EbikeBC can repair or refurbish BionX batteries as well as all other electric bicycle batteries.

We will have various solutions for older ebikes battery replacement including BionX battery; either by installation of cased battery packs or refurbishing the existing battery case. You need to send us the existing battery and charger so that we test and refurbish with a similar or better capacity and performance using 18650 Li-Ion Cells from Samsung, LG or Panasonic.

BionX battery management system is integrated with the ebike control system. In order to guarantee the result We need to have the complete battery, controller, motor system to test before and after battery cells replacement.

All the battery packs are protected by BMS for over current, under voltage, charging over voltage, cells voltage balance to ensure the safety and durability of the battery pack.

In order to check out feasibility or getting a cost estimate you need to send the following details:

1- Brand (e.g. BionX)

2- Voltage and Capacity (e.g. 48V 8.8Ah)

3- Problem description

4- Picture of the battery

5- Picture of the charger specification label


Send to info@ebikebc.com

or call 604-423-33-81