Important Parameters in Kit Configuration

Not always the most expensive, powerful or sophisticated model is the best. We have a wide range of components from different motors and batteries to controlling systems in order to meet all customers’ requirements.
There are 3 major parameters that define the best configuration for your kit:

  • your bike frame, size and parts
  • your living area and road condition
  • your cycling attitude and expectation

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Normal Front Hum Motors Measurements

Normal Rear Hum Motors Measurements

Batteries Dimensions

Display, Keypad, Thumb Throttle, Handlebar Dimensions

How to Select and Order

How to select:

1. Let our experts do this

you will let us know all required information for a good configuration if you answer certain questions in the inquiry form following below


2. Do it yourself

If you have enough technical background to make your selection simply go to products and configure your kit component. It is clear and simple. Read the specification of each selection and you will receive enough information to make your choice.
If you need any assistance selecting the right parts or you need to customize something that you cannot see in options contact us by email, chat, text or phone.

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