Wolff Vela vs ENVO ST50 : Detailed Review

By Haseeb Javed

May 10, 2024

Wolff Vela vs ENVO ST50 : Detailed Review

Picking the right electric bike can be tricky, especially with so many great options available. Today, we're comparing the feature-packed ENVO ST50 and the comfortable Wolff Vela to help you decide which one best suits your riding style.

Power & Performance

The ENVO ST50 boasts a clear advantage in terms of raw power. Its 750W motor delivers more muscle for conquering hills and achieving higher speeds compared to the 500W motor in the Wolff Vela. The ENVO ST50 also boasts a longer 100km range on a single charge, letting you explore further on a whim, compared to the Wolff Vela's 80km range.

Cargo Capacity & Convenience

The ENVO ST50 steps ahead again with its cargo capabilities. It can comfortably carry a second passenger and offers a front carrier option, making it ideal for adventures with a companion or errands requiring extra cargo space. The Wolff Vela is better suited for solo riders.

Components & Technology

Both bikes feature Tektro hydraulic brakes for confident stopping power and color displays for easy access to ride data. However, the ENVO ST50 goes a step further with Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app, allowing for more advanced data tracking and customization options. When it comes to drivetrain, the ENVO ST50 offers a slightly higher-end Shimano Altus 9-speed system compared to the Wolff Vela's 7-speed Tourney drivetrain.


Comfort & Safety

Comfort seekers will appreciate the suspension seatpost on the Wolff Vela, which can help smooth out bumps on rough roads. However, the ENVO ST50 comes in two sizes to ensure a more ergonomic fit for riders of different heights. While both bikes prioritize safety with hydraulic brakes, the ENVO ST50 boasts UL certification, indicating it meets stringent safety standards.


The Wolff Vela has a slight edge on price at $2599 compared to the ENVO ST50's $2679.

The Verdict

The ENVO ST50 is the clear winner for riders seeking a powerful, feature-rich e-bike with superior range, cargo capacity, and technological advancements. However, for those who prioritize comfort features like a suspension seatpost and a slightly lower price tag, the Wolff Vela is a compelling option.

Who should get the ENVO ST50?

    • Riders who crave power and long range.
    • Riders who will carry a passenger or extra cargo.
    • Riders who want advanced display features and app connectivity.
    • Riders who prioritize safety certifications.

Who should get the Wolff Vela?

    • Riders on a tighter budget.
    • Comfort-focused riders who prefer a suspension seatpost.
    • Solo riders who don't need cargo capacity.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider which features are most important to you for a smooth and enjoyable electric bike riding experience.


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