NCM Moscow Plus Vs. ENVO D35 Electric Bicycle

By Ajay Agrawal

Jun 03, 2022

ENVO D35 Electric Bicycle Vs. NCM Moscow Plus Electric Bicycle | EBIKEBC

Electric bicycles are more popular than ever, and with so many options out there, it may become difficult for a new prospect user to select a bike that fits their needs. We will compare two famous electric bicycles on the market, the ENVO D35 and the NCM Moscow Plus. Both contenders can be classified as hybrid electric bicycles and target customers looking for entry-level ebikes. NCM is a Germany-based ebike brand, while ENVO is Canada based ebike manufacturer.

ENVO D35 Electric Bicycle | EBIKEBC



ENVO D35 Electric Bicycle

Price: $2,679 CAD

Weight 22.5kg/48.5lbs
Motor 500W 60Nm geared hub motor
System ENVO E-Assist System
Battery 460Wh Panasonic Lithium Ion


Quality Score from 100


Total Score: 85/100



NCM Moscow Plus Electric Bicycle | EBIKEBC

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Bicycle

Price: $2,299 CAD

Weight 29kg/64lbs
Motor 500W Rated Power, 750W Peak Power, Torque 60 Nm
System Powered by Das-Kit, German Engineered.
Battery 48V16Ah 768Wh

Quality Score from 100


Total Score: 85/100


Electric Bike Metrics:

Style and Design

Both bicycles are sleek and stylish. While personal preference may incline you toward one of the options, there is nothing in both bikes that you can hold against them. Both designs offer low step over height, suspension forks, and a choice of colours.

Performance and Torque

The motor power and torque performance for both ENVO D35 and NCM Moscow Plus are similar, with 500W of power output and 60Nm of torque. This is why both are scored similarly.


ENVO D35 comes in three frame sizes (16in, 18in, and 20in) and features an adjustable handlebar stem, while Moscow Plus comes in only one frame size and has a non-adjustable handlebar stem. While ENVO D35 can be fine-tuned for better fitting and ergonomics, NCM Moscow Plus has a one-size-fits-all approach that may not be ideal for all users.

Performance and Torque

The motor power and torque performance for both ENVO D35 and NCM Moscow Plus are similar, with 500W of power output and 60Nm of torque. This is why both are scored similarly.

Range and Efficiency

ENVO D35 comes with a 460Wh battery, while NCM Moscow Plus has a 768Wh battery. There is no information available about the cells used in the NCM battery. In contrast, the ENVO battery comes with LG 16850 cells. These branded cells have slightly higher reliability and better performance at low temperatures. Overall, the range expected from both ENVO and NCM are comparable, but NCM may give you a better range overall.

Control and Monitoring

The ENVO D35 is equipped with a colour TFT display that provides the rider with access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and self-diagnostics. NCM Moscow Plus comes with a black and white display that offers parameter settings options. A higher score is given to ENVO D35 for its user-friendly display and better customizability.

Component Grade

Both ebikes have the same or similar grade of brake, transmission, tires, and saddles. The only significant difference is the lack of a suspension seat post in the Moscow Plus.

Braking Performance

Moscow Plus and D35 have identical braking systems (Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes), which offer top-of-the-line braking performance.

The weight is probably the biggest differentiation between both products. ENVO D35 is one of the lightest bikes in its category at only 50 lbs, while Moscow Plus is 64 lbs.

Serviceability and Spare Parts

Both bikes’ mechanical and structural components are all industry-standard parts available off the shelf at almost every store and are reasonably priced compared to competitors. A slight advantage for ENVO is its modular design, which makes its bike parts easily accessible and easy to service.
Access To Service Centres

With over 100 dealers across Canada, ENVO has a more extensive physical footprint. Hence, customers have more options for access to service centres, while NCM seems to have a limited number of dealers/service centres.

Accessories Included

ENVO D35 comes with a rear rack, fenders, front light, and rear light, all included in the bicycle price. The NCM Moscow Plus comes with none of these ebike accessories, instead passes on the savings to the customers. The major disadvantage with NCM Moscow Plus is their lack of support for the off-the-market accessories in case customers want to upgrade and include these accessories on their bikes.

Transport and Storage

Unfortunately, both bikes are neither foldable nor compact in terms of size. However, D35 is a little easier to transport due to its lightweight.
Transmission Reliability

Both Ebikes come with similar geared hub motors and transmission systems. The hub motors are very reliable due to their sealed nature and hold one significant advantage over mid-drive systems in that you can still run the ebike in case the chain breaks and get back home just by using the throttle.

Moscow Plus retails at $2299 compared to ENVO D35 which is $2679, making it a slightly less expensive option. Bonus points because the ENVO D35 is engineered in Canada and is the best Canadian ebike.


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