What do parameters like V(Volt) mean for ebikes?

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Power equals Voltage by Current:

  • The higher the voltage, lower current is necessary to get the same amount of power (P=VI).
  • The voltage should be managed by compromising safety and current rating of component.

This is a parameter which is set based on electrical characteristics of the motor/controller and wiring.

  • Voltage has no mechanical effect on the ebike performance.
  • Having a higher motor or battery Voltage does not translate a higher performance or higher range by itself.
  • Voltage in Li-Ion battery is a matter of number of cells in series.

Battery Voltage will not be constant and varies based on SOC (state of charge) a complete charged battery voltage is about 42V when it is nominally 36V and battery voltage is about 30V when the battery is considered complete depleted.

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