The Best Electric Bike for Seniors: Features of ENVO ST

The Best Electric Bike for Seniors: Features of ENVO ST

If you are looking for an electric bike that would be comfortable for seniors or people with limited mobility - Envo ST should be the first one on your list. It is lightweight, easy to get on with a step-through frame style, powerful e-bike on the hills and a comfortable upright position that will reduce the load on the back of the wrists during the ride. 

In this blog, we will use buying guide introduced before, with a fourteen-metrics system, to cover all the features of the Envo ST electric bike.



 Ebike Metrics - Style and DesignStyle & Design 

The bike comes in two colours: Pearl and Jungle, both of them look stylish either you like a more classic white and black design or want a bicycle of attractive green colour. Envo ST electric bike has an external battery pack that is easily removable if you want to charge your battery at home. The battery is on the front inside of the frame, but it won't be on your way, putting your foot over. Seniors need to be able to get on-and-off the bike without any obstacles easily. Moreover, the battery, rear hub motor, suspension forks and frame overall weight of the bike is 22.8kg (50lb), making Envo ST one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. 

 Score 90/100



Ergonomics / Adjustability

Envo ST electric bike has a step-through frame style, which makes it easy and fast to get on- and off the bike. It comes in two sizes: 15" and 19", to be available for a wide range of heights. The stem and the seatpost height angle are adjustable for better comfort. You can change the height of the handlebar, rotating it to get the best place for you. The rider can be 4 feet or even up to 6'5", and the ergonomics will still be comfortable. The upright riding position is a huge advantage for those riders who prefer cruise-style rides to rule out extra pressure on the wrists and the spine, which makes it the best choice for seniors.

Furthermore, the bike has 27.5" x 1.95" thick wheels to minimize road vibration with minimal noise and drag. 

Score 90/100

Envo ST e-bike handlebar Envo ST frame design


ebike Performance / TorquePerformance / Torque

This e-bike has a maximum of 500W mechanical power and a 32km/hour top speed. It is standard in Canada as the electric bike needs to be in the first or second Class to be street legal.

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The Envo ST electric bike has 60Nm of torque which will easily take you up to 15% on a hill using pedal assist and throttle with the feeling of riding on a flat road. 

Score 80/100

Envo ST geared hub 500W motor


ebike's Range & EfficiencyRange & Efficiency

The Envo ST electric bike has a 36V 12.8Ah battery pack that offers 460Wh of energy, and the weight of the battery itself is only 2.5kg. You can easily remove it with a key and take it home to charge. 

The bike only requires 100W to cruise at 25km/h without pedalling on a flat surface. Additionally, utilizing 90% of the battery SOC, you can go for around 100 km range without pedalling. Users will also get 50km of high-performance cycling with a 4 to 5-level assist with this e-bike. The Envo ST will last you throughout the day on a single charge without any problem, so you can run errands, ride in the park or enjoy e-biking time with friends. 

Score 80/100

Envo ST electric bike range and efficiency

Controls & MonitoringControls & Monitoring

The ENVO D35 has a premium colour TFT display that allows riders access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and self-diagnostics. The user-friendly display has a comparatively big font, so the riders can easily read the parameters. These functions will enable you to program your electric bike based on local government regulations and safety requirements. 

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Additionally, this electric bike features a power-on-demand throttle with enhanced pedal-assist technology and torque-emulating software. The pedal assist is very responsive, and the soft acceleration option from a complete stop makes the bike safe for all users. Electric bikes for seniors will be a great way to get back on track without extra load.

Score 90/100

ebike Controls & Monitoring

ebike Component GradeComponent Grade

Envo ST comes with branded hydraulic brakes, a suspension fork with load adjustment and lock, an alloy crank with a single chainring cover, puncture resistant 27.5″x1.95 tires and 8-speed Shimano gears. The Envo ST electric bike also has a suspension Seatpost for more comfortable rides, fenders, a kickstand, and integrated front and rear lights. 

Score 80/100

Envo ST Component grade


E Bike Brake performance Braking Performance 

Envo ST is one of the lightest e-bikes in its Class, with a top-of-the-line hydraulic disc brake system and a 180mm diameter rotor for both the rear and front wheels. An electric bike has cut-off sensors that provide more safety to the bike and the rider. They are super responsive and don't require adjustments every few rides like some mechanical brakes.

Score 100/100


e-bike weight Weight 

The weight of the electric bike plays a crucial role for the rider as it affects the overall performance and how easy it is to maneuver. As we mentioned, Envo ST is one of the lightest electric bikes in its Class. The 50 lb weight of the e-bike is the same as the adult male bulldog or around 80 potatoes weight. The lightweight electric bike will give you more flexibility, so you can easily use it like a regular bicycle and don't feel like pushing yourself all the time. 

Score 90/100

ebike Spare Parts and costServiceability / Spare Parts / Cost

Envo ST is convenient to use and service, so every rider can easily take care of the bike and feel comfortable and safe riding the cycle. This bike's mechanical and structural components are all industry-standard parts available off the shelf at almost every store and are reasonably priced compared to competitors on the market. Spare parts are easy to find and available online at a reasonable cost

Score 100/100


Ebike Service CentersAccess to Services Centers

By purchasing Envo ST or any other bikes from the Envo company, you become a part of the family and feel supported on every step of your e-bike journey. Envo has a vast dealership all across North America. Suppose there is no specialized service center in your city - no worries. The bike has a modular design, and all the components are easily accessible. You can reach customer support over the phone, consult with the representatives, and identify the problem, and the Envo team will ship the necessary parts for you to fix the issue. Also, all the components are standard, and other bike stores can help you service your electric bike. 

Score 70/100


e-bike accessories available Accessories Available / Included

The Envo ST comes practically fully loaded with all standard bike accessories, including a rear rack, fenders, lights, bell, and kickstand. You can customize your bike with additional accessories, and remember a helmet to ride your e-bike safely. 

Score 80/100


ENVO D35 Transportability & StorageeBike Transportation & Storage

To transport the Envo ST on the car rack, you must ensure it is compatible. First - consider the payload capacity and the weight of the bike and what is also important - with the step-through electric bike, make sure to get a rack that doesn't require hanging the bike on as you can do with the hight-step bikes.  

We recommend removing the battery before putting it on the rack. It will make the bike lighter, and it is safer to transport the bike without a lithium-ion battery connected to the electronics. 

Score 70/100


ebike Transmission ReliabilityTransmission Reliability

The Envo ST utilizes a well-engineered gear hub motor with high-grade bearings and shaft seals. This motor is reliable and efficient and does not heat up during prolonged usage. This motor will not lose its performance standard for years as the mechanical motor defect rate is nearly zero. 

Score 100/100

Envo ST



ebike priceeBike Price

The ENVO ST retail price is C$2479. You will get the best value for this Price, considering the vast array of features you will get when purchasing this e-bike. By purchasing a brand-new electric bike from Envo, you will get a free one-year warranty, and just for $60, you can extend it for the following year. 

Score 70/100

Final Thoughts About ENVO ST Electric Bike

In conclusion, the Envo ST electric bike is an excellent choice for seniors or people with limited mobility looking for a lightweight, powerful, and comfortable e-bike. With its step-through frame style, adjustable ergonomics, powerful torque, and long-range and premium components, the Envo ST electric bike scores high on all metrics. Moreover, its sleek design, hydraulic disc brake system, and user-friendly controls make it a reliable and safe choice for everyday use. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable electric bike, the Envo ST should be on your list.

Total Score: 85/100

ENVO D35 full metrics

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David Forkes

David Forkes

Hi, I am 89 and would love the teal D35, however I do not believe I would be able to swing my leg over the top tube.
Is there a test/purchase dealer near me in Ontario? I live in Kingston. Did I see a green colour mentioned on the page above, or is it only for the D35? That would be my choice. Also, I did not see reference to a water bottle attachment location.

Hi, I am 89 and would love the teal D35, however I do not believe I would be able to swing my leg over the top tube.
Is there a test/purchase dealer near me in Ontario? I live in Kingston. Did I see a green colour mentioned on the page above, or is it only for the D35? That would be my choice. Also, I did not see reference to a water bottle attachment location.

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