2023's Best Step Thru Electric Bikes: Top Picks & Reviews

By Haseeb Javed

Feb 05, 2021

best step through electric bike

Finding the best step-thru electric bike (also known as step-through electric bike) can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially for first-time buyers. With so many different options available in the market, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. That's why, to help our readers make the best choice, we have created a comprehensive list of the top step-thru electric bikes for 2023. Our list is based on the latest ebike buyers guide and the most important features and parameters to consider when purchasing a step-through electric bike. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, so you can feel confident and educated when choosing the best step-thru electric bike for your needs.


Norco Scene VLT ebike

#10 - Norco Scene VLT Step thru electric bike

The Norco Scene VLT step thru electric bike is both modern and stylish making it the perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a casual ride. This step thru electric bike is very light-weight and is made with an aluminum frame making it super easy to transport from place to place. The Norco Scene VLT also comes with Tektro mechanical brakes, a chain guard and Shimano Altus Groupset hardware for a durable and reliable ride. Users will also be able to lower and adjust their seat with the push of a button instead of manually adjusting it. It also comes equipped with 650B wheels that are very sturdy. However, this bike lacks front and rear headlights, mudguards, and a rear carrier.

Price: $3,699 CAD

Weight 20.1KG/ 44.3Lbs (rack, fender, accessories not included)
Motor Shimano Steps 6100 250W rated. 500W max 60Nm max torque
System Shimano STEP mid-drive
Battery Shimano E8010 418 Wh


Quality Score from 100

Total Score: 61/100

Overall, the Norco Scene VTL step through electric bike is a pretty solid choice for people who are looking for a more casual ride. Its light-weight design allows you to transport it anywhere with ease and will also help with your acceleration which is why we gave it a score of 90 out of 100. The Tektro HD hydraulic disc brake system is also an asset for this bike. Additionally, the Norco Scene very sleek in its style and design and is great for simple day to day use. In terms of overall performance, efficiency and controls, we gave it pretty average scores as there was nothing that really stood out to us in terms of the "wow factor". For its hefty price range in comparison to the accessories that come available with this bike, we were not that impressed. Its lack of basic safety features such as the light and the absence of the mudguards and rear carrier is something that you would expect to see on a bike with that price tag.


Interceptor profile step through ebike

#9 – PEDEGO INTERCEPTOR Electric Cruiser eBike

The INTERCEPTOR Electric Cruiser Bike is both stylish, modern, and user-friendly. This step through ebike comes equipped with swept-back handlebars for comfort and a five-level pedal assist. Most notably, the bike also features a USB port charger for your cellphone and Bluetooth connection. The e-bike itself is powered with a MOTOR 500W, and its 48V battery offers a 100km charge.

While this bike is perfect for recreational usage, the ride can become unbalanced once items are placed on the rear rack. Additionally, the bottle cage is also oddly positioned and can get in the way of the step-through at times. This e-bike also lacks front and rear fenders and only has suspension under the seat post.

Price: $3895 CAD

Weight 30kg/66lbs
Motor 500W 45Nm Geared hub motor
System Pedego
Battery 48V 10Ah rack battery


Quality Score from 100

PEDEGO INTERCEPTOR Electric Cruiser eBike Quality Chart

Total Score: 62/100

Overall, this step-thru electric bike scores on average, very well in terms of assessment parameters. The bike offers a great transmission system, and the 100 km single charge distance will be useful for many riders who are looking to go long distances with their e-bikes. This step thru ebike also scores very high on its style because of its classic design that is very different and more noticeable than other step through electric bikes that tend to lean on the modern side. However, the bike overall is quite heavy in comparison to other bikes. Additionally, the price is very expensive as well making it more of a big investment for potential buyers.


RadCity Step-Thru 3 ebike

#8 - RadCity Step-Thru 3 ebike

Next on our list, we have the RadCity Step-Thru 3 electric road bike. This e-bike comes equipped with a 750W Shengyi direct-drive hub monitor that provides the rider with a smooth and controlled acceleration and 180 mm hydraulic brakes. The e-bike offers a 7-speed 11-34 tooth freewheel that offers the rider a more extensive range of gearing and more torque for hills. This RadCity electric road bike also comes with an integrated brake light at the front and rear with fenders at the front and back.

Additionally, this bike comes equipped with a bottle cage. However, this e-bike is on the heavier side of electric road bikes. Nonetheless, this bike is relatively cheaper than other bikes on the list; however, this company offer direct to consumer sales and does not have any local dealers or service center other than their main showroom.

Price: $1,999 CAD

Weight 29.5kg/65lb
Motor 500W Direct hub drive motor
System Shengyi
Battery 48V 14Ah


Quality Score from 100

RadCity Step-Thru 3 ebike quality chart

Total Score: 64/100

Overall, the RadCity Step-Thru 3 offers a tremendous and reliable 750W Shengyi direct drive hub motor, which is why we gave it a perfect score out of 100. This allows the rider to not only accelerate smoothly as we mentioned, however, but its innovative brushless regenerative braking system also enables users to slow down on downhills or to a complete stop that automatically charges your battery every time you engage the brakes—saving your electric power for longer. We also gave this bike a perfect score in terms of cost as this bike is only $1999 CAD, which is significantly lower than other price points on our list.

However, this electric bike scored very low in weight, access to service centers, and design with the '20s across the board. At 65 pounds in total, the e-bike is partially on the heavier side because of the direct hub drive system, battery, and frame. We also gave it a lower score in terms of design. It is not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other bikes and is quite essential.



Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Step-Through eBike

#7- Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Step-Through eBike

The Specialized Turbo Vado is a high speed electric bike that is perfect for everyday use. It comes equipped powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Deore XT gearing system for a smooth and powerful ride. This is complemented by the mid-mounted geared Brose S ALU turbo motor with 120 RPM for a fast acceleration. This step thru electric bike is also equipped with assisted pedaling and has a top speed of 32 km/hour. Additionally, the Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 also features a rear rack with a maximum load of 44 pounds, alloy fenders, front and back headlights, and adjustable rear kickstand as well. Users would also like to know that this bike comes equipped with pedal assist technology as well as a good suspension to ensure the rider is presented with an efficient and smooth ride.

Price: $4,149 CAD

Weight 25kg/54lbs
Motor 500W Brose Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
System Brose

Samsung 36V 12.5Ah

Quality Score from 100

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Step-Through eBike quality chart

Total Score: 65/100

Overall, this step through electric bike has got fantastic efficiency and range which is why It has a perfect score of 100. Riders are able to travel up to 32 km/hour and its turbo features make this electric bike even more desirable. It is also very lightweight and has a fantastic braking system. Considering how powerful the turbo motor is, you would expect the weight of the bike to be higher which is surprising, but nice to see that it is relatively light-weight. However, the price of the bike itself is very expensive compared to others on our list. You are also going to find a hard time finding affordable ebike parts for cheap which is why we only gave this bike a 20 out of 100.


Cube St Town Sport Hybrid ebike

#6- Cube St Town Sport Hybrid Electric Bike

The Cube St Town Sport Hybrid electric road bike offers an efficient rider’s experience. With ergonomic handlebars and a small travel front, suspension riders are guaranteed to have a smooth, comfortable ride. Powered by a Bosch PowerPack 400 and Shimano Deore groupset, this bike is both durable and reliable. It comes equipped with a good, positioned bottle cage and a secure rear rack for convenience. It also comes equipped with a 9-speed Shimano transmission that is powerful and reliable.

Further, this bike also has front and rear lights for safety, a quick-release seat post; however, there is no adjustable stem feature. Overall, this step through electric bike is perfect for urban and sport usage.

Price: $4,000 CAD

Weight 25kg/55.12lbs
Motor Bosch Gen 3 50nm -250W
System Bosch
Battery Bosch Powerpack 400Wh


Quality Score from 100

Cube St Town Sport Hybrid Electric Bike quality chart

Total Score: 65/100


Elby S1 9 Speed eBike

#5 - Elby S1 9 Speed eBike

The Elby S1 9 Speed is equipped with a powerful motor, 180 mm rotors, with Tektro hydraulic brakes that offer an efficient and optimal ride with a low center of gravity. This step through e-bike comes equipped with aluminum alloy front and rear fenders. Its Bionx battery is located in the rear hub as well. With high-level assistance and torque sensors, you can relax and enjoy a comfortable right with minimal effort. This electric road bike also offers front and rear lights for nighttime visibility and an easily adjustable stem. However, the bike does not feature a bottle cage or top rear rack to store any items you may need to carry with you.

Price: $3,299 CAD

Weight  24.9kg/55lb
Motor BionX 500W D Series 50nm/td>
System Bionix
Battery Panasonic 48V 11.6Ah


Quality Score from 100

Elby S1 9 Speed eBike Quality Chart

Total Score: 66/100

The Elby S1, 9 Speed transmission and braking system is where this electric bike's actual value shines through. The nine-speed shifter, along with the Bionix moto and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, offers a smooth ride and powerful braking system with a low center of gravity. The step through electric bike's torque sensors will also aid you very nicely with uphill acceleration when needed. These components together are what makes this bike so reliable and high-quality, which is why we gave it a perfect score in terms of transmission and braking performance. On the other hand, because of its high-grade parts and torque system, spare parts will be more expensive as they use Bionx parts, which are less universal to find on the market. You are also looking at a higher price with this e-bike. However, it is a solid choice overall.


Verve+ 2 Low Step Trek Electric Bike

#4 - Verve+ 2 Low Step Trek Electric Bike

The Verve+ 2 Low Step Trek bike is a bike that makes a statement in its design and aesthetics. It features a mid-drive motor made by Bosch and Shimano 160 hydraulic brakes and rotors. With its ergonomic grips and seat, this electric road bike offers a comfortable and elite ride. The e-bike also comes equipped with aluminum front and rear fenders, lights in the back and front of the bike, and easy removal of the battery.

Most notably, this step through electric bike also features flat foot technology that allows the rider to sit upright in a comfortable and relaxed seating position and put their feet on the ground whenever for extra protection. However, the bike does not come equipped with a bottle cage, and there is only a suspension on the seat post.

Price: $3,299 CAD

Weight 23.5kg/51lb
Motor Bosch Active, 250W, 40 Nm, 20mph or 32km/h
System Bosch
Battery Bosch PowerPack 400wh


Quality Score from 100

Verve+ 2 Low Step Trek Electric Bike quality Chart

Total Score: 67/100

The Verve+ 2 Low Step Trek is overall a fantastic electric bike with high component grades across the board. Most notably, the mid-motor placement keeps the center of gravity lower, which will provide the rider with stability, comfort, and control during their ride. There is also value in its lightweight aluminum frame design and hydraulic disc brakes for a controlled and robust braking system that will work well in every weather condition. The Verve+ 2 Low Step Trek e-bike also features mudguards that will protect you from splashing mud or water in harsher weather conditions.

Overall, buyers who are looking for a high-quality bike will be delighted with the Verve+2. However, in terms of price point, it does score relatively lower on our grading scale. Sitting at $3299 CAD, buyers will have to invest more into the bike upfront than other electric bikes. Additionally, while the site does offer many manuals for self-diagnostics for any potential problems you may come across, you will most likely need to service it in-store, and the price of the parts is relatively high as well.


iGO Core Elite 2 eBike

#3- iGO Core Elite 2 eBike

The IGO Core Elite 2 was made with everyday usage and convenience in mind. With both front and back racks, users are able to comfortably store their luggage without sacrificing the overall balance and smoothness of their ride. This step through electric bike offers front and rear fenders with integrated LED lights and a hub motor at the bike's rear. This electric road bike also comes with Tektro mechanical brakes, a chain guard, and Shimano Altus Groupset hardware for a durable and reliable ride.

However, the IGO Core Elite 2 design makes the step-through cramped, especially with the positioning of the bottle cage. Nonetheless, it offers fantastic transmission reliability and a wide range of accessories included in the purchase, such as bungee straps, chain guard, kickstand, and tool kit.

Price: $2,399 CAD


Weight 28.5kg/63lb
Motor 500W 48Nm Geared Rear Hub Drive
System iGO
Battery Battery 48V/624Wh

Quality Score from 100

iGO Core Elite 2 eBike quality chart

Total Score: 73/100

As you can see, the IGo Core Elite 2 speaks true to its name and offers an overall elite performance in all categories. Most notably, the bike itself has incredible transmission reliability with its 9-level power-assisted pedaling and the Shimano 8 speed trigger shifter to allow the user to quickly and flawlessly shift gears whenever they please. The 500W rear hub drive will also guarantee riders are provided with a powerful brushless torque acceleration system that will assist with both uphill and downhill acceleration.

However, this step through electric bike is quite heavy as a result of its transmission system, which is why it scored low on our grading system. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic bike overall. With incredible features and reliable performance across the board, you would expect the price to be higher than for such excellent features.


elegant ds ebike

#2- VOLT ELEGANT Electric Bike 

VoltBike Elegant is categorized in Step-thru ebikes. The 500 Watt maintenance-free rear-wheel-drive Bafang motor combined with 48v 17.5Ah Samsung Li-ion battery ensures this bicycle can comfortably take you up any hill and makes easy riding against strong winds. Features include 17.5Ah Li-ion battery Samsung, hydraulic disc brakes Tektro, rear derailleur Shimano Acera front suspension with lockout. This company offers great pricing through direct to consumer sales

Price: $ 2,049 CAD

Weight 27KG/59lbs
Motor Brushless 500W max Geared rear motor
System Bafang
Battery 48V/17.5Ah Samsung


Quality Score from 100

VOLT ELEGANT Electric Bike quality chart

Total Score: 77/100

This step through e-bike offers very good mechanical and electrical performance features. It is on the heavy side of the spectrum and does not get much credit for a style. It has a good level of adjustability in the seat and handlebar with good quality front suspension. The frame is not quite low entry compared to other competitors. There is no "dealers network" and you cannot expect local support if you are not in the Vancouver area. This e-bike offers almost everything you expect an e-bike at an affordable price.


ENVO Step through electric bike

#1- ENVO ST Electric Bike

The ENVO ST step through electric bike is suitable for day to day commuters or recreational or aerobic workout with an easy hop on and off. This powerful, light-weight electric bike features a 500W max power high torque and light hub motor, an stylish alloy frame, hydraulic disc brakes for an excellent braking performance. This bike also comes equipped with a 48/11 gear ratio on 27.5" wheel size and a sturdy adjustable front suspension to offer a smooth safe high-speed ride on the pavement as well as trails. It also features a rear rack, front and backlights, fenders an adjustable handlebar stem, kickstand and a suspension seat to elevate the rider’s overall experience. Most notably, riders experience a natural feeling of regular cycling when not assisted, due to the lightweight and other design features, unlike others on our list.

Price: $ 2,479 CAD

Weight 22.5kg/49.6lb
Motor Brushless 36V/500W max/ Geared rear motor
System BLDC Sine-wave controller
Battery 36V/12.8AH 3200 LG/Panasonic Lithium battery


Quality Score from 100

ENVO ST Electric Bike quality Chart

Total Score: 84/100

The ENVO ST electric bike scored the highest out of our best step through electric bikes in 2021. With perfect scores for its transmission reliability, brake performance, and cost, this bike is packed with incredible features that offer a powerful, reliable and safe ride for commuters. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have too much trouble servicing your bike where you may find dealers around. If you want a second-year warranty extension you are going to have to pay C$99 for it. Compared to other electric bike prices, it is pretty average and not the most expensive on our list which makes ENVO ST e-bike one of the best step thru electric bike for money.

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