The E-Bike Solution For A Healthier Generation

The E-Bike Solution For A Healthier Generation

The City of Nelson recently implemented a new program allowing City employees to purchase e-bikes at an affordable prorated cost. The packaged deal is an attempt to promote healthy thriving lifestyles, which hopefully sparks interest in other future employers to follow by example.

While e-bikes are a rising hot commodity in highly populated and congested places in the world, they are also frequently used because of its accessibility. Not everyone may be able to transition into e-bikes immediately, but when the sources are made readily available, they will be used—if the opportunity arises. The City of Nelson’s gallant approach not only shows us how employers can help alleviate cost as a barrier, they also illustrate how a fun quirk such as incentivizing e-bikes can potentially become an expected bonus in this day and age.

As the adults are primed to dominate the e-bikes scene, parents and guardians who opt into this new lifestyle are creating an important impression on young children—that different modes of transportation exist, and e-bikes are one of them. Our environment informs the facts of life, especially for our little ones. Children who regularly engage with rigorous to moderate physical activities earlier on in their life are less likely to become obese and more likely to carry on a healthier life routine into their adulthood. Exposure to a world where e-bikes is a normalized mode of transportation can allow youth to habitualize a more sustainable approach to living as a result.

Optimizing a Healthy Life Regime

Electric assistance on bicycle pedals can help riders overcome their fitness hurdles, such as the inability to bike through steep hilly terrains. A study by the Biomedical Centre (BMC) Public Health shows how the additional electric boost from e-bikes can assist countries that have been dominated by cars in the last century transition to a more active life. Our most recent article, "Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike This Summer”, provides more in-depth information on how e-bike can help meet our physical quota.

Interestingly enough, although e-bikes may provide a less intense workout than traditional bikes, a rider’s physical activity increases because e-bike’s accessibility and ease of control allows a more frequent and longer bike ride. For instance, riders can bike to work knowing that they have the option for an easier ride home after a long day. Similarly, riders have the confidence to bike long-distance with the confidence of arriving to their final destination within an appropriate amount of time.

BMC Public Health also states that stress and lack of time are one of the main deterrents to why people do not engage with physical activities. However, e-bikes’ functions allow riders to overcome those hurdles as mentioned above, meaning we should expect an increase of physical engagement in the near future once the feature becomes the norm. While we have discussed more on the physical health benefits, we shouldn’t overshadow how this new way of biking can improve your mental health. Biking more will increase your likelihood to be outside, which not only help lower blood pressure, but also seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which affects 15% of Canadians, and various forms of stress.

Whether you are a parent, a cool aunt/uncle, a normal adult trying to get through their day, we are all facilitators to lifelong learning. E-bikes provides many possibilities to improve our overall happiness and life expectancy. The big question is, when and how long will it take for our generation to reap its benefits?

If you're looking at buying an e-bike or a conversion kit, contact us and we'll help you out. We offer free consultations of various e-bike solutions with a warranty on select bikes.

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