2023's Best Urban Electric Bikes: Top Options for Every Budget and Riding Style

By Amirhosein Bagheripour

Feb 12, 2021

Best Urban Electric Bikes for Every Budget and Riding Styles | EBIKEBC
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The urban electric bike market has rapidly grown in recent years, offering a wide range of options for eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation. Whether you're looking for a leisurely hobby or a new mode of commuting, urban e-bikes are a great choice. With the increase in competition, the urban e-bike market is now filled with a variety of styles, models, and price points, making it challenging for consumers to find the best urban e-bike for their needs. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the market and find the best urban electric bike that fits your budget and riding style in 2023.

Therefore, to help our readers become more informed when it comes to purchasing their first urban ebike, we have put together a list of the 10 best urban electric bike options that are currently available on the market; and put them through our evaluation metrics that you will most likely remember from last post. If you are looking on the market for a street legal electric bike for commutes, errands or leisure, stick around because we will compare 10 selected urban ebikes apple to apple through our scoring system. If your choice is not found in the list, you will have enough knowledge to perform your version of scoring and evaluation.

Aventon PACE 350.2 | EBIKEBC

#10 - Aventon PACE 350.2

Aventon Pace has a simple design, strictly for the ones who are new to the literature and don't know if they need an electric bike. For customers looking for a low cost urban electric bike to get them from point A to point B, this should be one of the bikes that makes it to your lists. This bike comes equipped with a rear hub motor that provides 350W of power and features mechanical disc brakes. The bike also supports front and rear fenders if the customer would like it. Additionally, the bike also comes with a fully integrated rear and headlights. It is an excellent option for someone who is looking for a bike that is simple, affordable, and built well.

Price: $1,399 CAD

Weight 49Lb/22kg
Motor 350W Hub Motor
System Aventon 

36V 11.6Ah


Quality Score from 100

RadMission Urban Electric Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 56/100

As you can probably guess, this urban e-bike scored perfectly for the price, transmission reliability, and serviceability. While you can buy accessories for this bike from the manufacturer that adds to the cost. That being said, customers will have access to any local services out of the headquarter territory. Aventon Pace is not as heavy as other ebikes, however this is a compromise of suspension fork and many other features. The ebike has no suspension; features that newbies will regret the second week of using the ebike. Another downside to this bike is that it is not very comfortable or ergonomically built; therefore, riders are unable to truly adjust the bike to meet their comfort requirements, which can be a deal-breaker for some people. That being said, as this bike is one of the cheapest on this list, you will be getting what you pay for with this electric bike.

Biktrix Swift Lite Step Over eBike Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#9 - Biktrix Swift Lite Step Over eBike Urban Electric Bike

While one of the most straightforward ebikes on our list, the Swift Lite Step Over ebike is perfect for customers looking for a leisurely urban ebike. The ebike itself comes in a vibrant red racer red and is made out of light but sturdy aluminum to provide the rider with a stable ride. The bike also features a 350W rear hub motor that compliments Shimano tourney shifting with a 6-speed as an entry level transmission. Additionally, this electric bike also features a rear rack, fully integrated rear and headlights, and fenders on both tires.

Price: $1,399 USD/ $1,599 CAD

Weight 47.5Lb/25kg
Motor 350W Rear Hub
System Chinese
Battery 36V 10.4Ah


Quality Score from 100

Biktrix Swift Lite Step Over eBike Urban Electric Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 58/100

At only $1399, the swift electric bike is most notable for its affordable price tag, which is why we scored this bike a perfect 100 for this parameter. That being said, it is an entry level ebike with low level components grade. We also feel this bike lacks a stylish design, unlike other electric bikes on this list. However, this bike is an excellent option for people who want to purchase an urban ebike for leisure rather than for commuting every day, and you will get what you pay for with this bike. However, E-bikes at this level of affordability with a similar price range of Rad Mission or the Biktrix Swift Lite, are originally designed for newbies who do not have the experience to know what to expect. In most cases, you are not a newbie anymore after couple of weeks of using the ebike and the entry level ebike ends up being gifted to a friend or listed on craigslist.

Giant Roam E+ GTS Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#8 - Giant Roam E+ GTS Urban Electric Bike

The Giant Roam E+ GTS urban electric bike is sleek and modern. With a light-weight aluminum design and a new SyncDrive core motor, this bike is built to offer a smooth natural ride for all users. The bike is built with a 63mm suspension fork to absorb shock and is great for both pavement and other terrains. The Giant Roam is powered by a 400 battery energy peak making it ideal for everyday commuters and adventure enthusiasts. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a Tektro hydraulic braking system and pedal assist as well. However, the bike lacks a rear cage, fenders, rear, and front LED lights making this bike more suitable for people who are looking for off-road use.

Price: $2,750 USD / $2,999 CAD

Weight 22.5KG (50lbs)
Motor Giant SyncDrive Core
System Giant RideControl Plus ANT+
Battery Giant EnergyPak 400, 36V Lithium-Ion


Quality Score from 100

Giant Roam E+ GTS Urban Electric Bike quality Chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 62/100

Overall, this urban electric bike is most notable for its braking performance and efficiency range with its high-powered battery system making this bike very reliable and efficient. Many options need to be paid for separately. You will not have a power on demand throttle. Giant ebikes are sold through authorized dealers, so if you get one, you should have access to local service as well. Historically proven, older Giant ebikes' spare parts will not be available for long when a new version arrives in the market. The overall bike comes with great components yet with reasonable price, so this choice to purchase will be up to what the customer is looking for at the end of the day.

RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike | EBIKEBC

#7 - RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike

If you are looking for a solid, urban electric bike, take a look at the RadCity 5. This well made urban electric bike is perfect for anyone who is looking for both leisurely rides and daily commutes. This e-bike is powered by a 500W hub motor for smooth acceleration and a 48V Samsung battery that travels 45 - 80 km per charge on a single charge. The bike is also equipped with a half twist throttle and a 5-level pedal assist to help you make it over those steep hills, however the bike weight is quite heavy. In terms of features, the bike has integrative lights, a rear rack, and a large LCD screen, and a USB charger (sold separately) so you can charge your electronics on the go.

Price: $2,299 CAD/ $1,999 USD

Weight 29.4 kg/65 lb
Motor 500W Hub Motor
System Rad Power Bikes LCD
Battery 589-672 Wh


Quality Score from 100

RadCity 4 Electric Commuter Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 64/100

Overall, this bike is quite equipped to make customers happy. For only $2,299 customers are getting a great deal for all the features it has. Although the design is nice, it’s pretty basic in comparison to other bikes we have on the list. This ebike has been sold for long with similar features through direct to consumer business model. You get spare parts and literature you need online, but no local service if not located in their headquarter territory. That being said, if people are looking for a well made, less-expensive ebike with almost complete features, this is a good choice.

Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ Specialized Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#6 -Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ Specialized Urban Electric Bike

The Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ Specialized urban electric bike is a flawless example of a high-end, high-performance electric bike. This bike features a sleek, lightweight aluminum frame and a fully integrated battery that seamlessly blends into the bike's frame. This bike also comes equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes with 160m rotors for a highly efficient and powerful braking system. With this bike, you will find front and rear LED lights making this bike suitable for riding during the nighttime and has 2 bottle cages, which is a nice bonus! Additionally, the bike is also equipped with 10-speed Shimano shifting making the bike very reliable and great for long-distance rides or leisurely purposes.

Price: $4,000 USD/ $5,999 CAD

Weight 17KG (37lbs)
Motor 240W / 35Nm
System Specialized
Battery Specialized 320Wh downtube battery


Quality Score from 100

Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ Specialized Urban Electric Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 65/100

Overall, this bike's true value is in its super light weight and high-performance braking system, which is why we scored it a perfect 100 on our parameters list. The bike is also notable at scoring a 95 on its component grade by offering industry-leading parts that add to this electric bike's overall performance. On the other hand, while this bike is very elite in terms of features and functioning, consumers are going to need to pay a hefty price tag to reap all of the benefits of this bike. Additionally, the bike battery is also complicated to remove as it is fully integrated into the frame design. Sleek and modern design, not so powerful and high range, suspension and adjustability is sacrificed for weight, this ebike is not offering DIY service-ability. That being said, that decision is entirely up to the buyer themselves to choose what to get when they paid for.

Trek Verve 3 Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#5 -Trek Verve+ 3 Urban Electric Bike

The Trek Verve 3 urban electric bike is made from a light-weight aluminum frame and a Bosch mid motor with Shimano 9-speed shifting power that can go a max speed of 20 miles per hour and is powered by a 500Wh battery. This urban electric bike comes equipped with a high-quality Shimano drivetrain hydraulic braking system that is great for all weather conditions. The post of the e-bike has a built-in suspension that is going to help absorb any bumps or cracks in the road and provide the user with a smooth ride. Additionally, the bike is also equipped with ergonomic grips, front and rear lights, a built-in rear rack for storing your items, and fenders on both wheels.

Price: $3,299.99 USD/ $4,349.99 CAD

Weight 24.69kg/54.43lbs
Motor Bosch 250W 50Nm toque mid-drive motor
System Bosch
Battery Bosch 500Wh


Quality Score from 100

Trek Verve 3 Urban Electric Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 65/100

Overall, this bike has a fantastic combination of components that make for a powerful, stable, and reliable ride for users. Customers who purchase this ebike will have no trouble servicing the urban electric bike and many places carry spare parts so you will be able to avoid shipping your bike in for repairs. That being said for $4000 the bike lacks a powerful torque system so hills are going to be harder for you and the overall features are average to any other ebike that is in our best urban electric bikes list today. Suspension seat post with adjustable handlebar, but no suspension fork and no throttle. Additionally, while spare parts are available for users, they are quite expensive so this bike will cost more for you, in the long run, should anything go.

Opus WKND LRT Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#4 - Opus WKND LRT Urban Electric Bike

This lightweight WKND LRT electric bike is made out of an aluminum frame in a sleek matte black and grey design. The bike itself features a Suntour Nex E-25 suspension fork at the front of the bike that allows the bike to absorb bumps and uneven payment to provide the rider with a smooth and balanced experience. The WKND LRT bike also most notably features Shimano's new steps system crack motor in addition to the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes to provide an efficient and robust system. In terms of other features, the bike has a rear rack to hold your items and integrated headlights placed at the front of the bike for increased protection and visibility during the night. Additionally, the bike also features a sleek integrated battery design that is easy to remove, with all of the wiring and hardware conveniently located within the frame of the bike to maintain the aesthetic of the bike.

Price: $4,449.99 CAD

Weight 20.5KG/45Lb
Motor Shimano STEPS E-6100 motor
System Shimano
Battery 418Wh


Quality Score from 100

Opus WKND LRT Urban Electric Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 67/100

Overall, the WKN LTR scores a perfect 100/100 for its lightweight aluminum frame. The 418 wH battery provides four hours of use on a single charge, which is average for range and can hit top speeds of 32 kilometers per hour. However, on the other hand, the bike itself only received a 20/100 for its serviceability and spare parts as the bike itself is constructed of Shimano motor and hydraulic brakes system. Although this hardware is highly efficient and durable, this indicates that spare parts are going to be very expensive. Additionally, for $3999, and as one of the most-expensive bikes on this list, you would expect there to get premium features which appears this ebike would not disappoint you. Nonetheless, the WKND LRT received a total score of 940 and is a well-equipped bike overall.

Surface 604 Colt 2021 Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#3 - Surface 604 Colt 2022 Urban Electric Bike

The Surface 604 Colt 2021 comes equipped with a 500Whub motor with a built-in torque sensor and throttle, which is beneficial for going up steep hills with ease. The e-bike itself is powered by a 48V14Ah Samsung battery that provides users with a 45-mile range with one single change. The batter also comes with a USB charging port that users can charge the devices on while they ride, which we haven't seen yet on any other bikes thus far. The bike is technically equipped with tekro hydraulic brakes and a chain guard that is an excellent addition. The Surface 604 is also equipped with a rear rack, front, and rear fenders, and lights. However, it does not have a bottle cage.

Price: $2,499 USD/ $3,199 CAD


Weight 26KG/57Lb
Motor 750W bafang geared hub motor
System Bafang torque sensing PAS
Battery 48V 14Ah Samsung

Quality Score from 100

Surface 604 Colt 2021 Urban Electric Bike quality chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 74/100

Overall, the Surface 604 scores perfect for its braking performance. e-assist performance and great monitoring and control features for torque sensor and multifunctional LCD display as well as its transmission reliability. The high capacity Samsung battery offers a great range. The torque sensor is an excellent feature for users when going up steep hills and hitting a maximum speed on flat pavement. Additionally, the USB port is a notable feature that you do not often find with an urban electric bike which is an asset. On the other hand, customers will not have much chance to get services in local bike shops. Price is a bit high for a bafang powered ebike, however this bike is complete with many features that leaves not much of regret after owning.

VoltBike Bravo Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#2 - VoltBike Bravo Urban Electric Bike

The VOLTBIKE Bravo is the perfect blend of sport and casual; however, it's not among the sleekest e-bikes we've seen on the market to date. This electric bike features tekro hydraulic brakes with 180 mm rotors. It can hit a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour and 70 to 80 km in the distance on a single charge. The bike is powered by a Samsung battery and features a twist-grip throttle that makes it easier to use. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with a rear rack, fenders, and bottle cage, with front and rear integrated LED lights for safety and visibility reasons. It also has an adjustable stem, so you can adjust the bike design to your preference and comfort. The VOLTBIKE Bravo also has a fantastic front suspension that is great from riding all year round.

Price: $2,799 CAD

Weight 26.5KG/58Lb
Motor 500W 80Nm torque Bafang geared hub motor
System Bafang
Battery 48V 16Ah Samsung


Quality Score from 100

VoltBike Bravo Urban Electric Bike Quality Chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 74/100

Overall, this urban electric bike's notable features lie in its high performance e-assist system, affordable price, transmission reliability and braking performance, which is why they both got a score of 100. The Tekro hydraulic breaks, according to the Shimano transmission, make for a reliable and efficient ride for the user. The bike also comes with fantastic accessories that make this bike valuable. On the other hand, customers will not get support from local bike shops as Voltbike is a only sell direct to consumers, scoring a 20 out of a possible 100.

ENVO D35 Urban Electric Bike | EBIKEBC

#1 - ENVO D35 Urban Electric Bike

The ENVO D35 electric bike is a stylish and sleek without comprising the design's overall simplicity, bicycle characteristics, and component modularity. With an adjustable stem, suspension seating post and front fork suspension, the design of the bike allows the user to ride upright or in a downhill seating posture and has a comfortable seat for longer usage. The ENVO D35 is powered by a light 460Wh Panasonic battery engineered for -20C to +60C operation range. What is most noticeable about this bike is that its TFT  display/computer comes with tons of monitoring and diagnostics features for settings and troubleshooting combined with PAS and power on demand throttle. The pedal assist technology is smooth and set-able relevant to the degree of the road slope. The bike has a hydraulic disc braking system with 180mm rotor making it very reliable and safe. the ENVO D35 urban electric bike utilizes a well-engineered super light and efficient gear hub motor that is powerful and built to last. Additionally, It also features a rear rack, front and back fenders, USB outlet and lights at the front and rear of the bike for safety at night.

Price: $2,099 USD/ $2,679 CAD

Weight 22.5kg/48.5lbs
Motor 500W 60Nm geared hub motor
System ENVO E-Assist System
Battery 460Wh  Panasonic Lithium Ion


Quality Score from 100

ENVO D35 Urban Electric Bike Quality Chart | EBIKEBC

Total Score: 85/100

Overall, the ENVO D35 bike scored well above average in every parameter on our list. Not utilizing the largest capacity battery or most powerful motor, his ebike has been well engineered and sized for component to satisfy all needs in a well optimized weight. Most notably, the braking performance and DIY serviceability options for this bike are fantastic. You can also get it serviced at many local dealers. While this bike is highly equipped with fantastic features and overall great components you are still going to have to pay USD$2099/ C$2679 for this bike. However, if you are looking for a bike that is going to last you a long time, while still being affordable this is a good option. It is pretty much rideable like a regular bike when putting on assist level 0. The adjustability throughout the bike will give users the option of customizing their riding preferences. With all above strength points together with a 5 star customer service rating of the company we confidently put ENVO D35 on top of the list of the best electric bikes for 2021. Read an in depth review about this ebike.

You can also read about the comparison between Step Through eBikes and Foldable eBikes as part of our blog series.


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