Comparing best-selling e-bikes: a full review of ENVO ST and Aventon Level 2

By Valeriia Kolisnyk

Mar 16, 2023

Comparing best-selling e-bikes: a full review of ENVO ST and Aventon Level 2
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If you are in the market looking for best-selling step-through e-bikes or just started to browse around to figure out if you need one (hint - the answer is yes!) - we are here to help you.

Welcome to our comparison blog. Today we offer you to consider two great options - ENVO ST and Aventon Level 2.

Both bikes offer great features and unique details, which might play a significant role in your decision-making. It is important to consider all the aspects before getting this motorized vehicle: how long ebike batteries last, what is the maximum speed allowed in BC and how long it takes to charge the battery.

Which bike is best for you: ST from Envo or Aventon electric bike? Let's find out together. Here we will explain in detail what is particular about these two stylish and highly efficient models. To make it easier, refer to a 14-metric chart with the ranking system for performance, component grade, price and other essential features of the bike. 

Envo ST


PRICE: $2,479 CAD - $1,879 USD




500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


460Wh Panasonic Lithium Ion


Quality score from 100 

Infography Envo ST

TOTAL SCORE - 85/100


Aventon Level 2 e-bike


Aventon Level 2 

PRICE: $2,599 CAD - $1,799 USD




500W rear hub motor, 1-5 PAS Torque Sensor


Aventon OEM


Lithium-ion 48V,14Ah (672Wh) with Samsung Cells


Quality score from 100

TOTAL SCORE - 78/100  


The bike's look is always subjective; everyone has their preferences, but if you are looking for stylish and trendy models - ENVO ST or Aventon Level 2 would be an excellent choice. Both of the bikes have sleek designs with different colour options available. These e-bikes will also provide you with an upright position - the first choice for people who prefer cruiser-style riding. When riding an ENVO bike, you will also feel full suspension, as the bike comes with both front and seatpost suspension integrated into the frame. For the longer upright rides, you might feel all the bumps and rough terrains through your back and less pressure on the wrists. Aventon Level 2 has only a front suspension, so if you want to get the same soft feeling as riding ENVO ST, you will need to make some upgrades.  

Picking the frame design, consider the battery pack style. If you are the rider who prefers the practical part - ST comes with a lightweight external battery pack with a little handle attached on top which makes it easier to carry around if needed. Level 2 has a fully integrated Lithium-Ion battery, making it look like a regular road bike. Both batteries are removable, so it is a matter of personal choice. You can refer to bike reviews to find more information about this.


The ST and Level.2 are both step-through e-bikes. The frame is designed with a low bar to make it easier for riders to get on and off. Rider's height range for ENVO ST starts from 5' up to 6'6". The bike comes in three sizes to ensure it is accessible to everyone. The Aventon Aventure 2 ST has two size options - regular and large, so you might need to adjust more to get a perfect fit.


Both bikes are in the 2nd class of e-bikes, equipped with a torque-sensing PAS and have around 60 Nm/torque. It is enough to climb hills quickly and maintain good battery efficiency, giving you a smooth ride as the pedal assist synced with your movements. Due to the legal regulations in Vancouver and throughout the whole British Columbia - bikes allowed in the city should come with a maximum of 500W motors and go up to 32 km/hr. And remember that electric bikes are for adults - people under 16 are not allowed to operate them.


These bikes have two sources of help - pedal assist and throttle. So, how long do the battery last? if you are a cyclist who intends to use the electronic assist on the minimum level with ENVO ST, you can ride for around 100 km per single charge. If you want to fully relax and imagine riding a miniature version of a motorcycle, count on approximately 30-40 km from using just a throttle. The Aventon Aventure 2 will give you pretty much the same range, but considering that the tires are a bit wider and smaller (26 "x 4" vs 27.5″x1.95" in ST), it will affect the range. Wider tires will give you more stability on the road, though. Be ready for a battery replacement in about 5-8 years, which is a pretty good lifetime.


Bikes ST and Level 2 have full-colour displays with all the necessary functions and metrics to control all the electrical components. Both are super user-friendly and easy to operate. Envo's bike display gives you access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and even self-diagnostics functions of the cycle. Aventura shows speed; distance travelled, and pedal assist. You can also activate integrated lights and sync to the Aventon app to share your rides with your friends and the Aventon community. 


ENVO ST bikes come with almost all of their brand's components, making it easier to do professional maintenance on them and replace parts if needed. The Level 2 combined non-brand brakes, motor and drivetrain but still used decent and trustworthy components. ST is getting more points because it has an adjustable stem for better comfort and versatility. The similarities are hydraulic disc brakes and eight mechanical gears in both bikes. So if you are still wondering if it is possible to ride it like a regular bike, the answer is yes. 


ENVO ST weights 22.8 kg, The Level.2 - 35 kg - quite a difference. 

The weight of the electric bike plays a huge role in the performance and the distance the bike can handle on a single charge. With a lighter bike, it is also easier to maneuver and you can add more accessories and not be worried that it will be too heavy after upgrades.


Price wise and quality-wise, all the bike's components are similar, which makes parts easy to find on the shelves. ENVO's modular design also makes it simpler to replace them. With some practice and patience, you can learn how to do simple adjustments yourself, but we still recommend leaning on e-bike professionals until you are confident there won't be any "extra parts" after these operations. Especially, when you have a bike with hydraulic brakes, it is much easier to leave the bike in the service rather than adjusting yourself. 


ENVO and Aventon have dealers across North America, so there will be no problems servicing these bikes. Companies also offer online support and consulting to help you deal with all the inquiries at home. If you have a question - you can quickly contact representatives who will provide you with all the necessary information.


These two battery-powered bikes already have everything you need for a comfortable ride. Rear rack, fenders, light, kickstand - check for both. ST also has a suspension seat post for better comfort and an adjustable stem to customize the size even more.

Purchasing an e-bike from ENVO or Aventon, you will also get a charger and a manual (I strongly recommend reading it before going for the first ride). In the manual, you will find many excellent features about pedal and throttle assist; it also can't harm knowing more about all the settings of the display and charging rules - hint: you need to balance lithium-Ion batteries before using and repeat from time to time the procedure. 


If you plan to travel with ST or Level 2, consider getting a car rack designed specifically for electric bikes. Due to the limited weight capacity of many of them, it is essential to know the rack specifications on which you are mounting your bike. If you already have one for your regular cycle, wondering how much it can carry - think twice before risking putting your e-bike on that rack. We recommend doing read reviews, considering the weight of the battery you can take off the bike, the weight of the motor that will make the rear wheel heavier and the overall design.

ST is not as heavy as Level 2 and comes with narrower tires, so finding a rack will be easier. You must also get a bike adaptor bar if that's a press-on rack. Installation is easy, one hook goes around the stem, and another around the Seatpost, imitating the high-step frame. Warning - don't use bars like this to hang the bike on a rack. 


ENVO and Aventon ST have geared hub motor in the rear wheel, which are reliable and well-sealed. They will give you good power and response; you can count on them for up to 7 years of use. Ride as much as you can! On the downside - this type of motor is a bit noisy compared to, for example, a direct drive motor.

Many bike riders prefer a geared hub to the mid-drives because if something happens to the drivetrain, you can still ride a bike with a rear hub motor, relying on a throttle. So-called "safe button"; in many reviews, you can find information that some people use electric bikes without even peddling, just on the throttle itself. Remember that this type of ride will affect the range, and highly unlikely that you will get from Vancouver Downtown to North Vancouver without peddling.


The price difference between these two electric bikes is insignificant, but Level 2 is priced higher than ST in Canada, and you will need to spend more money upgrading accessories. It is one of the best budget electric bikes, which comes with all the necessary accessories and components, so you can forget about your car and use it for commuting or pleasure riding.


Both of the e-bikes are good. Before making a decision - find out what size bike you'll need. From this point, ask yourself where you plan to ride: do you need a more regular tire size to commute in Vancouver, for example, or will you go with something more off-road (not mountain) and noisier to make some bike trails? After answering, we recommend learning more about technical components: type of motor and battery range. If a dealer is close to your place, take a test ride. Riding the bike is always the best way to decide whether you like it or want to keep looking. The riding position, operational system, and the overall feeling on the bicycle play a considerable role; once you try it - you'll know. If the test ride is impossible, read the reviews and ask knowledgeable people questions. 


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