Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike This Summer

By Amar

Jun 01, 2019

Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike This Summer
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Electric bikes are a great addition to any summer adventure, no matter if you’re hitting the Vancouver slopes, the sights of Toronto, or the trails in Montreal.

If you’ve never ridden an e-bike before, you are in for a treat. Once you are out in the streets or the trails, you will feel the power and won’t want to revert back to your old standard bicycle. As the rider, you have way more control over the bike than a traditional cyclist and as Summer approaches, you’ll have more opportunity to take your e-bike out. You can use it to commute to work or through parks and trails. The options are almost endless as you don’t have to worry about getting tired.

The advantage of e-bikes is that you can decide on the exercise level you’re comfortable with, which is important to improve you physical health. No more getting stuck far from home, tired and exhausted from an unexpected haul.

E-bikes provide a bit of a gap between people who have trouble going for a walk and exercise devotees. People who are physically active are much less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and depression. But national statistics show that, despite its benefits, a majority of us never exercise. When researchers ask why, most people offer the same two excuses. They are too busy to exercise or they aren’t fit enough to undertake exercise. Electric bicycles could address both those concerns.

The peddle assist on e-bikes make bike riding easy, without any extra effort that make goes into tough hill climbs or riding for long distances. The electrical components of the bicycle naturally make the journey less taxing and daunting than the same ride on a standard bicycle. This could make cycling a palatable alternative in the summer months to commuting by car, allowing people with jammed daily schedules to work out while getting to work.

Recently, in the U.S., researchers studied e-bikes to see if they could get sedentary people the extra lift to get off the couch and living an active, healthy lifestyle. The researchers first brought 20 volunteers into a lab to check their body composition, aerobic fitness, blood sugar control, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Then they provided each with an electric bicycle, heart rate monitor, GPS device, and asked each volunteer to monitor their ride on his or her new bike to and from work at least three times a week for the next month. The goal was to spend at least 40 minutes exercising on those days. The volunteers were directed to choose whatever speed and effort felt comfortable for them.

A month later, the volunteers returned to repeat the original tests and turn over heart rate and GPS data. The researchers were surprised that all of them had ridden at least the prescribed minimum of 40 minutes three times per week and in fact, according to their monitor data, most had ridden more than required, several about 50 percent more.

The riders also had ridden with more intensity than the researchers had expected. Their heart rates averaged about 75 percent of each person’s maximum, meaning that even with the motor assist, they were getting a moderate workout, comparable to brisk walking or an easy jog. Perhaps most important, the riders were healthier and more fit now, with significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and, as a group, a trend toward less body fat. Several participants have bought electric bikes since the study ended.

While the standard e-bike offer less of a workout than a regular bicycle, electric bikes might be an unlikely to be a solution for everyone who is pressed for time or reluctant to exercise. For many other people who currently do not exercise or have never considered bike commuting, there is much to be said for knowing that, if needed, you can get a little help to pedal up that next hill.
If you’re thinking about getting an e-bike, give us a call at EbikeBC where we have professionally trained technicians to answer all your questions. We have a variety of options for all types of riders. Whether you want to upgrade a current bike or get a completely new e-bike we can help so contact us today.

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