How much fuel saved using electric bikes worldwide since 2000?

By Ali

Feb 02, 2017

How much fuel saved using electric bikes worldwide since 2000?
EbikeBC Vs Bionx, Bosch, Stromer ebikes Leiendo How much fuel saved using electric bikes worldwide since 2000? 3 minutos Siguiente EBIKE is not a fantasy anymore

There have been around 300,000 electric bikes worldwide in 2000 and It is said to be more than 200,000,000 electric bikes in 2015.

Each electric bike is assumed to travel 10km/day for 100days a year. The average Km travelled by ebikes from 2000 to 2015 is calculated this way:

200,000,000 x 10km x 100days x 15/2 years = 1,500,000,000,000Km

The average car-motorcycle gasoline consumption for city use is 6L/100km.

The un-burnt fuel is then calculated:

1500 billion Km x 6L/100Km = 90 billion litter = 65 million Ton gasoline

How much CO2 is un-produced using ebikes since 2000?

1 liter of petrol weighs 750 grams. Petrol consists for 87% of carbon, or 652 grams of carbon per liter of petrol. In order to combust this carbon to CO2, 1740 grams of oxygen is needed. The sum is then 652 + 1740 = 2392 grams of CO2/liter of petrol.

Co2 production Saved =  215,000,000 tons

Cycling on ebike calories burnt fat calculation

Cycling takes effort, and effort requires energy, and burning energy helps us lose flab – we all know that.

as a rough guide, a cyclist can calculate his or her energy expenditure this way: average watts x time in hours x 3.6. So if you average 100 watts for two hours you burn 720 calories. Similarly you can jump on a turbo trainer and do one hour at 200 watts, for example, which will also give you a calorie burn of 720 – or you can do it on your regular route if you have a power meter.’ Now it seems all we have to do is to calculate the total calories we need to burn to get to dispense with that 1kg of fat.

We can estimate that 1g of fat contains nine calories of energy which is a stretch of the imagination because everyone is different – it means 1kg of human fat tissue is the equivalent of 7,800 calories .

Let’s say you’re going to ride at an average of 100 watts. If you divide 7,800 calories that make up 1kg of body fat by the 360 calories you’ll burn riding at 100 watts for one hour, it will take you 21.6 hours to burn 1kg of fat. Now let’s assume that on a regular or an ebike your average speed will be 30km/h. That means to burn 1kg of fat you’ll have to ride 648km.

How much Calories and body fat burnt using electric bikes since 2000?

People’s body fat burnt: 1,500,000,000,000Km / 648km = 2,314,814,814 Kg

Per capita fat burnt = 2,314,814,814 Kg / 200,000,000 ebike riders = 11.57Kg



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