In New Brunswick, the electric bike must follow all federal guidelines and legislation however there are a few unique differences. Electric bicycles must not have an electric motor that is more powerful than 500 watts and cannot travel faster than They also must have fully operable pedals which means the engine must disengage when the operator stops pedaling.  However, they are allowed to have an accelerator controller. The wheel rims of the electric bike must be larger than 22 cm and the seat must be at least 68 cm off the ground. Also, the driver must have a headlight if they operate it at night.

Cyclist using N.B. roads have all of the rights as any driven vehicle and is subject to all applicable duties.

Cyclist must use a regular attached seat while on N.B. roads.

The number of person(s) on a bicycle on N.B. roads are limited to the number it was designed and equipped.

All cyclist must use an approved helmet with chin strap properly adjusted and fastened under the chin, at all times while cycling on N.B. roads

Cyclist may not use N.B. road(s) when a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a road.

Bicycles must be equipped with an approved forward facing white color light and a rear-facing red reflector for night time use on roads. A rear-facing approved red color light may be used WITH the red reflector