10 reasons why you might consider buying ENVO products from EbikeBC

1- ENVO is not just another cheap Chinese product;

As a Canadian supplier of electric bicycles, we are receiving tens of offers per day through Asian ebike producers to re-sell their products. Offers as low as $400 for a complete ebike, similar to those you can buy from Walmart or Alibaba. That looks pretty tempting for a business at 200% mark-up for an affordable ebike price around $1200CAD. We know that business would not be sustainable. The trade-offs of such sweet deals are:

1- Most of those products don’t have basic quality standards for our customers such as torque, responsiveness, weight, range, etc. although they all have nice pictures or specs.

2- They won’t last long for poor quality of parts as a matter of cuts in the costs.

3- They might perform fine and intriguing the 1st day, however, won’t keep the same performance after certain months, even if they don’t fail. Some reasons are not obvious and happen as a matter of reduced quality such as battery cell depreciation, impure wire copper or poor MOSFETs, gears or bearing wear or motor magnetic force depreciation, etc.

4- Li-Ion battery hazards, risk of explosion or fire for use of cheap Li-Ion cells or poor battery pack assembling and testing.


2- We Engineer in Canada for North American lifestyle requirements

The bicycle conversion business brought us thousands of deep 1 on 1 contacts with Canadian and American cyclists and electric bike users. We have studies and evaluated thousands of cases and have our proprietary interpretation of North American electric bike requirements; although some of our team including myself are not born here. We know how people want their electric bikes just like Dutch engineers knew how their people would love Dutch-style bicycles when designing.

We engineer within regulation frames. We consider British Columbia’s steep hills, Alberta’s freezing temperatures, the Maritimes’ chilly wind, and Ontario’s long commutes. We know why some baby boomers do not like their bicycles shine to be out of sight of bicycle thieves. We know how bicycle weight matters when needs to be lifted on a bike rack by a senior lady. These examples prove there is no single “Best electric bike”. We need to customize electric bikes. We need to tailor solutions for various peoples’ requirements.

We know it is often cheaper to buy a new product than repairing it, for a higher cost of labour. We know in other than handful of cities people do not have access to sophisticated electric bike repair services like what Bosch, BionX, Shimano, or similar ebike systems require. That’s why we always keep our products simple and modular for DIY service, troubleshooting and part replacement.


3- We make it affordable with high value for money

We do the critical work such as engineering, specs, final assembling, testing and quality control in house and let parts manufacturing be done where they are most cost efficient under supervision. We source battery cells from South Korea, controllers and motors manufactured in China, mechanical parts, frames made in Taiwan or Japan. We select parts and manufacturers one by one and do not order ready products from any overseas supplier for our ENVO brand. We continuously order parts in the scale of hundreds and thousands without paying for manufacturers’ engineering. For that reason, our products sit in the affordable side. They might not look as cheap as some online or chain stores offers, because they are not as low quality and low cost. Backing this pricing with an A++ customer service makes the deal the highest value for money.


4- We offer comprehensive solutions

Whether you need a light and reliable commuter, or you want a power full cargo or off-road e-bike, we have a pathway to your satisfaction through our versatile products or add-on solutions. In many situations we end up change customers’ mind from their initially focused product to the solution that best meets their requirement. Although that authenticity might not look professional for sales experts. We offer the best of sales service without having bios for any product or solution.


5- We are dedicated electric bike business

Our sales literature and sales persons are electric bike experts rather than sales masters. Unlike Walmart, Costco, Canadian-tire, or other department stores who every often offer cheap electric bikes, we do this as a profession. You will never be trapped with a cheap electric bike offer and your ebike ending up listed on craigslist for sale after 2 months, when your purchase is assisted by professionals through purpose engineered products.


6- We have long-term plans to be a big player

You need a reliable business who can be found few years down the road if a service or a part replacement is required. I can name over ten electric bike brands where consumers come to us for parts, service and repair of their electric bikes. Whether ordered online from US or purchased from a shop in Vancouver who does not exist or does not offer service anymore to that brand. The idea of import and sales of electric bikes looks tempting for many, but you cannot survive if you don’t know the product and the new emerging industry. For years we have seen many Kickstarter campaigns who went viral but vanished in 1-2 years. Same for local ebike businesses and even some big names. Our plan is to become dominant; no rush though. We need to grow in many disciplines sustainably and to prevent us from the fate of BionX, we do not plan to be acquired. That all means your hundreds of dollars of investment with us is secure and you can expect our presence and our service for years to come.


7- We are passionate for innovation

Thanks to Li-Ion battery developments in past decade, Electric cars, bikes, scooters, boats and other mobility systems are recent achievements of the industry in commercialization. In our belief, this is just the start and any mechanically moving product or vehicle should use the sustainable and renewable clean electric energy. We as a part of this industry are trying hard to realize other electric product ideas which has not been around; Projects such as electric SnowBike, SnowTrack, electric HPV, high performance small electric boats, etc. You will hear about innovative ENVO products more in future. You are contributing to this future by giving us business. We also welcome your ideas and cooperation in any of the projects.


8- We are open to cooperate with other businesses

Electric bikes and mobility systems would require local sales and support which brings up the importance of bricks and mortar businesses. Products and services we offer, require hard working and high expertise. We are not squeezing ourselves into a competitive market; but supporting other local bike shops with right products, parts and services. We have a very interesting and flexible partnership plan for bike shops. We love to partner with other like-minded businesses who want to contribute to living in a greener world.


9- We create jobs

That’s true we do not have an A2Z Tesla-like production line; however as a fast growing small business we are completing the company’s structure. We are expanding our multidiscipline business in areas such as R&D, Customer’s service and Assembling line. We have plans to start packaging Li-Ion batteries in house in near future besides other assembling lines for our innovative products. That means as we grow, we create more jobs in clean energy for enthusiasts.


10- Last but not least, maintaining 5-star customers reviews after 5 years is not accidental

We have been winners, now your turn to win. EbikeBC has started up as a one-man online business 5 years ago and found path to success through great customer satisfaction and their stories shared. Today about 15 full or part-time person are helping this business to grow. Now we have bigger milestones to hit. We’ve found sustainability through customers’ satisfaction and won’t let you down. We will not simply cut our quality of service just because there are discouraging abusers out there! In our 5th year of operation we have learnt how to patiently ignore 1 abuser in 1000 customers, keep offering A++ customer service to other 999 value customers and maintain 5star customers satisfaction. Take your time and visit our customers testimonials on website, facebook or google. Our deal is not ended by a sale of a product. You will be our ambassadors in our path to grow, that is enough for us to continuously correct our mistakes and guarantee your satisfaction.



Ali Kazemkhani | Envo Drive Systems Inc.

MS Mechanical Engineer | Founder & CEO


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  1. Seann Haver April 24, 2020 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    Do you have a location on Vancouver Island?

    Seann Haver

    • EbikeBC April 24, 2020 at 7:01 pm - Reply

      Due to coronavirus outbreak, the store is temporarily closed but we still ship the Ebike to your door. You can still plan some demoing and delivery service by appointment.

      639 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 1M7

      (778) 533-8003


  2. stephen lebovits April 30, 2020 at 2:45 am - Reply

    hi, any place in vancouver to take a test ride?
    also, compare to voltbike, is envo much better. i was looking at the voltbike bravo v the envo d35.


    • EbikeBC May 6, 2020 at 12:41 am - Reply

      1685 Ingleton Ave, Burnaby BC. You need to guarantee your demoing spot by appointment. https://ebikebc.com/appointment/

    • EbikeBC May 6, 2020 at 2:10 am - Reply

      About comparing ENVO D35 with Volt Bravo, We do not have detailed specs and have not tried that ebike model. The only thing that comes to sight is 5KG weight difference. Volt has a bigger battery but we don’t know enough to compare, efficiency, PAS responsiveness, noise or performance; areas where ENVO is on top.

  3. Thom Duck August 18, 2020 at 12:34 am - Reply

    hello Ali i have read your write up why buy from us I am looking to purchace an electric recumbent trike with this covid thing going on would you please tell me how to go about viewing and testing your electric recumbents

    • EbikeBC August 19, 2020 at 10:27 pm - Reply

      We offer electric Recumbent trikes for sales and demoing only at 1685 Ingleton Ave Burnaby Showroom. Please contact us for appointment and availability in advance.

  4. Henry Pazder August 18, 2020 at 2:41 am - Reply

    Compare your step thru with Surface Rook.
    I like your lighter weight.

    • EbikeBC August 19, 2020 at 10:23 pm - Reply

      We need to learn more and collect some data. Have not tested any Rook yet.

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