ENVO Snow Bike Kit



34KG total weight including battery making it lightweight and portable
Capable of riding on up to 30CM deep powder snow as well as packed and Icy snow.
15% Climb-ability with 100KG of the rider on level 5 of pedal assist 
18km/h maximum speed
Great stability & maneuverability
Up to 2 hours of ride per single charge

Suitable For:

Continue cycling in winter
Snowtime short commutes, light transportation and errands
Winter-Sport and tourism as a rental for winter resorts
DIY snow machine builders


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ENVO Snow Bike Kit

Snowboarding or Skiing is not the only option to enjoy winters anymore. As 80% of Canada is covered in snow for almost six months of the year, there is definitely a need for this versatile vehicle. The Snow-Bike is a Pedal assist battery-operated bicycle with an electric snow track on the rear and a ski substituting front wheel; With a powerful Li-Ion battery, providing up to 2 hours of pleasure aerobic cycling with a single charge.
Snow-Bike-Kit can convert any mountain bike to a snow bike.
Product’s Beta version is offered for pre-ordering to the DIY community.
The kit includes the followings:
  1. Snow track with an integrated hub motor
  2. Controller system and interface
  3. Accessories to attache the snow track to the rear fork
  4. Accessories to attach the snowboard to the front fork


SnowBike Conversion using ENVO Track in action:


SnowBike 1st generation:


SnowBike review:


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