12 Best Electric Bikes for 2023: Ebikes for Any Budget and Riding Style
In this article, we have listed some of the best electric bikes for different lifestyles and budgets for the year 2023.
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12 Best Electric Bikes for 2023: Ebikes for Any Budget and Riding Style

In the last few years, electric bikes have increased in popularity and are here to stay for 2023. The pandemic and climate change have encouraged many of us to rethink how we go about our daily lives. The appeal of electric bikes is that there is something for everyone, they make the thrill of cycling a bliss with the accessibility it offers to so many people. You don’t need to be physically fit and it gets you outside while reducing your carbon footprint. And they’re fun!

Not too long ago there were only a few styles to choose from but soon enough designs have evolved giving us a ton of variety. With so many options it can be overwhelming deciding which electric bike is best for you. Styles range from cargo ebikes to city and commuter ebikes, mountain and fat ebikes, folding ebikes and even tandem ebikes, there is no “one size fits all.” There was a time ebikes were bulky, inconvenient, and expensive for little output. That has all changed to make ebikes more user-friendly and affordable, with a growing selection of Affordable Electric Bikes now available on the market. While the possibilities are endless we have compiled some of the best electric bikes for diverse lifestyles and budgets to narrow down your search. 

EVO D35 the best electric bike


Best Overall Electric Bike

Price: $2,479

One of the best overall electric bikes on the market is the ENVO D35. It’s categorized as an urban commuter ebike and is the lightest, most viable ebike on the market in its category. The D35 has a proprietary rear hub motor delivering 500W of power. This allows you to ride up to 32km/h, the fastest street-legal power in Canada, up to 100km on a single charge. The D35 weighs 22kg and comes in multiple sizes and colours. The engineers thought of all the ergonomics to ensure the D35 is comfortable on long journeys. It has an adjustable stem to further adjust your riding position.

Priced very competitively at $2,479, the D35 is a budget-friendly bike without sacrificing performance and comfort. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, there is no doubt the D35 is one of the best electric bikes on the market. It stands out in every category, which is why this is on the top of our list for the best all-around electric bike.


Orbea Vibe H30 Best City Electric Bike

Orbea Vibe H30

Best City Electric Bike

Price: $3,999

Orbea designed the Vibe H30 for urban adventures and easy use. A sophisticated machine to reflect your personality and style. Sleek, fun, and reliable this ebike can be easily nagivated into small spaces such as apartments or workplaces. The Vibe H30 is designed for the free-living, on-the-go lifestyle of the city. Equipped with a battery, motor and integrated electronics, this ebike is lightweight and a joy to ride. You can customize it any way you want from the tire rims, the colour of the frame, even your seat and handlebars! The fully integrated lights allow you to be seen and more reliable. With multiple light settings- front, back, and high beam lights the Vibe is equipped for the road day or night. 

The Vibe uses a 36V 250WH Panasonic battery so you can go up to 32km/hr. The vibe is intended for long rides, but some days require more juice. Vibe’s Range Extender fits on your frame’s water bottle mount and gives you enough range to get there and back again. When added to the Ebikemotion X35 system, the extender charges the bike’s main battery and provides an additional 208W/h capacity of the internal battery. This brings the system battery size to 450W/h giving a 70% boost in range. At only $3,999 this is a great mid-budget range electric bike with many features.

Aventon Aventure - Best Fat Electric Bike
Aventon Aventure

Best Fat Electric Bike

Price: $1,999

Sophisticated and strong, the Aventon Aventure is the strongest all-around electric bike Aventon has ever designed. Featuring 4” fat tires, and a front suspension fork you can expect this bike to have extraordinary handling and the most comfortable ride you’ve ever been on despite the terrain your heart chooses. Safety is always number one, this ebike has integrated front and rear lights and built-in fenders so that no matter where you go others can see you and you can see the trail.  

The Aventure classifies as a class II ebike but it can be modified into a class III with a powerful 750W rear hub motor and a 720Wh battery. Fully loaded with technological innovation this ebike comes with an Aventon app. View all the important information on the backlit LCD colour display screen, plus sync the app to share your trips with your friends! At a very affordable price, the Aventon Aventure is the perfect adventure buddy.

Stroke Design Streek eCargo is the Best Innovative Cargo Electric Bike


Stroke Design Streek eCargo

Best Innovative Cargo Electric Bike

Price: Approximately $3892 (¥350,000)

A Japanese company, Stroke Design has come up with a unique ebike to suit their road traffic laws- not easily produced by most North American companies. In Japan, laws state that two and three-wheeled bicycles cannot exceed 60cm in width and 190cm in length, which is why the Streek eCargo is narrower than most ebikes. It does not compete with the cargo capacity of North American brands but has more than enough space and its compact size offers safe, fun and comfortable travel.

Due to its three-wheel layout, electrical assist and low center of gravity the large cargo capacity sets a new standard for ease of use and stability. Unlike conventional cargo ebikes, this unique surround loop frame design offers multiple heavy load-carrying options for deliveries, daily life and leisure activities. The product is still being prototyped but this is something exciting to look out for in the future!

Rad Power Radwagon 4 the Best Cargo Electric Bike
Rad Power Radwagon 4

Best Cargo Electric Bike

Price: $1,999

If you’re looking for a minivan of electric bikes, the Radwagon 4 is what you need. It is strong yet versatile ready to handle any kind of load. Designed for those packing up for a trip whether it’s taking the kids across town, doing your weekly grocery shop, or hauling that unexpected Ikea purchase- this bike can carry up to 350 lbs and travel up to 45 miles per charge. 

With a standover height of 2.4 inches lower than the previous model, and a 750W geared hub motor this electric bike is in it for the long haul. Featuring smaller 22” x 3” tires provides a lower center of gravity and tread to give you the smoothest ride ever. The patent-pending frame gives you ultimate adjustment points including a telescopic seat post and easily maneuverable handlebars- it allows riders from 5’1 to 6”4. For $1,999 this is a great value electric cargo bike. 


Envo Step-Through  Best Step-Through (ST) Electric Bike
Envo Step-Through

Best Step-Through (ST) Electric Bike

Price: $2,479

The ENVO step-through (ST) electric bike offers ultimate accessible mobility. Featuring a low-step design for easy mount and dismount, this is perfect for day-to-day commuters, recreational rides or intense workouts. This powerful lightweight ebike is built with a unisex hydroformed aluminum alloy frame that comes in two sizes to suit riders from 5’ to 6’6” up to 300lbs. The ST offers a maximum of 500W street-legal power and ranges up to 100km per charge on pedal assist level 1.

This bike also comes equipped with a 48/11 gear ratio on 27.5″ wheel size, the best-proven diameter for a commuter bike to offer the best smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain. It also features a rear rack, front and backlights, fenders, adjustable handlebar stem, kickstand and a suspension seat to elevate the rider’s overall experience. Engineered to be a full-featured no compromise bike first, riders experience unparalleled riding of this hybrid bike when switching the power off due to the lightweight design and features. Coming it at an average price point the Envo ST is one of the best electric bikes for your money.


Stromer ST3  the Best Class 3 Ebike
Stromer ST3

Best Class 3 Ebike

Price: $10,283 (€7090)

Not for the faint of cyclists, the Stromer ST3 is commuting for experienced riders. Using dynamic S-Pedelec for daily use with customizable riding positions and smart extras for efficient mobility in traffic. This bike is strong yet silent with a powerful rear-wheel motor, ride up to 180km with motor assistance up to 45km/hr. With seating positions such as the comfort stem for a more upright riding position, or the Kinekt suspension seat post, or the upside-down suspension fork, no matter where you go customize the ST3 to suit your needs.

If the ebike is moved without authorization it activates motor locking in anti-theft mode along with triple protection. Thanks to GPS, email or text notifications you can ride at ease knowing your bike is safe wherever you go. With a fully integrated smartphone app, you can check the battery level, speed, miles travelled, current location and more.  For a hefty price, you get 10 years of warranty on the bike frame so you know it’s built to last.

Stromer ST3  is the Best Class 3 Ebike
Scott Addict eRide Premium

Best Road Electric Bike

Price: $10,999

The Addict eRide is not made for the faint of heart. This electric bike encourages riders to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. With the incredible range and the same feeling as a standard road bike, you can have the best of both worlds. The Addict eRide Premium is made with Scott’s HMX carbon fibre. This is the lightest material available, providing an incredibly lightweight ride despite being an electric bike. Overall, the Addict eRide comes in at less than 24 pounds, comparable with some standard road bikes.

What makes the Scott Addict eRide exceptional is its Mahle Ebikemotion X35+ Hub Motor. The motor can be controlled through a remote on the top tube or through an app on your smartphone. On a full charge and three different riding modes, it offers a range of 120km. The riding modes offer you options from adding a little power for climbing up that hill to keeping up with the speedsters. This version of the Addict eRide is equipped with a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset for some of the best electronic shifting on the market. The Scott Addict eRide is truly a high-end premium road bike in the electric bike category. With professional level components, this ebike is made for champions.


Allant+ 9.9s  Best Commuter Ebike


TREK Allant+ 9.9s

 Best Commuter Ebike

Price: $6,299.99

Do you want a supercharged ebike that’s worthy enough to replace your car? Then look no further than the Allant+ 9.9S by TREK. Equipped with a Bosch performance speed motor go as fast as 28mph! Want to go further and faster than ever before? Already included is a 625wh battery, add an extra 500wh battery to the down tube for those bigger adventures. Compatible with range boost-Doubling your battery means doubling the fun! The lightweight carbon frame maximizes performance while minimizing any extra weight- made especially for die-hard ebike riders. The battery is hidden in the frame for a sleek look. Trek’s Removeable Integrated Battery (RIB) System makes the ebike sophisticated and accessible- easily remove the battery without tools.

Introducing new technology, this ebike comes with an app so you can control your ebike from your smartphone! The COBI.Bike app allows you to listen to music, take calls, even get directions and more. Attach your smartphone to the SmartphoneHub controller to charge and use your bike hands-free. This refined ebike doesn’t come cheap, be prepared to pay top dollar for TREK’s Allant+ 9.9S.

Raleigh Centros  Best Long Distance Electric BikeRaleigh Centros

Best Long Distance Electric Bike

Price: $3,936

The Raleigh Centros ebike is a beast when it comes to performance. Powered by a Bosch motor, it outputs 270% of your pedal power, making long rides effortless. This electric bike can take you a staggering 128 miles on a single charge. For those who want to sweat, turn down the pedal assistance, and your leisurely ride becomes your workout. Featuring a large display screen, you can change power levels and monitor your performance, being in complete control of the beast.

All of this technology fits into a sleek new look. The 500WH mega battery is integrated into the frame for a polished aesthetic. Fit with a comfortable seat and front suspension, you can expect a smooth ride on the Centros. This electric bike features all the necessities to take you to new heights- front and rear lights, disc brakes, a secure rear-wheel lock, and a pannier rack. Whether you are cycling across the world or touring around the city, the Centros will take you further than you ever thought possible. For an ebike like this, you may expect a hefty price, but it rings in at $3,936!


ENVO Lynx 20in  is the Best Compact Folding Electric Bike

ENVO Lynx 20in

Best Compact Folding Electric Bike

Price: $ 2,179

If saving space and compactness is your top priority the Lynx 20” might be your bike. Folding ebikes are a convenient feature for people who don’t have the space but still want the features of a powerhouse ebike. The Lynx 20” is a great option as a compact full-featured ebike, capable of supporting riders up to 6’4”/ 130kg. Well suited for urban commuting, fitness or adventure the lightweight Lynx can fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

This bike doesn’t compromise on speed at a smaller size, it is equipped with a 500W motor which can go up to 32km/hr tackling a 10-15% road grade. The Frame size is comfortable and ergonomic folding up to 37” x 19” x 28” that fits flawlessly under your desk. The 20”x 2.35” fat knobby tires offer cushion comfort riding in different terrains which creates minimum noise and drag from normal urban paved rides. Fitted with a rear and front carrier rack you can attach a full-size pannier for your errands to make it your go-to utility ebike! The Lynx 20" is the best electric bike for its category. 


VanMoof S3  is the Best Smart Electric Bike
VanMoof S3

Best Smart Electric Bike

Price: $3,188 (€2,1980)

The VanMoof S3 is a Classic straight-frame ebike, supercharged with next-gen technology. The VanMoof App gives you the ultimate riding experience and peace of mind. Configure everything from the gear change to the digital bell sound, and unlock your bike effortlessly with your phone for the perfect anti-theft tech. Use the smart tracking location and alarms to frighten bike thieves.

You already get up to 150 km with the 504Wh capacity integrated LG cell, but with the VanMoof removable power bank, you can extend your ride up to an extra 100km charging your bike whenever, wherever. VanMoof also includes the industry-first automatic electronic gear shifter, giving you the smoothest ride ever. It can be hard to decide if you need all the extras, but VanMoof did a great job designing their bike with just the right amount.

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Don Penner

Don Penner

It was disappointing not to see my Lankeleisi T750 listed. I has 1000 watts of power, 4″×26″ tires, foldable frame, exceptional ground clearance, full suspension and lots of range for only $2200 CDN. It makes me wonder if the list is for best bikes or best sponsored bike manufacturers.

It was disappointing not to see my Lankeleisi T750 listed. I has 1000 watts of power, 4″×26″ tires, foldable frame, exceptional ground clearance, full suspension and lots of range for only $2200 CDN. It makes me wonder if the list is for best bikes or best sponsored bike manufacturers.

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