certification demonstrates that dedication.

                            Easily Carried - Fits Everywhere

                            The lynx 20" is the lightest in the market, with all of the features and the ability to fold the frame, handlebar stem, and pedals to fit in any tiny area. They are compact enough to fit within the trunk of a car and can be taken on any bus, train, or metro.

                            OTHER FEATURES

                            What Makes ENVO Lynx 20", The Best In Its Class

                            INTEGRATED BATTERY PACK

                            INTEGRATED BATTERY PACK

                            The elegant, replaceable, high-performance, and ultra-reliable A-grade 36V 12.8Ah Li-Ion battery pack provides an average round-trip range of 50km on level 4-5 assist or more than 100km on level 1-2 assist. While this UN 38.3 certified battery is disguised in a structural component (the seat post), it is easily accessible for replacement, transit, and charging while is or not connected to the bike.

                            OPTIMIZED GEARED MOTOR HUB

                            OPTIMIZED GEARED MOTOR HUB

                            ENVO Lynx is equipped with a sealed, powerful, geared hub motor which offers 500W power and 60Nm torque. The bike is a street legal bike with legalized speed, torque and power all over Canada and US. Our motors are 50% lighter than all the rest powered geared hub motors in Canada, yet they deliver 50% more torque and 25% more battery efficiency. These ENVO motors are developed for over 20,000Km maintenance free ride.

                            E-ASSIST SYSTEM

                            E-ASSIST SYSTEM

                            The Lynx is equipped with an advanced pedal assist sensor with an optimized torque emulation software. The advanced torque emulating Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) signals the controller to run the motor between 5 levels of pedal assist, providing a boost to your pedaling depending on the level of assist you select while riding. The Lynx is equipped with an on-demand thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost which activates the motor proportionally to the twist regardless of pedaling to give you a fully electric ride in case you cannot pedal or need an instant acceleration or uphill push.

                            RELIABLE TRANSMISSION

                            RELIABLE TRANSMISSION

                            Top of the line 7 speed derailleur and shifter with 52 to 11 gear ratio lets you accompany pedaling gently up to 35km/h. Well-engineered 7 speed 28T chain ring and 11-32 cassette Shimano transmission helps you overcome up to 25% grade when climbing a hill on gear 1 or 40km/h speed on last with gentle pedaling.

                            COMFORTABLE CUSHION TIRES

                            COMFORTABLE CUSHION TIRES

                            The 20′′x2.35" tires are cushion enough to increase riding comfort, dynamic maneuverability, and handling in a variety of terrains. Tires are fat and knobby enough to provide excellent traction on wet cement, asphalt, dirt, or gravel trails while producing minimal noise and drag on routine urban surface rides.

                            TELESCOPIC FOLDABLE HANDLEBAR STEM

                            TELESCOPIC FOLDABLE HANDLEBAR STEM

                            When folded, the telescopic adjustable height and QR detachable handlebar provide the optimum compactness without affecting the ergonomic riding position.

                            HEADLIGHT & TAILLIGHT

                            HEADLIGHT & TAILLIGHT

                            The ENVO Lynx is fitted with high efficiency and bright LED 40 LUX headlight powered by the main battery and controlled by a keypad on the handlebar. Taillight and reflector provide more safety riding in the dark. It powers up once the headlight is switched on.

                            FRONT & REAR CARRIER RACK

                            FRONT & REAR CARRIER RACK

                            More Cargo and Box space with the 2 racks on the frame.

                            ELECTRIC CUT-OFF BRAKES

                            ELECTRIC CUT-OFF BRAKES

                            For added safety, top-tier 160mm disc brakes include electronic cut-off sensors.

                            Image Gallery

                            Customer Reviews

                            Based on 30 reviews

                            Awesome, fun bike !
                            Light, easy to fold and transport
                            Excellent range

                            Chris Hardy

                            Excellent product. Love the ease of use. Highly recommended.


                            Love this bike. Lightweight and very easy to handle.

                            Mitch Bailey
                            Game Changer

                            My partner and I each have a Lynx 20". We pack them in the bed of the truck for camping trips or stuff them into our older Rav4 to hit the trails. We have also gone island hopping on BC Ferries as it is free to take them.
                            My only desire is that it would be great if it had shocks on the front forks for a smoother ride. Would the forks on the FLEX model fit???

                            Ken Roberton
                            So far, so good!

                            I've only gone out on a couple of test rides, but so far the Lynx 20 has surpassed my expectations. Easy to setup (I bought a demo model with superficial blemishes) the bike itself rides like a dream. The battery charged up fairly quickly, and since I had operating experience after purchasing a Lynx 16, was familiar with the way the bike works. The powerful rear motor is fairly quiet, delivering ample torque, and I found the seat and handlebars to be comfy. The bike rides high, and I'm used to mounting bicycles that are not step through. Takes a bit of getting used to :-). [4 stars instead of 5 because no-one listens to 5 stars :-)] Oh, and the staff at EBike BC are super nice and reactive when there are questions. BTW Canpar delivers broken boxes, so be careful...I'm in Montreal, and the delivery box had a huge hole in the end...and I ended up with a missing cover bag. Ebike BC told me they'd send me a replacement - FAB!

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