Best 10 E-Bikes To Look For In 2019

By Amar

Jan 09, 2019

Best 10 E-Bikes To Look For In 2019

Wherever you travel, electrical bikes offer a fabulous alternative for both city commuters and off-roaders who want to explore the great outdoors. When you look at all the different electrical bikes out there, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. What is the best e-bike on the market? It depends on what you want and what type of rider you are. We have broken it down to ten different categories to make your decision easy for you.

ENVO D-35 27.5in

Best Overall Electric Bike

Price: $2,379 When you look at the best value for your money, there is no doubt that the best electric bike you can get is the ENVO-D-35 27.5in. It stands out in every category which is why we believe it’s the best all-around ebike available on the market today.
It is professionally designed in Canada for the North American market and priced very competitively at $2,3790. You get as many features as you would with an ebike twice the price. The bike itself is a sleek, ergonomic design with a D35 gear hub motor with Samsung cells. With 350 watts of power, the top speed is 32km/h (20 m/h) which is compliant with government regulations. The motor is also extremely reliable and durable combining a max torque of 60Nm. Despite the powerful motor, the ebike still manages to be fairly lightweight at 21 kilograms (41 pounds).
The ENVO uses hydraulic disc brakes, a front suspension, and has a fun power-on-demand throttle that gives you an instantaneous boost which you can use without peddling or for that extra push up a hill.

Gocycle G3

Best Small Electric Bike

Price: $5,999The Gocycle is manufactured by Karbon Kinetics and is a lightweight, foldable ebike with removable wheels, allowing you to easily transport this small bike in your trunk or back of your car. Without any chains, cables, gears, oil or sprockets, folding is easy and takes less than a minute to take apart. Despite its size, it has a full wheelbase of a normal ebike or bicycle. Its manufactured from magnesium which reduces the overall weight of the frame while improving the smoothness of the ride by absorbing the shocks of the road.
Although the smaller 291-watt battery gives you limited range, it makes up for in power with a front-hub motor. This model has a predictive electronic gear shift ensuring that you’re never in the wrong gear.
It’s ideal for urban commuting to and from work, or if you love the outdoors camping and going up the mountains it’s great to travel with.

OMH City 500

Best Commuter Electric Bike

Price: $5,310

OHM has created a great city bike designed for comfort and ease of use. With a Step-Thru design, it makes it easy to get on and off this bike. This model is available in four different frame sizes, including a smaller 15 inches whereas most other ebikes start at 16.5 inches, great for smaller riders. It uses the same battery and display system as the others but can be outfitted with either the D-Series 500 watt motor or a less expensive less-powerful 350 watt gearless hub motor.

Unfortunately, OHM has chosen one colour for this model – a soft blue. The upper portion of the downtube is extra thick and has two portions of tubing to keep the frame stiff and reduce flex to keep the bike strong and durable.

OHM has adopted the BionX D-Series D500 motor for all of their current e-bikes because of the power, regeneration, and throttle features it offers, in addition to torque sensing pedal assist. The City 500 use the 48 volt 11.6 amp hour mid-frame battery pack.

If you opt for the more powerful 500 watt D-Series motor, the price raises to $$5,310. The more expensive model also comes with a suspension fork in addition to wider tires which offer stability and comfort.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Best Budget Option Ebike

Price: $851With the Ancheer Ebike, you won’t get anything particularly exciting and you won’t impress your friends with it, however, it’s a good entry-level option for those who just want something to get around on.
With a 250W gear motor, it has enough power to get you to the top of any steep hill, providing good acceleration. The Ancheer has a 21-speed transmission system, a power-on-demand throttle which you can use to change or accelerate your speed according to your needs.
The 36V, 8AH Ion lithium battery of this bike is removable and you can get up to 24 km/h (15mph).

While the components are basic, the build quality is good. The brake discs aren’t the best which puts a little more strain on the tire and when you use them, they don’t provide a smooth braking experience. But the breaks will last and won’t fail which is far more important. Other parts are satisfactory, if not amazing such as the gear shifts which, again aren’t the smoothest but do the job.
This ebike mainly has an aluminum alloy frame with the front fork and frontend suspension made from carbon steel which is great to absorb shock from off-roading. This ebike also comes with a double layer aluminum alloy 26-inch wheel.

Bulls Monster E FS Full Suspension 

Best FAT Electric Bike

Price: $6,199

If you want real control and full suspension to ride over rugged terrain like sand, grass, or snow then this bike is your best option.  Its motor is a 350W Bosch Performance Line CX perfectly integrated into the bottom bracket shell keeping the center of gravity low to increase stability. Specifically for off-roading, the Monster E FS only knows one thing: traction. This new model is powered by a 36V/500Wh powerpack, giving you a significant boost in your range and power.

BULLS are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and this bike is no different. This bike has top notch components for the suspension including both front and back Rockshoxs given it a smooth, controlled ride and a 180 mm MT5 hydraulic disk brake system with adjustable-reach levers. It's relatively lightweight and well-balanced and available in two sizes to fit the rider.

The downside is, of course, its price tag and there is no kickstand and no provisions to add one aftermarket. The display is nothing fancy and offers only basic information and isn't removable. If you need a FAT ebike and can live with those downsides then this is a great choice.

Triobike Cargo E Brose

Best Cargo Electric Bike

Price: $7,499

This Danish-made ebike is one of the lightest on the market at 35.7 kg (78.8 Ibs) with an incredibly strong alloy frame. It is fast thanks to its high-quality components including the Shimano Alfine 11-speed gearshift, hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, and Schwalbe tires. With its unique design and elongated front, it's sure to turn some heads on the street. An extended front space gives the rider an option to either transport a passenger or carry plenty of cargo.

Compared to a conventional bicycle chain, the belt is more silent, cleaner and requires less maintenance. It’s equipped with the powerful, German-engineered Brose Drive S mid drive motor and provides a torque of 90 Nm, which makes it powerful yet easy to charge with any outlet.

With the Triobike display, you can always keep track of the battery level, distance, speed and even adjust how much assist you want from the electric motor. The motor and electronic systems comply with government regulations, and this bike comes with an extended two-year warranty to give you extra security.

Bulls E-Stream Evo 45 AM

Best Mountain Electric Bike

Price: $8,095This European-made ebike is a mountain racing bike designed for all types of hills and steep grades. It has full RockShox suspension and can go up to 45km/h(28 m/h). A combination of speed, traction, comfort, and durability allow this to be one of the best e-bikes on the market.
It has a 22-speed gear shift that will give you full control over any terrain. With excellent weight distribution and drive system integration, the motor and battery are virtually hidden in the lightweight aluminum frame. Available in four frame sizes for optimal fit, sloped top tube lowers standover height, integrated cables stay out of the way and an extra large 203mm hydraulic disc brakes support quick smooth stops which are useful for trail riding.
However, with an $8,095 price tag isn’t cheap and there is a limited distribution in North America which will make shipping expensive.

Delfast Prime

Best Electric Bike for Long Distance

Price: $5,092

This Ukrainian made ebike has an incredible distance of 380 km (236 miles) without needing a recharge. It uses a US-made 48V Boston Swing Bluetooth BMS battery which has a lifecycle of around 3,000 charges, about three times more than typical ebikes. The bike can travel at a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). Although there is another version of the bike that meets European and North American safety and speed standards that limits the power to 25km/h and 250W.
There is a free mobile app that comes with the ebike which is available on Android and IOS platforms which has GPS tracking so you never have to guess where you’re going. With the App, you can also see the battery charge and switch speed modes.
One of the downsides of this bike, however, is the weight which clocks in at 45 kg (95 lbs) but if you don’t need to lug it around this might be a good bike for you to check out.

Cake Kalk

Best High Performance Electric Bike

Price: $19,845

Completely developed in Sweden, the makers of this ebike crafted every component carefully from scratch and engineered it from the ground up.

This bike is perfect if you like to go off-roading on the weekends. It has a top speed of 75kh/h (46 mph) which means, unfortunately, it’s not street legal in North America, but you can take it off-roading up in the mountains. The battery is a 2.6KWH lithium-ion battery that gives you a range of up to 80km.

The biggest benefit is it’s quiet, clean and incredibly fun to ride. If noise is a problem, then this bike is the best for you. Its electric motor doesn’t have any gears so you get a seamless, yet powerful ride.

The Kalk features three distinct driving modes: Discover, Explore, and Excite giving you more control depending on your terrain. The frame is made from aerospace-grade aluminium and this unique design gives it a distinctive look, unlike any other ebike.

Giant Road E+ 1PRO

Best Electrical Road Bike

Price: $4,499 Giant is one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers and they have put all their knowledge and expertise into an electric bike and it doesn’t disappoint. Unlike most ebike designs, the Road E+ 1PRO comes in 5 sizes to fit any rider.
With the Road E+1PRO’s well-engineered design, excellent weight distribution, and integrated power, this ebike keeps you going strong on busy commutes or on all sort of road adventures. The mid-drive SyncDrive Sport motor gives a powerful 80Nh of torque and is beautifully integrated into the frame of the bike for a beautiful look. It has a drop handlebar with hydraulic disc breaks instead of rim breaks and comes in 4 sizes and made from state-of-the-art aluminum material.
With an aluminum frame and advanced composite forks, the E+ 1PRO allows the rider versatility and a smooth ride whether you’re on the road or on the trails. The Lithium-Ion battery, which has a capacity of 500W and 36V, can be removed from the frame by moving it sideways to easily recharge it.

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