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ENVO Stax Pro
ENVO Stax Pro

ENVO Stax Pro

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ENVO Stax Pro

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Rides and Feels like a traditional bike.

Envo STAX Electric Bike

ENVO stax is an electric bicycle that is designed to provide a natural and familiar riding experience akin to a traditional bicycle, it is designed for a crowd looking for a sporty ride. A crowd looking for the lightest bike possible that can easily be carried around in condo staircases, public transits and more; yet looks and behave like a regular bike in order to whip around the city. ENVO Stax puts aesthetic and pleasure first, yet does not sacrifice on motor performance and our beloved torque emulation software. The battery being inside the seatpost, it made it much easier to disguise this eBike has a regular bike. Top Speed 32km/h (20mph)

19KG (42lbs)

Total Weight


Max Power

32km/h | 20mph

Top Speed


Max Range



Race Inspired Geometry

The geometry has been optimized to offer a sporty position and maximize power output from the rider. The frame has also been designed around 50mm wide tires, which have little rolling resistance, but enough traction and puncture resistance. All this makes it a perfect bike to use on any road.

Premium, Yet Affordable

The ENVO Stax is an electric bicycle that offers premium features and specifications, yet is priced affordably, making it accessible to a wider range of riders. Despite its affordable price point, the ENVO Stax boasts a high-quality build, advanced components, and exceptional performance. It provides riders with a comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable riding experience that rivals that of much more expensive e-bikes.

Streamlined Design

Stax is designed to stylish and streamlined, all the welds are smoothened, headlight is directly integrated in the bike frame, and all the cables are hidden and routed internally.

42 lbs! That's it.

The ENVO Stax is the lightest bike in its category, boasting a cutting-edge design and premium materials. Our engineers optimized every aspect of the bike, creating an unparalleled ride that's fast, responsive, and efficient.

500W! Twice as much as an Olympic cyclist

The ENVO Stax electric bike is capable of generating a whopping 500W of power, which is twice the output of an Olympic cyclist. This allows the rider to accelerate faster, tackle steeper hills, and travel longer distances with less effort.

Proudly Canadian

Discover the best in electric micromobility with ENVO, a Canadian company specializing in locally designed products providing you with convenience, affordability, and sustainability for all your needs.


"fairly lightweight design at just 19 kg (42 lb.). I know that seems heavy compared to your beater Huffy, but that’s pretty darn lightweight by e-bike standards."

"The whole thing tips the scales at a pretty decent 19 kg (42 lb)."

"I particularly enjoy how the Stax shows up to the game with a geometry inherent to gravel bikes"

"The Stax is the latest tool added to ENVO’s micro-mobility kit as it looks to innovate the personal transportation industry and empower electric passengers."

"the Stax impresses with its minimalist lines, making the fact it's an electric bicycle nearly imperceptible"

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What Makes ENVO STAX the Best Electric Road Bike


Stax features a solid, super lightweight, and stylish frame. This frame is made of 6061Aluminum Alloy which is treated with T6 heat treatment. ENVO uses atechnique called hydroforming to get the beautiful curve and ergonomicgeometry.  


Top of the line hydraulic disk brakes equipped with electric cut-off sensors provide more safety to the bike as well as the rider.


The battery is removable and can reach a range of up to 100 km per charge on pedal assist level 1. The battery can be charged on or off the bike frame using the little portable CC-CV smart Li-Ion battery charger. The ENVO Battery contains a BMS that avoids battery from overcharging, overloading and other hazardous activities, thereby increasing both cyclic and calendar life of the battery. Battery cells have been selected for best operating in freezing temperatures


Stax features 700C tires that have a width of 40mm, this helps to reduce rolling resistance and allows riders to achieve high speeds with ease providing unmatched performance and efficiency. This means you can cover longer distances in a shorter amount of time without sacrificing comfort.


The Stax is fitted with high efficiency and bright integrated LED 40 LUX headlight powered by the main battery and controlled by a keypad on the handlebar.


ENVO Stax is equipped with a sealed, powerful, geared hub motor that offers 500W power and 60Nm torque. The bike is a street-legal bike with legalized speed, torque and power all over Canada and most parts of the US. Our motors are 50% lighter than all the rest powered geared hub motors in Canada, yet they deliver 50% more torque and 25% more battery efficiency. These ENVO motors are developed for over 20,000Km maintenance-free ride.


Well-engineered 8 speed 48T chain ring and 11-32 cassette transmission help you overcome up to 25% grade when climbing a hill on gear 1 or 40km/h speed on gear 8 with gentle pedaling.


Stax is equipped with an advanced pedal assist sensor with optimized torque emulation software. The advanced torque emulating Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) signals the controller to run the motor between 5 levels of pedal assist, providing a boost to your pedalling depending on the level of assistance you select while riding. Stax also supports an optional on-demand thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost which activates the motor proportionally to the twist regardless of pedalling to give you a fully electric ride in case you cannot pedal or need an instant acceleration or uphill push.


Suspension mono-shock front fork with 25mm travel adds to high-speed stability and handling on trails and asphalt. It reduces the shocks to the frame and battery system and provides ultimate comfort.


Brave any weather with confidence thanks to the durable fenders that protect you from the elements, ensuring a comfortable ride even in the rain. Plus, the robust rear rack offers unparalleled utility, perfect for carrying groceries on your daily errands or securely attaching a child seat for joyful rides with your little one.




    Hydro-formed Alloy 6061 TIG welded


    ZOOM 109D mono-shock fork, tapered from 1-1/8"to 1-1/2",with internal cable routing


    UL 2271 Certified 36V12.8Ah


    Brushless 36V 500W rear motor

    Brake Set

    Shimano Hydraulic Disk brakes BR-MT200,with 180mm Rotr


    Charger 36V/2A


    SHIMANO Altus SL-M315 - 8Speed




    Alloy, 9/16″ WELLGO




    PAS/thumb throttle, speed sensor


    LCD Color Display panel, with bluetooth connectivity

    Rear Carrier

    alloy carrier, black


    PVC Plastic fender




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  • Stax vs Stax Pro


    Both the Stax and Stax Pro are electric road bikes that are designed to look and feel like traditional road bikes. They both have the same lightweight aluminum frame, comfortable geometry, and powerful hub motor. They also both come with a 460Wh battery that provides up to 100 km of range.


    The main differences between the Stax and Stax Pro are:

      • Suspension: The Stax Pro comes with a suspension mono-shock fork, which can help to absorb bumps and vibrations from the road. The Stax does not have a suspension fork.
      • Seatpost Clamp: The Stax Pro comes with a locking seatpost clamp as standard, while the Stax requires you to purchase a locking seatpost separately.
      • Battery: The Stax Pro allows you to use a dual battery option, which can extend the range of the bike to up to 200 km. The Stax does not have this option.
      • Accessories: The Stax Pro comes with all the accessories assembled, including a rear rack, throttle, fenders, and kickstand. The Stax requires you to purchase these accessories separately.

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