S75 Complete Conversion Kit 750W (Non-Street Legal)

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  • High torque and high speed to pull up hills geared hub wheel motor kit with Li-Ion battery
  • 750W Rated, 1200W Max Power
  • Max Speed 50km/h
  • Max Torque 125Nm

Suitable For:

  • Non-street legal application
  • Off-street ultra high performance and high speed
  • Compact and light weight motor systems for utility tricycles and bikes


Battery Capacity* Required

  • Lizard Battery 48V 17.5Ah
    C$ 895.00 C$ 805.50
  • Bare battery 48V 17.5Ah
    C$ 845.00 C$ 760.50
  • Lizard Battery 48V 13Ah
    C$ 775.00 C$ 697.50
  • Rack Battery 48V 12.8Ah
    C$ 748.00 C$ 673.20
  • Bare battery 48V 13Ah
    C$ 675.00 C$ 607.50
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Controlling System* Required

  • LCD3 48V 25A Controller System
    C$ 454.00 C$ 408.60
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Motor* Required

  • MX01C hub motorMX01C hub motor
    500W/750W Rear Geared Hub Motor
    C$ 522.00C$ 643.50
  • 500W/750W Front Geared Hub Motor
    C$ 423.00C$ 544.50
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Torque Arm* Optional

  • Torque Arm Version 4, Rear, GRIN for Electric Bikes
    C$ 49.00 C$ 44.10

    Out of stock

  • Torque Arm Version 3, Front, GRIN for Electric Bikes
    C$ 40.00 C$ 36.00
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Rack for Battery* Optional

  • Rack for Battery
    C$ 65.00 C$ 58.50
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Battery Clamp Nut* Optional

  • Clamp nut for Battery
    C$ 30.00 C$ 27.00

    Out of stock

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