All-Wheel Drive E-bikes: Gimmick or Future?

By Haseeb Javed

May 13, 2024

All-Wheel Drive E-bikes: Gimmick or Future?

All-wheel drive (AWD) is the new buzzword in electric bikes (e-bikes) popularized by companies such as Eunorau. These tricked-out machines boast two motors, promising to dominate any terrain. But before you empty your wallet, let's shift gears and examine if AWD is a genuine revolution or just a fleeting trend.

The Allure of AWD: Traction Traction Everywhere?

Sure, AWD e-bikes offer some undeniable advantages. They provide superior traction in loose terrain like sand, mud, and snow. Sounds great for conquering mountains, right? Maybe. But here's the thing:

    • Limited Benefit on Regular Ground: Most riders spend their time on, well, regular ground. On pavement, the AWD advantage disappears faster than a snowflake on a July day.
    • The Price of Power (and Pounds): AWD comes with a hefty price tag and even heftier weight. That extra motor translates to less battery range and potentially sluggish performance.

The Gimmick Factor: Why AWD Might Be All Hype

    • Questionable Durability Claims: The idea that AWD extends motor life is debatable. Both motors likely experience similar wear and tear.
    • Maintenance Multiplication: Twice the motors means potentially twice the maintenance headaches and costs.

Who Should Ride the AWD Wave (if there is one)?

If you're an adrenaline junkie who craves conquering the gnarliest trails, then maybe, just maybe, AWD could be your ticket. But for most riders, AWD is like training wheels for a seasoned cyclist: unnecessary and potentially holding you back.

The Final Gear: Choose Wisely

Don't get caught up in the AWD hype. For most riders, a good quality rear-wheel drive (RWD) e-bike will deliver excellent performance and value. Save your money for that epic off-road adventure you've been dreaming of, because unless you plan on exploring the Arctic on two wheels, an AWD e-bike might just be a fad collecting dust in your garage.


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