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What do parameters like Ah Wh (Watt-Hour) mean for ebikes?2019-07-31T19:01:19+00:00

It’s the energy capacity of battery. Wh=Ah x V.

For example a 48V, 8.8Ah battery gives you 48V 8.8Ah = 422.4Wh energy which ideally means you can draw 422W power for 1 hour. The equivalent battery in 36V standard will be about 11.7Ah

What do parameters like Ah (Ampere-Hour) mean for ebikes?2019-07-31T18:57:15+00:00

It’s the current capacity of the battery. The maximum current the battery can be discharged at continuously for 1 hour. For example; you can draw 10A continuously from a 10Ah battery for 1 hour or 5A for 2 hours. 

This is a parameter that gives you a range. However, the energy density of a battery should be measured by Wh(watt-hour) if you are comparing battery systems of different voltage. Ah increase when using higher capacity Li-Ion cells or using more Li-Ion cells in parallel in a battery pack.

What do parameters like V(Volt) mean for ebikes?2019-07-31T18:54:32+00:00

Power equals Voltage by Current:

  • The higher the voltage, lower current is necessary to get the same amount of power (P=VI). 
  • The voltage should be managed by compromising safety and current rating of component.

This is a parameter which is set based on electrical characteristics of the motor/controller and wiring. 

  • Voltage has no mechanical effect on the ebike performance. 
  • Having a higher motor or battery Voltage does not translate a higher performance or higher range by itself. 
  • Voltage in Li-Ion battery is a matter of number of cells in series.


Battery Voltage will not be constant and varies based on SOC (state of charge) a complete charged battery voltage is about 42V when it is nominally 36V and battery voltage is about 30V when the battery is considered complete depleted.

What do parameters like Power W (Watt) mean for ebikes?2019-07-31T18:51:44+00:00

The amount in Watts shows the power (P) of motor. The power is important for riding faster both on flat or slope. There is a rated power definition for electric motor, which is the nominal power that the motor is designed to work to deliver efficiency and long life. Usually maximum or peak power is higher than the rated power. For example EbikeBC 350W geared hub motor can deliver up to 500W power at standard controller setting.

How costly is the replacement of Li-Ion batteries?2019-07-30T18:50:33+00:00

Here is an estimated cost of brand new battery packs or refurbishing the battery with new LG, SAMSUNG or Panasonic cells and BMS:

Voltage & Capacity cells BMS Estimated Price in C$
48V 17.5Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 30A rated 895.00
48V 13Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 30A rated 695.00
48V 10.4Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 595.00
36V 10.4Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 475.00
36V 8.8Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 365.00
24V 10.4Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 365.00
24V 7.8Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 15A rated 315.00
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How can you repair my existing dead battery ebike?2017-11-28T21:19:47+00:00

We will have various solutions for older ebikes battery replacement; either by installation of cased battery packs or refurbishing the existing battery case. You need to send us the existing battery and charger so that we test and refurbish with a similar or better capacity and performance using 18650 Li-Ion Cells from LG or Panasonic.

All the battery packs are protected by BMS for over current, under voltage, charging over voltage, cells voltage balance to ensure the safety and durability of the battery pack.

How costly is the repair of a broken old electric bike?2019-07-30T18:54:48+00:00

Repairs will be charged on an hourly rate of 75C$. We will let you know the rough estimate in advance. We will also keep open communication throughout the entire process to ensure the services and replacements kept in budget.

I have an ebike with broken motor or controller; can you help me replace one only?2017-11-28T21:18:53+00:00

Basically all generic BLDC motor controllers should match one another; however there is no protocol for wiring and connections. One should figure out the wiring pin by pin if a wiring diagram is not available. There is always a way to put the broken motor or controller back to work; we should work out the lowest cost with better result.

Are the hub motor kits compatible with disc brakes?2019-07-31T17:29:00+00:00

Yes. All hub motor kits have disk brake standard 6 bolt pattern mounting flange.

Is there a scheduled maintenance on hub motors?2017-11-28T21:17:24+00:00

No, Motors are considered maintenance free unless something happens.

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