Mercedes EBike vs ENVO Stax: Full Review
In this article, we will compare two popular electric bikes available in the market: the ENVO Stax and the Mercedes Formula E Team. Although these two bikes may seem similar at first glance, we will delve into their specifics, allowing you to decide based on the key features.

Mercedes EBike vs ENVO Stax: Full Review

Whether you are a novice in the e-bike world or a seasoned rider looking to upgrade your current electric bicycle, you will likely have many questions and considerations. Ensuring the bike you choose has all the required features and guarantees a pleasurable riding experience is crucial.

In this article, we will compare two popular electric bikes available in the market: the ENVO Stax and the Mercedes Formula E Team. Although these two bikes may seem similar at first glance, we will delve into their specifics, allowing you to decide based on the key features. 

Which electric bicycle is better - ENVO Stax VS Mercedes Formula E Team

We have created a scoring system below to facilitate your selection process, comparing the e-bikes' designs, ranges, efficiencies, components, weights, and other factors that may impact your final choice.

Envo Stax electric bicycle for sale - comparison Blog


PRICE: CAD 2,479 - USD 1,879


42lb / 19kg


500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


UL Certified 460Wh Battery



TOTAL SCORE - 83.5/100



 Mercedes Formula E Team electric bicycle for sale - comparison blog

Mercedes Formula E Team eBike

PRICE: CAD 4,619 - USD 3,450


45lb / 20.5kg


80 Nm / 250 W mid-drive motor


Carbon Belt Drive


Single 36v/7ah 



Norco Scene VLT

TOTAL SCORE - 70/100


Electric bicycles, design and style, can be just as important as performance and functionality. Luckily, the Stax from ENVO and the Formula E Team by Mercedes excel in this. Both e-bikes look sharp and stylish, featuring a sleek and minimalist design that will turn heads. One standout feature of both bikes is their integrated battery in the seat post, giving bikes a streamlined and discreet appearance. Whether you're looking to zip through the city or hit the open road, these cycles will perform and look great.


The Stax from ENVO and the Formula E Team from Mercedes are good choices for those who prioritize a sporty riding position. The Stax, in particular, is marketed as providing a ride and feel similar to a traditional bike, allowing riders to experience the same sensation they would get on their road bike. Meanwhile, the Mercedes e-bike also offers a similar feel, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more athletic riding position. Whether you want to take on steep hills or enjoy a brisk ride, both bikes provide a sporty and responsive riding experience.


Performance and torque are essential factors when selecting an electric bicycle. Performance is one of the categories where you see a considerable difference between Stax from ENVO and the Formula E Team by Mercedes, the former edges out the latter in terms of motor size. The Stax boasts a 500W motor, while the Mercedes e-bike utilizes a smaller 250W mid-drive engine. However, despite the difference in motor size, both bikes provide similar torque, meaning that riders can expect a comparable boost in speed and power. Nevertheless, if you prioritize raw power, the Stax from ENVO's larger motor size makes it the more formidable option.


One of the most significant drawbacks of the Formula E Team by Mercedes is its smaller battery size. The e-bike has a 36V 7Ah battery, which pales compared to the ENVO Stax's 36V 12.8Ah battery. This difference in battery capacity means that the Mercedes e-bike may not be as practical as the Stax in real-life situations if you are counting on electronics a lot. With a smaller battery, riders may be unable to travel as far. Ultimately, while the Formula E Team has many appealing features, its smaller battery size may be a deal breaker for those seeking more excellent range and practicality. 


The display of an e-bike is essential, providing riders with information such as battery life, speed, and distance travelled. Both the Stax from ENVO and the Formula E Team by Mercedes offer sleek and visually appealing displays that are easy to read. However, the ENVO Stax stands out in this category by providing a Bluetooth-enabled Display that can connect to a smartphone app. This feature allows riders to access additional information, such as GPS location, making tracking performance and setting goals easier. While the Formula E Team's display is still impressive, the added functionality of ENVO's Bluetooth and app integration gives it an edge over its competitor.


The components of an e-bike can significantly impact its overall performance and reliability, so it's essential to consider its quality when selecting a model. Regarding the Formula E Team by Mercedes, the brand doesn't disclose information on the hydraulic brake used on the bike. The ENVO Stax uses Tektro MT 200 hydraulic brakes, which are well-regarded for their stopping power and reliability. Additionally, while the Mercedes e-bike features a CVT transmission, a non-chain drive considered industry-leading, the ENVO Stax uses a more standard Shimano, highly reliable transmission. 


Hydraulic brakes are considered one of the safest options for e-bikes, providing robust and reliable stopping power. The ENVO Stax and the Formula E Team by Mercedes use hydraulic brakes, a positive feature for both bikes. With hydraulic brakes, riders can feel confident they can stop quickly and effectively, even in emergencies. A reliable and responsive braking system makes an essential safety feature for any e-bike, particularly those used in crowded urban areas or hilly terrain.


The ENVO Stax weighs 42 pounds, while the Mercedes e-bike is slightly heavier - 45 pounds. Even though the ENVO Stax has a larger battery, it is still the lighter option. The lighter weight can result from various factors, such as the design of the frame or the components used in the bike. The fact that the ENVO Stax is lighter can be a significant advantage for riders, particularly when maneuvering the bike in tight spaces or carrying it up stairs or onto public transportation.


When considering the serviceability and availability of spare parts, it's important to note that the Formula E Team by Mercedes uses a mid-drive motor, which can have some drawbacks. For example, these motors can be prone to breakdowns and may not have readily available parts. Additionally, using the Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) hub on the Mercedes e-bike can make it difficult and expensive to service or replace if needed. On the other hand, the ENVO Stax uses reliable and commonly used parts tha can easily get fixed or replaced at any bike shop. The universality of the components makes the ENVO Stax a more practical option for riders who value the ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts.


When comparing the availability of service centers, it's worth noting that the Formula E Team by Mercedes doesn't have any dedicated service centers for their e-bikes. If you have an issue with your Mercedes bike, you may need to rely on a local bike shop or repair center that is more familiar with the specific components of the Mercedes e-bike. In contrast, ENVO has a network of authorized dealers across North America, providing riders easy access to reliable service and support for their e-bike. 


Regarding accessories, both the ENVO Stax and the Mercedes EBike have a minimalist look with no extra accessories included with the purchase. However, ENVO offers a range of accessories compatible with their e-bikes, allowing riders to customize their bike to fit their specific needs. You can get fenders, a rear rack pannier bag, and a kickstand for the ENVO Stax to make it more practical for everyday use. The Mercedes e-bike doesn't come with any specific accessories. Still, you can get fenders during checkout or look for third-party accessory providers to find compatible options to add functionality to your bike.


Regarding transportation and storage, the ENVO Stax and Formula E Team Mercedes electric bikes are in the same weight category and have similar geometry. Both bikes you can easily transport and store in compact spaces due to their lightweight and sleek design. They can be carried on a car rack or stored in a small apartment or garage. In terms of ease of transportation, both bikes offer convenience and versatility, making them ideal for urban commuting and recreational use.


When it comes to transmission reliability, both bikes have their pros and cons. Mercedes EBike uses a carbon belt and Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) hub, innovative technologies that offer a smooth ride. Mercedes electric bicycle uses a mid-drive motor, which can have disadvantages, such as being prone to breaking down and having unreadily available parts. On the other hand, ENVO Stax uses a standard Shimano transmission, a reliable and well-established technology widely used in the bike industry and a geared hub motor. 


If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable electric bike, there may be better options than the Mercedes e-bike. Its high price tag makes it one of the most expensive e-bikes. The ENVO Stax is a much more affordable option, offering similar or better features at a much lower price point.


In conclusion, the ENVO Stax and Mercedes eBike offer unique features and benefits. While the Mercedes electric cycle has a sleek and minimalist design, and a smaller battery, the ENVO Stax has a more powerful motor, a larger battery, and more standard components. Additionally, the ENVO Stax has the advantage of more reliable transmission and a more extensive network of service centers. Choosing the two bikes will ultimately depend on personal preferences, intended use, and budget. Overall, the ENVO Stax is a better value for the money, offering more features and better performance at a more affordable price.

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