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eBike & e-Scooter Regulations In British Columbia

What is the ebike regulation in British Columbia? 

Electric bicycles must not have an electric motor that is more powerful than 500 watts and the bike should not travel faster than 32.km/h. They also must have fully operable pedals which means the engine must disengage when the operator stops pedaling. However, they are allowed to have an accelerator controller. Neither a driver’s license, vehicle registration, or insurance is required. The rider must wear a bicycle helmet.


Combine bicycle pedal power with electric motor assistance.
To qualify, must be a Motor Assisted Cycle as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act and meet Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation criteria.


Electric motor of 500 watts or less and bicycle-style pedals for manual propulsion.


32 km/h on level ground without pedalling.


None required. (Insurance may be available under a homeowner’s policy.)


No driver’s license is needed.
You must be at least 16 years old.


Must wear a bike helmet.


Subject to the same rights and duties as the driver of a motor vehicle, such as obeying all traffic lights and control devices. As well, bicycle safety rules should be followed.
See Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act: Rights and duties of operator of cycle.


As a condition of initial sale, all commercially manufactured MACs must have a label stating that the vehicle is a “power-assisted bicycle.”


The electric bike wheels must be larger than 13.8 inches.

For other province's ebike regulations please visit our " Electric Bike Regulations in Canada " Blog post. 


What are the e-Scooter laws in British Columbia? 

In British Columbia, electric scooters are considered "personal mobility devices" under the province's Motor Vehicle Act. As such, they are subject to the same rules and regulations as bicycles. This means that electric scooters are not allowed on sidewalks, must yield to pedestrians, and must have a front and rear light if operated at night. Electric scooters are also not allowed on highways or in parks unless specifically posted otherwise.

In Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, electric scooters are currently only allowed on multi-use paths and cycle tracks. The City of Vancouver is in the process of drafting regulations for electric scooters and is expected to release them later this year. Until then, electric scooters remain illegal on city streets.

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