Why You Should Choose an E-bike Over a Bike (Without Shame)

By Amar

Aug 05, 2020

Why You Should Choose an E-bike Over a Bike (Without Shame)
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There are a lot of reasons to buy an e-bike that make them a worthwhile investment. Many purists claim electric bikes are for lazy people or that using pedal assist is cheating, but there’s room on the roads for both. The majority of cyclists welcome innovation and more riders. Using e-bikes and regular bikes is far better for you and the environment than driving. Electric bikes have also recently blown up in popularity as people have become wary of public transport.

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There is a lot of debate among riders on this subject. Whatever your thoughts, here are a few reasons why investing in an e-bike is worth the cost.

ebike vs bike infographic

E-bikes Are Fun

Most e-bike reviews from first time owners refer to how much fun they are! They’re part way between a pedal bike and a motorbike, so you can get a surprising amount of speed out of them. Speeds are limited depending on location; 32 km/h here in Canada.

E-bikes Can Go Further

You can go much further on an e-bike as the motor takes some of the strain off you and powers the bike to go faster. If a journey is too far to take by pedal bike – too many hills or you can feel your legs burning just thinking about it – it could be a breeze on an e-bike because the motor helps you.

E-bikes Can Save You Money

So, because you can go further, you will use your car less. This means the e-bike saves you money in the long run as instead of taking the car on a 15 km/mile journey, you can now ride with ease.

According to Reader’s Digest Canada & Global News Canada,  the average annual cost of commuting, excluding maintenance and other expenses, could go up to $8000:

  •         $3000 in gas

  •         $3,500 in parking

  •         $1,500 in insurance

If budget is a major concern, you might also consider converting your bicycle into an electric bike using a kit. 

E-bikes Make Riding Easier For Everyone

ebikes for everyone

Some people just can’t ride a traditional pedal bike. People who are less physically able due to age or illness can enjoy the thrill of riding an e-bike and don’t have to miss out. Using a conversion kit can also make a customized one-of-a-kind vehicle for very particular needs.

You can use an e-bike to get around at speed easily, without having to drive or take the bus. So, on days when you’re commuting and have had a bad night’s sleep, you can let the motor do more of the work. How much effort you put in is really up to you, although your range per charge will drop dramatically if you don’t pedal at all.

E-bikes Can Carry More Cargo

You can take more weight on an ebike than you would be able to on a pedal bike, so you can carry a load of shopping and still make it up a brutally steep hill.

You can also get add-on kits designed for cargo to add a significant load to the bike and still make it home. Functionally, these are ideal if you use your ebike as a delivery vehicle.

Child in ARGO cargo bike

If you have small children, you can convert your front wheel into a child carrying unit. The Argo child carrying unit lets them spend time with you on your ride even before they can get on a bike themselves.

E-bikes Are Constantly Improving

E-bikes are relatively new so they are constantly being innovated. Aside from the add-on kits already mentioned, you can also get lighter, smaller bikes which fold up. Folding your ebike means that when you get to work, instead of worrying that your new favourite accessory isn’t safe locked up outside, you can fold it up and bring it in. Also, if you have a long day and decide not to ride home, it’s small enough to fold and take with you on the train, bus, or in a car.

folding ebike under desk

E-bikes Are A Good Source Of Exercise

Riding an e-bike gives a real boost to your physical and mental health. If you find an e-bike more fun than a pedal bike, you’re more likely to take it for a spin more often. This means, despite the motor, you’re exercising frequently, which is key to holistic health. 30 minutes of light exercise every other day on an ebike is better for you overall than burning yourself out once or twice a month on a two-hour ride.

E-bikes Are Good For The Environment 

This isn’t an advantage over a regular bike as the e-bike uses electricity, however, over time an e-bike may affect your carbon footprint more than a regular bike. If we’re following the hypothesis above that you’re riding to more places instead of driving, you’re doing your part for the environment simply by not taking the car.

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