Ebike regulations in PEI
In PEI, ebikes are currently classified as “Motor Assisted Pedal Bicycles” and are treated similarly to mopeds. Because of their distinct classification, there are a lot of rules and regulations around them. For example, an ebike must be registered and riders need a licence. Drives also need to be at least sixteen years old and wear a helmet.


  • keep both your hands on the handlebars except when making a hand signal;
  • keep both your feet on the pedals;
  • ride in a single file except when overtaking and passing another cycle;
  • make sure your bike is equipped with at least one headlamp (but not more than two), one red tail lamp and at least one red reflector mounted on the rear of the cycle when cycling at night;
  • ride on a sidewalk;
  • ride on a highway where signs prohibit bicycles;
  • ride the wrong way on a one-way street. There are no traffic signs in place for wrong way drivers;
  • carry more people at one time than the cycle was designed for; or
  • hold onto or attach the cycle to any other moving vehicle.

For more details on the moped regulations, please refer to HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT MOPEDS (MOTOR ASSISTED BICYCLES) REGULATIONS