ENVO SnowKart
ENVO SnowKart
ENVO SnowKart
ENVO SnowKart
ENVO SnowKart
ENVO SnowKart

ENVO SnowKart

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Size Chart

Size Chart

Polar SnowKart

Winter mobility for everyone

Ready for any snowy adventure, the Polar is a workhorse that is ideal for everything from collecting firewood to full backwoods winter exploration. Very capable in all winter terrain including ice, hardpack, slush or powder. Now featuring a welded frame for added strength, torsional stiffness and better cornering performance.

2 KW

Max Power

120 Nm

Max Torque

20 Km/h

Max Speed

180 kg (400 lbs)

Towing Capacity

2 Hour

Range Per Charge

50 KG (110 lbs)

Total Weight


Equipped with 2 electric snow tracks and a ski at the front your SnowKart provides the best stability, performance and a comfortable ride in the snow, giving a joy that has never been experienced before. Safe and easy to ride for everyone including those with disabilities or adaptive requirements. You have it all without an environmental impact nor noise.


Compact design with easy DIY assembly practices for easy transportation or customize the build.

Feature Snowbike and snowkart Bogie


Made from multiple aluminum CNC machined parts, customizable and maintenance-friendly snow track assembly makes it possible to build any electric snow machine to ride or even electric snowplow.

snow tracks for snowbike and snowtrike


The V shape knob rubber track creates great traction with almost any type of snow terrain, proven up to a 20% slope. It has a well-thought geometry, secure in track with minimized resistance and energy loss which can generate up to 100KGF (220lbs) of traction. Made from rubber and Kevlar reinforcement, It is relatively light, safe and easy to handle when it comes to adjustment or replacement.

snowbike and snotrike motor


Powerful Integrated BLDC geared hub motor provides up to 1200W of power and 120Nm of torque in a compact, sealed and maintenance-free construction. The motor acts as e-brake when braking via brake lever cut off switch signal.

ENVO snowbike and snowtrike battery


Lizard style 48V/17.5Ah Li-ion battery pack featured with Panasonic/LG cells with a working temperature range of -20 Celsius, provides up to 2000W of output power and 840Wh of energy with the option to double by using 2 packs is enough for up to 2 hours full throttle continuous ride on pedal assist.

ENVO SnowKart Other Features


Skis and the fully customizable/ adjustable stem assembly attached to the front of the snowkart ensures easy gliding and accurate and sharp turns on snow and ice. It has great floatation on the uneven snow surface. It can be used on snow, as well as off-road on ice.


Guide rollers that are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material, which is strong, light, reliable and maintenance-free with the help of sealed high precision ball bearings.


Easily replaceable UHMWPE sprocket guarantees transfer of over 100KGF of traction to the rubber track with minimal friction and noise.



    750W Rated (1200W Max.) Geared Motor
    1200W using 48V 25A controller, hub motor, small size with simple structure, lightweight and long life, superpower, high efficiency, beautiful, high-speed motor with gear, the drive is very free and fluent, the best choice for Li-ion battery on an e-bike for the rough road, higher weights and higher grade-ability.
    Motor Type: DC Brushless Geared Hub Motor
    Motor Power: 750W /1200W
    Motor Voltage: 48V
    Motor Max Torque: 120Nm @25A
    Motor Efficiency: ≥80%
    Sun-planetary reduction gears with regenerative braking option
    36 Spokes, Flange for disc brake, Waterproof connector
    Axle=135 mm, Diameter=177 mm
    Weight= 4 kg
    The phase angle of 120 degree

    Motor Manufacturer: MXUS Waterproof and protection grade: IP54 Noise level 55 dB CE, EN15194 certifications

    Motor Controller: Brushless Motor Controller

    Display Computer: LCD3 meter provides you with a variety of functions such as vehicle controls and vehicle status digitized displays to meet the trip demands. Trip time display (with displays of a single trip time (TM) and total trip time (TTM)); Trip speed display (with displays of real-time speed (Km/H or MPH) and a single maximum speed (MXS) and a single average speed (AVS)); Trip distance display (with displays of a single trip distance (DST) and total trip distance (ODO)); Display of turned on the handlebar; Display of power-assist startup; 6Km/H power assistant push function; Cruise function (CRUISE); Battery capacity indicator; Real-time battery voltage (VOL) display; Motor power and temperature (MOTOR) display; Brake display; Turn on backlighting and lights; Environment temperature display; Data clearing; Fault code display; User parameter setting 5′ large screen Rubber clamp spacer is provided for 3 handlebars bore sizes: 22.5mm, 25.4mm, 31.5mm Easy key button, easy control, Waterproof housing with good appearance


    The Lizard battery is a battery you can mount on a frame tube using special clamp nuts. The battery can be locked to its support or un-lock and slide out to remove.
    Li-Ion 48V  17.5Ah
    Battery energy: 840Wh
    Battery max power: 1700W
    Standard recharge time 8 hours

    Battery Pack Specification:
    PVC covered 18650Cells and BMS pack
    SANYO GA 3500
    Charging Model CC/CV
    Charge Temperature 0-45 °C
    Discharge Temperature -20-55 °C

    Battery Charger Voltage:
    4.5 kg

    Battery dimensions:
    370 x 110 x 90 mm

    Material:Wheel A356 Aluminum, Magnet 38SH, Wire(winding) QZ-3/155, Iron core DW470, Bearing C&UBlack glove box not included

    Motor Voltage: 48V Min Voltage: 42+-0.5V Max Current: 25+-1A Speed Set: 1-4.2V Angle: 120 Brake Input: Low-Level

    Brake cut-off magnetic switches:Just stick the magnet sensors, no need to disassemble the brake levers. It cuts-off the motor when you brake. Electric regenerative braking

    Thumb Throttle: Haul effect sensor, Analogue linear increasing torque

    Other: Rainproof Controller and tools bag


    Users can customize and build this machine for various sizes or configurations

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This is a DIY product preliminary launch for early adopters. This concept has gone through all major engineering, prototyping, limited production, testing, revisions, and approval to be released for marketing. However, there might be multiple unknown failure scenarios in the actual use of this product as mobility means in various terrains which are assumed the risk by the users. That means the buyer, assembler and users must be mechanically inclined and fully understand the product details and instructions as well as all probable risks of using. Customized DIY assembling of Snow track and its accessories requires creativity and a technical mind. Failure to a proper installation may cause serious damage to the parts and or hazard of severe injuries. The buyer assumes the liability for the safe installation and use of this product by signing the Liability Waiver. Before ordering, if you have any questions or need further details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Reviews

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ENVO SnowKart

Can I give 6 stars? I ordered a SnowKart from ENVO unseen, they shipped it across the country during very difficult meteorological times and transportation challenges, provided top notch customer service. Excellent product, you can't go wrong by choosing an ENVO products.

ENVO SnowKart

Can I give 6 stars? I ordered a SnowKart from ENVO unseen, they shipped it across the country during very difficult meteorological times and transportation challenges, provided top notch customer service. Excellent product, you can't go wrong by choosing an ENVO products.

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