Unlocking the Maximum EBike Range: ENVO D50 & ST50 Electric Bike

By Haseeb Javed

Nov 02, 2023

Unlocking the Maximum EBike Range: ENVO D50 & ST50 Electric Bike

Electric bikes have revolutionized the world of cycling, offering riders the perfect blend of pedal power and electric assistance. One key factor that riders often consider is the range an eBike can offer on a single charge. The ENVO 50 Series electric bikes, equipped with a 48V15Ah battery, are designed to take you on remarkable journeys with impressive endurance. In this comprehensive exploration of the 50 Series' maximum range, we'll delve deep into the details, revealing how far you can travel on these exceptional electric bikes.

Understanding Battery Capacity:

To truly understand the range capabilities of the ENVO 50 Series electric bikes, we must first grasp the significance of the 48V15Ah battery. This battery equates to a substantial 720Wh of battery capacity. In simpler terms, if you were to consistently draw 720Watts of power from this battery, your eBike would run for approximately one hour. However, eBike power consumption is far from constant; it varies based on numerous factors, including terrain, pedal assist levels, and riding conditions.

Exploring the Maximum Range:

Let's now dive deeper into the calculation of the 50 Series' maximum range. We'll consider a scenario with the pedal assist sensor (PAS) set to level 1, representing 10% of the maximum power or roughly 50Watts of average power consumption. At this power level, you can enjoy an astonishing 14.4 hours of continuous ride time. With an average speed of 11 kilometers per hour, this translates to an impressive range of over 150 kilometers. Yes, you read that correctly—150 kilometers of eBike exploration on a single charge.

The Impact of PAS:

Understanding the influence of pedal assist levels is crucial to optimizing your eBike's range. The ENVO 50 Series offers multiple PAS levels, with level 1 representing the lowest power assistance and level 5 providing the most substantial boost. When maximizing your range, selecting PAS level 1 is the key. At this level, you're efficiently utilizing the battery's power while still benefiting from assistance, ensuring a longer and more adventurous ride.

The Battery Extender:

But what if you're seeking an even greater adventure, one that takes you further than ever before? The ENVO 50 Series offers an optional battery extender with a 48V17Ah capacity, totaling an impressive 816Wh of battery power. With this extended power source, your range potential more than doubles. You'll have the capability to embark on journeys that last over 30 hours, covering an astonishing distance of 330 kilometers or more. This battery extender is a game-changer for riders who crave epic adventures and want to explore vast distances.

Power Management and Riding Style:

To truly optimize your eBike's range, consider your power management and riding style. Smooth and consistent pedaling, combined with efficient use of the pedal assist, can significantly extend your journey. Riding at a moderate pace also helps conserve battery power. Remember that factors such as headwinds, hilly terrains, and frequent stops can impact your eBike's range. By understanding these variables and adapting your riding style, you can make the most of your ENVO 50 Series eBike.


A Greener Commute:

Apart from leisurely rides and adventure-packed journeys, the ENVO 50 Series eBikes offer an eco-friendly solution for your daily commute. By choosing to ride your eBike to work, you not only save on fuel and transportation costs but also reduce your carbon footprint. The impressive range ensures that your eBike can cover the daily commuting distance with ease. Whether you're heading to the office, the grocery store, or running errands around town, the 50 Series eBike is a sustainable and efficient choice.


The maximum range you can achieve with your ENVO 50 Series electric bike is a testament to the remarkable advancements in e-biking technology. With the standard 48V15Ah battery, you can comfortably cover over 150 kilometers of diverse terrain, and with the optional battery extender, you can embark on journeys that span more than 330 kilometers. The 50 Series isn't just an eBike; it's a gateway to unlimited exploration, sustainable commuting, and a greener future. Whether you're cycling through city streets, conquering challenging trails, or enjoying leisurely rides, the ENVO 50 Series ensures that your e-biking experiences are filled with endless possibilities and boundless adventures. So, hop on your ENVO 50 Series eBike and discover the extraordinary range it has to offer. It's time to ride into the future of e-biking.


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