All ENVO products including eBikes, Conversion Kits, eScooters, etc. as well as components including motor, controller, display, battery, charger, throttle, PAS sensor, brake sensors are covered by warranty unless otherwise specified.

Please register your 1st-year warranty for all ENVO Products (six month for Conversion Kits) by submitting this form: 

To claim a warranty, you need to apply through ENVO's customer service ticketing system.

All Demo and pre-owned products are sold 'as is' and are covered by a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase. Furthermore, these products are not covered by our standard return policy and are not eligible for return.

For Non-ENVO products that we resell, we will follow original manufacturers’ Terms & Conditions. In most cases, customers will need to contact the original manufacturer organization for their claim. Warranty information for such products can be shared at the time of purchase.

Warranty Requirements

  • Proof of purchase
  • Bike and/or Battery Serial Number
  • Supporting evidence of defect such as pictures/videos

Please note the warranty is offered to original purchaser only and is not transferable.

Warranty is to ensure you receive a perfect product which requires intense maintenance service at all time by the user, having all spares, tools and expertise.

Mechanical parts such as chain, brake, tire, gear adjustment or loose screws or connectors is not a warranty claim. Warranty is for intrinsic parts defects.

We do not offer bicycle service and tune up as a part of warranty service.

Warranty supports you if you have an intrinsically defective parts such as a cracked frame weld seam or controller circuit failure; That also to the level of replacement and not including labor or delivery.

Delivery of the defective products or parts for repair or replacement to our service shop is the customer’s responsibility.

Ebike/Scooter is a vehicle in real working conditions It is always exposed to unwanted impacts, shocks, vibrations, heat and cold, accidents, water penetration, salt splash etc. which may cause damage which will not be considered a warranty claim.

If the problem is caused by an accident, wrong or careless installation by the customer, careless actions, wire stretch, bad storage or not following the instruction manual, the customer will pay the cost of the part and replacement. The cause of the failure and warranty eligibility should be verified by the head of our technical dept. If the cause remains un-known, we will favor the customer.