Bike The Blossoms- A Guide To Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms By Ebike

By Jocelyn Cho

Mar 30, 2022

Bike The Blossoms- A Guide To Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms By Ebike
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In Vancouver, you know spring is here when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. We thought the best way to experience these beautiful pink blooms was with a bike ride through the city! Grab your ebike for a leisurely ride and enjoy the breathtaking blossoms. Bring a few friends along for the ride for Instagram-worthy pictures, or a tripod works just as well! Did you know there are over 90,000 cherry blossom trees in Vancouver? You’ll likely see blooms all around the city, and thanks to the UBC climate biologist Dr. Elizabeth Wolkovich and her colleagues have predicted the best time to see the city’s blooms. According to Wolkovich, “The overall consensus is that the cherry trees will likely bloom between late March and early April. For Vancouver, the average predicted peak bloom date is April 2“. So you might be wondering where you can find these beautiful blooms? We’ve curated some spots you can ride your ebike and swoon amongst the canopies.

Burrard Skytrain Station

If you’re taking the Skytrain, Burrard station is filled with trees lining the entrance.

David Lam Park

If you’re downtown, David Lam Park is the place to go to see a bunch of trees lining Vancouver’s skyline. Surrounding neighbourhoods are full of blossom-filled streets along Yaletown and the Seawall. It is also the location of the 2022 Big Picnic kicking off the Cherry Blossom Festival this year.

Stanley Park/West End

Stanley Park seawall is a great leisurely cycling route. But in the spring, you can find clusters of blooms near the Rose Garden, around the eastern edge of Lost Lagoon, and pathways leading to the Japanese War Memorial monument.

Queen Elizabeth Park

This park is beautiful for photos year-round. To find the cherry blossoms head to the hills on the west side of the park or the park’s entrance on 33rd Avenue.


Take a ride out to the University of British Columbia and check out the many locations of cherry blossoms on campus. Find the blossoms along one city block of the Lower Mall from Vanier Place to University Boulevard. On Wycliffe road along one city block of Wycliffe Road from Allison Road to Acadia Road. Regent College at UBC has approximately 60 trees around the perimeter of the building. And we can’t forget the Japanese Nitobe Memorial Garden- UBC’s traditional Japanese garden. The cherry blossoms light up and contrast against the greenery in the spring. Check opening hours and ticket info online before you go.

Garry Point Park

This park is a beautiful place any time of the year, but you’ll feel like you’re in Japan when the cherry blossoms bloom! Garry Point Park has many cherry trees surrounding the Fraser River. Fun Fact: The Wakayama Kenjin Kai Society planted these trees to celebrate Richmond’s historic Japanese community.

Akali Singh Sikh Temple

One of the most photogenic areas for a tunnel of blossoms spans two blocks. The cherry blossoms perfectly frame the beautiful Akali Singh Sikh Temple and the Burnaby skyline. Find the arches on two consecutive city blocks on East 3rd Avenue from Rupert Street to Skeena Street. 

Gravely Street (at Lillooet)

One of the most famous spots to see cherry blossoms is along Graveley St between Lillooet and Rupert. This two-block stretch is filled with overarching canopies perfect for picturesque moments.

Buchanan and Rosser

There’s a little park at Buchanan and Rosser filled with rows of cherry blossoms. It’s known as “Cherry Blossom Garden” on google maps, so you know the blooms don’t disappoint. If you’re near The Amazing Brentwood, this location is easily accessible and bike-friendly.This list is by no means exhaustive. The city is filled with these beautiful cherry blossoms. But if you want to plan an exact bike route, check the official Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Blooming Now page and their interactive Blossom Map for all locations and more information (with details on which trees are in bloom). Have fun and go out for a ride before the blossoms fade away. Also, be mindful that while cherry blossoms are beautiful, please remember to be respectful while visiting the neighbourhoods and never break off branches from the trees. 

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