The 10 Best Family and Electric Cargo Bike in Canada & US

By Amirhosein Bagheripour

Jul 08, 2022

list of The Best Family And Cargo Ebikes

With summer in full swing and gas skyrocketing, you might want to ditch your gas-guzzling car for an eco-friendly alternative. A cargo electric bike is an excellent option for a fun summer activity while including the entire family and running unavoidable errands. Cargo electric bikes make it easier to leave the car at home; lucky for you, EbikeBC is a participating retailer in the SCRAP-IT Program. If you buy a brand new ebike from us, you can apply for a $750 rebate! If that’s not enough, think of all the traffic you get to breeze by during peak rush hour! Whether picking up groceries or the kids, never worry about sitting in traffic again.

When choosing an Electric Cargo Bike, it's important to consider a few key factors. A sleek design is essential for a bike that will be used in urban environments, and an eco-friendly option is always a plus. Reliability and quality construction are also important for a bike that will be used for heavy-duty tasks, and an innovative design with advanced technology can make the riding experience even more enjoyable.

Depending on your requirements and uses, there are many types of cargo ebikes. It can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for you with so many models in the market. There won’t be a one-size-fits-all electric bike. We will discuss some of the industry’s top 10 family and cargo bikes.


In no particular order...

ENVO Flex Urban cargo ebike

ENVO Flex Urban
Price: $2,799 CAD

The ENVO Flex is a high-performance all-rounder cargo ebike. Engineered in Canada, the Envo Flex Urban is stylish, light and compact. Ride comfortably and dynamically with 20″ urban fat tires providing a cushiony ride. These fat tires provide the best grip on wet cement, paved asphalt, dirt or gravel trails. The frame is a foldable aluminum unisex and unisize step-thru frame, which is interchangeable with other ENVO Flex models. Easily convert the Flex Urban into the Flex Trike with modular design components. The frame supports riders from 4’11 to 6’5 and up to 400lbs. You have the option to include a dual battery for an increased range of up to 200km.

Quality Score from 100

Total Score: 81/100

Rad Power RadWagon 4
Price: $2,399 CAD

The RadWagon 4 is one of their most popular electric bikes from this US-based company. This flagship product was designed to haul people and goods without using a car. You can customize it for your preferred function with multiple accessory additions, from families and commuters to delivery drivers. Accommodating up to 350lbs and accommodating riders from 5″ 1 to 6″ 4, you can carry weekly groceries and the little ones. The 22″ x 3″ tires are ideal for paved rides, off-road and inclement weather. The midstep aluminum frame has a lower centre of gravity with a 23.6″ stand-over height. You can ride up to 72km/charge, which is plenty for days worth of errands.

Quality Score from 100

Total Score: 72/100

Riese Muller Multicharger
Price: $9,587 CAD

One of the priciest ebikes on the list is this Riese Muller Multicharger. It boasts for everyday adventure uses, from the lake to the mountains you can bring everyone and everything with you on the Multicharger. This electric bike can carry up to 143lbs with ease, so you’ll have no problem getting extra equipment for your adventures. You can even bring one to two little ones along with you. With unlimited accessories, you can make this ebike your own.With the 750Wh dual battery option, the long-range capability is extended to 220km, offering all-out travel time.

Total Score: 69/100



Veloe Multi Bosch
Price: $4,690 CAD

This European brand from Italy developed Veloe Bosch, a compact utility bike for people’s everyday lives. This multifunctional bike is designed for families that combine work life with social festivities, from carrying groceries, taking the kids to school, or commuting to work. Go anywhere you want at a max speed of 25km/hr. The unique Chro-Mo steel frame can hold a rider up to 264lbs, with a total max load of 400lbs.

Total Score: 67/100


Taga Family Vargo Bike Single Seater
Price: $6,230 CAD

If kids are your main priority, the Taga family bike is the ultimate kid-hauling ebike. With a massive front trunk, you can carry up to 3 kids, 2 in the front and one in the back. The electric model comes in at a top speed of 25km/hr using a 250W motor. Taga has many accessories to customize the bike to your needs and utilizes three wheels; this bike is technically a trike.

Total Score: 62/100


Xtracycle Swoop
Price: $4,999 CAD

Another family-oriented bike, the Swoop, is an everyday bike that anyone can handle. The low step-thru frame allows for an accessible dismount—no need to worry about flexibility and topple over to get your leg over. A unique feature is the 20″ rear wheel allowing for a lower centre of gravity for a stable ride. If you need to carry a few extra passengers, the Swoop can take three kiddos along for the ride. Designed for any lifestyle, this bike can do it all. From quick coffee runs to your kid’s extracurriculars, this bike can be your second vehicle with a speed of 32km/hr and a maximum carrying capacity of 400lbs.

Total Score: 64/100


Motorino CBe
Price: $1,950 CAD

One of the more budget-friendly bikes on the list, with the giant bamboo platform and extra-large rear rack, the Motorino can be a cargo bike for commercial deliveries. Powerful enough to carry a total weight of 300lbs, a 350W hub motor in a 20″ rear wheel can haul you up any hill. With the option of a second battery and nine levels of pedal assist, you have the freedom to ride anywhere. Your phone can connect to the LCD, which acts as a dashboard to change and view bike settings.

Total Score: 72/100


Yuba Mundo E8
Price: $6,253 CAD

Made for average to taller riders, the Mundo can handle a total payload of 550lbs. This bike can easily carry three kids, and the higher center of gravity makes it easier to handle for taller riders. The unique frame design makes for a comfortable ride yet still being rigid enough to take on the tight corners under a load. Equipped with a mid-drive motor, this cargo electric bike can handle any terrain. With tons of add-on features, customize the cargo ebike to your needs.

Total Score: 70/100


Tern GSD S10
Price: $5,699 – $6,699 CAD

Small but mighty this cargo ebike is a city-ready utility ebike designed for families. This cargo electric bike can carry two kids up to 440lbs total vehicle weight. The GSD has an adjustable cockpit to fit riders from 4″ 11 to 6″ 5, so anyone can ride it. The bike’s unique design ensures a stable ride even with squirming kids. The low center of gravity and step-thru frame allows managing heavy loads and dismounting a breeze. With the unique accessories, turn the back seat into a fort to keep your little passengers dry all year round. Never worry about toppling over with the heavy-duty Atlas kickstand. It automatically locks into place when engaged. When you’re ready to roll, unlock the lever with a single button and roll forward. Built-in dual-battery lets you ride to your heart’s desire while saving space. The GSD packs down to one-third of its size in seconds. The GSD packs down vertically, taking up as much space as a plant, perfect for small spaces and apartments.

Total Score: 68/100


Urban Arrow
Price: $9,121 CAD

This cargo ebike is made for urban travel. The robust, light and durable cargo ebike makes for the ultimate family vehicle. With all the accessories you can think of, this cargo ebike can be transformed to accommodate anything. Designed with safety in mind, the lowered child seating position provides a lower centre of gravity, creating a sturdy ride. The large polypropylene box protects your most precious cargo, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Have the freedom to zoom anywhere in the city effortlessly with a light frame and electric pedal assistance, dodge around traffic with agility and stability.

Total Score: 60/100



Are Electric Cargo Bikes Worth the Money?

Electric cargo bikes can be a good investment for some people, depending on their needs and circumstances. Some potential benefits of electric cargo bikes include:

  • They can be a convenient and efficient way to transport goods, especially if you need to travel short distances and don't want to use a car or truck.
  • They can save you money on fuel and maintenance costs compared to using a car or truck for short trips.
  • They can be good for the environment, as they produce zero emissions and can help reduce air pollution.
  • They can be a fun and enjoyable way to get around.


Can You Upgrade a Cargo Bike to Electric?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade a regular cargo bike to an electric cargo bike by adding an electric motor and battery. There are several different ways to do this, depending on the type of cargo bike you have and the components you want to use. Some options for upgrading a cargo bike to electric include:

  • Installing a mid-drive motor: This involves attaching an electric motor to the bottom bracket of the bike, which allows you to power the bike's pedals with the electric motor. This can be a good option if you want to maintain the feel of a regular bike while getting some assistance from the electric motor.

  • Fitting a hub motor: This involves attaching an electric motor to the hub of one of the bike's wheels, which provides power directly to the wheel. Hub motors are relatively simple to install and can be a good option if you don't want to modify the bike's frame or pedals.

  • Adding an ebike conversion kit: There are many electric kits available that are designed to be used with a wide range of bikes, including cargo bikes. These kits typically include an electric motor, a battery, and a controller, and they can be installed relatively easily by following the manufacturer's instructions.

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