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Mid-Drive Kit 500W
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P35 Complete Conversion Kit 350WP35 Complete Conversion Kit 350W
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Mid-drive motor and controller 500WMid-drive motor and controller 500W
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ENVO D50 Electric Mountain Bike (EMTB)ENVO D50 Electric Mountain Bike (EMTB)
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P50 Complete Conversion kit 500WP50 Complete Conversion kit 500W
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S75 Complete Conversion Kit (Max 1200W, 120Nm)S75 Complete Conversion Kit (Max 1200W, 120Nm)
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S50 Complete Conversion Kit (Max 1000W, 100Nm)S50 Complete Conversion Kit (Max 1000W, 100Nm)
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D50 Complete eBike Conversion Kit (750W Max)D50 Complete eBike Conversion Kit (750W Max)
Bicycles with frame capable of installation of down tube battery
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Mid-drive motor & controller 1000W (Non street legal)Mid-drive motor & controller 1000W (Non street legal)
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Flex SnowbikeFlex Snowbike
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BLDC Single Shaft In-Wheel Hub Motor For Electric Car / ATV
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Recumbent Bike EZ-Classic SX 20in by SUNSEEKERRecumbent Bike EZ-Classic SX 20in by SUNSEEKER
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