ENVO ST50 vs. Rize City: Best Canadian Step Thru Bikes

By ENVO Drive

May 11, 2024

ENVO ST50 vs. Rize City: Best Canadian Step Thru Bikes
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Looking for an electric bike that can handle it all? Look no further than the ENVO ST50 and the Rize City. Both are excellent choices, but they cater to slightly different needs. Let's break down the key differences to help you find your perfect match.

Power & Performance

The ENVO ST50 packs a punch with its 750W motor (80 Nm torque) compared to Rize City's 500W motor (65 Nm torque). This translates to more power for tackling hills and a higher load capacity, allowing you to ride with a passenger on the back.

Range & Display

Both bikes offer impressive range, with the ENVO ST50 reaching up to 100 kilometers on a single charge compared to Rize City's 80 kilometers. However, the ENVO ST50 takes the edge when it comes to information – its beautiful color display provides a wealth of data compared to the Rize City's basic black and white display.

Comfort & Customization

The ENVO ST50 comes in two sizes for a more ergonomic fit, while Rize City has a single size. This allows you to find the perfect riding posture on the ENVO for maximum comfort.

ENVO ST50 Electric BikeENVO ST50 Electric Bike


Safety should always be a priority. The ENVO ST50 boasts UL certification, giving you peace of mind knowing it meets rigorous safety standards.

Serviceability & Support

The Rize City is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, meaning you might need some DIY know-how for repairs and maintenance. On the other hand, the ENVO ST50 can be purchased from dealers known for their excellent service network. This can be a major advantage if you prefer having a local expert to handle any issues.

Bonus Feature:

Both bikes come with puncture-resistant tires, minimizing the risk of flats and keeping you rolling on your adventures.

Who should get the ENVO ST50?

    • Riders who prioritize power and can handle a larger motor.
    • Riders who plan to carry a passenger.
    • Riders who value a high-tech display with detailed information.
    • Riders who want the comfort of choosing the right frame size.
    • Riders who prioritize safety certifications.
    • Riders who prefer dealer support for service and maintenance.

Who should get the Rize City?

    • Riders on a tighter budget.
    • Riders who are comfortable with potential DIY maintenance.
    • Riders who don't mind a basic display.
    • Riders who are happy with a single frame size.

The Bottom Line

Both the ENVO ST50 and the Rize City are fantastic e-bikes. The ENVO ST50 offers superior power, range, display features, size options, safety certification, and dealer support, making it ideal for riders who want a top-of-the-line experience. However, the Rize City is a compelling option for budget-conscious riders who don't mind sacrificing some features and prefer a D2C approach. Consider your needs and priorities to determine which electric bike will take you further, more comfortably, and with the features that matter most to you.


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