What are the best Canadian electric bikes?

With all the electric bikes coming into the market it can be hard to choose the best electric bike in Canada for you. There is no “one size fits all” bike because there are so many different kinds! We decided to create a list of the best electric bikes for commuters of all types and budgets.

Electric bikes have exploded in popularity in the last few years and are expected to continue trending. It wasn’t too long ago when there were only a small handful of styles to choose from – but in just under a year, ebike designs have drastically changed, giving us fun in variety.

You can find electric bikes in the form of mountain bikes, fat tires, foldable, and road bikes. For urbanites, there’s everything from electric commuter bikes to assisted cargo bikes. In addition to making ebikes more user-friendly, the cost of owning one of these handy vehicles has become increasingly affordable for the casual rider. More significantly, customizable apps, something that used to be reserved for only the most expensive and exclusive brands, have become more readily available.

Best Overall Electric Bike

Price: $2,679

The ENVO D35 is the lightest and most sustainable electric bike in its category available today. The motor is extremely reliable, combining a max torque of 60Nm with 500 watts of power, you can ride up to 32km/h which is the fastest street-legal speed limit in Canada. Despite the powerful motor, this ebike still manages to be reasonably lightweight at 22 kilograms. In addition, the D35 has an adjustable stem to fine-tune your ergonomic position and comes in multiple sizes and colours to further customize your ebike.

It is priced very competitively at $2,479 and is one of the most economical ebikes on the list without sacrificing comfort or performance. When you look at the best value for your money, there is no doubt that the best electrical bike you can get is the ENVO D35. It stands out in every category, which is why we believe the D35 to be the best all-around ebike available on the market today.

Best Small Electric Bike

Price: $ 1,399

Folding bikes are perfect for anywhere space is at a premium. Ideal for small apartments, a folding bike can be stored in small spaces when not in use. They can also be tucked into a luggage rack on trains where full-size bikes are banned. This foldable ebike from EbikeBC seamlessly integrates your ride-to-work with buses and trains to allow for the quickest, most efficient route to your final destination.

Featuring a gear hub motor, it has a range of 30km with a maximum speed of 25km/h and a 36 V battery with mechanical disk brakes. Weighing only 14.5kg, the frame is made of aluminum with an adjustable seat. It comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty with an optional second year for $99.

Lynx 16 black
Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert

Best Road Electric Bike

Price: $9,999

When it comes to great e-bike brands, Specialized is at the top of its class. Specialized has consistently produced great models since 1974 so it’s no surprise that this electric bike makes the list.

With a carbon frame and lightweight motor, the Turbo Creo SL is one of the most manoeuvrable and responsive bikes in its tier. With such a small battery, you would expect a compromise in range and power. However, this e-bike can go up to 80 miles with as much as 240 watts of assist to amplify your ride. With the Future Shock 2.0 suspension and a geometric saddle, you’ll also find this ride extremely comfortable.

Best Budget Option Ebike

Price: $1,299

The quality of an ebike becomes questionable when the price is marked below $1300. More often than not, this is a sign that manufacturers have cut corners on parts that make ebikes so great. For example, lithium-ion batteries, the item that determines an ebike’s lifespan, are still the most expensive part of the bike. Unfortunately, if costs were to be cut, this is where your product will suffer.

As with all things, you get what you pay for. However, at $1,299, the Aventon Pace 350 is an exception. The Pace 350 e-bike comes with a powerful 36V lithium-ion battery, topping out at 20 mph. The bike has a 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain and five levels of e-assist, giving you various pedalling options. You don’t get any extras but for someone who is price-conscious or just want something to get around in, the Pace 350 is a great option.

Surface 604 BOAR Hunter

Best FAT Electric Bike

Price: $3,699

This year we chose the Boar Hunter, what we call the SUV of electric bikes. It hauls, has cargo capacity and will provide you with the biggest of smiles. The best option for an avid hunter, fisherman or tough outdoorsman. Equipped with a 500W hub motor that is extremely powerful (peaks at 750W) along with a torque sensor and throttle on demand you’ll have no trouble tackling those steep hills. Fully decked out with front and back racks, the Boar is well suited to carry heavy loads and is often referred to as the pickup truck of bikes.

Geared for performance – we paired all that power with an industry-leading 12mosfet 25A controller. Offering two high-capacity battery options you can adventure further and longer. A 48V14ah battery allows you to travel up to 45 Miles (72 Kms), or choose a 48V20ah battery to travel up to 65 Miles (105 Kms). Now with an extra-large colour LCD display to show all vital information and provide added security, set a passcode and the bike won’t start without it, just like your phone. Priced at $3,699 you get a ton of features for a mid-range price.

Best Cargo Electric Bike

Price: $8,799

This ebike has been described as the minivan of electric vehicles for obvious reasons. The Riese & Muller Load is a joy to ride. With perfect handling in every situation – on the tarmac, forest trails, or gravel roads: the Riese & Muller Load 60 is so maneuverable and agile that you never feel like you’re on an E-Cargo bike. Its low center of gravity, the latest generation of powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, and Riese & Müller Control Technology ensure a dynamic and outstanding riding experience.

It has a full suspension, letting it glide smoothly on the roughest roads, perfect for smaller passengers. This ebike is slightly more compact than other electric cargo bikes on the market. Bosch double-battery system is extremely powerful, giving riders an amazing range- perfect for the extra payload that you’ll be carrying around. Riese & Muller have a history of innovation so it’s no surprise that this bike has many small, thoughtful details; a quick-adjust saddle and an integrated wheel make it so much easier and more convenient to park. However, all these convenient details come at a price – the R&M Load starts at $8,799

raleigh centros

Best Electric Bike for Long Distance

Price: $3,936

This ebike can travel an astounding 128 miles without a recharge. Centros is stylish and comfortable, so those 128 miles will go by in a breeze. Powered by a Bosch motor, the Centros Tour provides a power output of up to 270% of your pedal power, making effortless work of long rides. If you prefer to work up a sweat, you can tone down the pedal assistance and turn your ride into a workout, ready to power back up when your legs turn to jelly. With a large screen to change power levels and monitor your performance, you’re in complete control of your wheels. All this tech is powered by a mega 500WH battery fully integrated into the frame, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on style.

Equipped with front suspension and the most comfortable saddle in the world, the Centros Tour gives you an unbelievably smooth ride. Along with its impressive tech, this electric hybrid bike comes equipped with integrated front and rear lights, a secure rear-wheel lock, disc brakes, mudguards, a kickstand and a pannier rack – everything you need to bike to new heights. Whether you’re cycling across the country or slashing your commute time, the Centros Tour lets you go further and faster than you ever thought possible. Grab your helmet, grab a map, and grab life by the bars. You might think a bike like this is out of your price range but the bike is fairly priced at $3,936.