E-bikes Envo ST vs Norco Scene VLT: Comprehensive review

By Valeriia Kolisnyk

Mar 17, 2023

E-bikes Envo ST vs Norco Scene VLT: Comprehensive review

If you just started research about e-bikes or already have one and decided to upgrade yours to another model or style you will probably have a bunch of questions and considerations to make. Before making a final decision, you want to ensure that you will enjoy every ride and that the new bike will have all the features you need. 

Today we’ll compare two popular electric bikes from Canadian-based companies: ST from ENVO and Scene VLT designed by Norco. Right from the beginning, these two bikes are different and unique, each in its own way, so if you decide to go with either of them - start by reviewing key points. That is what we are going to do today. To make it easier, there is a scoring system below, comparing the bike's design, range, efficiency, components, weight and a few more points which might play an essential role in your final decision. 

Envo ST


PRICE: $2,479 CAD - $1,879 USD




500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


460Wh Panasonic Lithium Ion



TOTAL SCORE - 85/100


Norco Scene VLT


Norco Scene VLT 

PRICE: $3,999 CAD - $ 2,699 USD




Shimano STEPS E6100, 250W, 60Nm


Shimano E7000


Shimano E8010 504Wh



Norco Scene VLT

TOTAL SCORE - 65/100



The first impression is half of the decision. If you don't like how the e-bikes are designed it is doubtful that you would want to dig deeper into the technical part. It is not the case with ST and Scene VLT. Both of the e-bikes are stylish and gorgeous looking. They come in different colour options and frame sizes so that you can pick the best one for you. 

Design is not just about appearance; it also shows the practical part. For example, ST from ENVO comes with a bunch of accessories: fenders, a rear rack and suspension seat posts. The bike is ready to go and designed to provide you with all the necessary stuff you’ll need; from there, you can decide how to customize it and what else to add to make the best out of each ride. Scene VLT is a bare bike with a sleek-looking frame. Consider that if you want to add accessories already included in ST, you need to be ready to spend more money on the upgrade. 


Both of the bikes have upright positions. Great for commuting or just cruising around the town. They come in three frame sizes so that everyone can find a perfect fit. With ENVO, you can also customize the frame itself, as the ST has an adjustable stem. With this option, you can pull the handlebar higher or lower it, depending on your height. Scene VLD doesn’t have this option but offers a cool feature with a button-controlled deposit so you can easily change the height. 


ST belongs to the 2nd class of e-bikes and comes with a 500W geared hub motor, while the maximum power of Scene is lower - 250W and it is considered the 1st class. The torque is the same - 60Nm. The difference is that with ST, you can use a throttle on demand; it is an excellent feature if you want some extra help to quickly start going from a complete stop or just looking for a more relaxing ride. The maximum speed is 32 km/h for both bikes.


The ENVO bike is more efficient in a hilly area due to the bigger motor power, riding Scene you will need to put more effort into pedalling, but at the same time: less wattage in the motor - more range. Having a mid-drive motorized bike, you need to keep in mind that maintenance is everything. Using the drivetrain as a powerful force requires it to always be in perfect condition. With the geared hub, you will have extra support in case something goes wrong with the chain or freewheel. Both of the bikes will go for around a similar range - up to 100 km per single charge. Batteries are removable in both of them, and you can quickly dismount them off the bikes and charge them at home. 


ENVO ST and Scene VLT have excellent displays which are easy to operate. Using ST's colour display, you have access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and self-diagnostics; it is more user-friendly and customizable. With the Scene VLT bike, you will have a black-and-white screen with just all the necessary parameters for your ride.


Both of the bikes have a decent set of quality components. ST comes with branded hydraulic brakes, a suspension fork with load adjustment and lock, an alloy crank with a single chainring cover, puncture resistant 27.5″x1.95 tires and 8-speed Shimano gears. Scene ST has a bit more fancy 9-speed Shimano cassette, silent Shimano STEPS E6100 drive unit, Tektro hydraulic brakes and 27.5x2.2" tires. 


T system on the e-bike guarantee of a safe and smooth ride. Both of the bikes have top-line hydraulic disc brakes that keep everything under control with effortless fingertip braking.


If you are getting an e-bike, don’t expect it to be as light as your road bike, which you can easily carry on the 5th floor without even noticing it. ST and Scene VLT are in a similar weight range, around 23 kg for the ENVO and 26 kg for the Norco bike. Weight depends on the frame material (for both of these, it’s aluminum), battery packs and set of components. It’s not bad because other brands have way heavier models with fewer features. 


Here comes a complicated part. Let’s say you decided to purchase Scene VLT, and something went wrong with the electrical components. If you are within reach of Norco’s service center - professionals who know the bike will help you out in no time. Still, if you are somewhere remote, it might not be easy to find a replacement component or even a mechanic who will deal with proprietary parts. 

Fixing and servicing ST is more accessible as all the components are externally mounted and are pretty standard.


Both bike companies have extensive dealer networks that give you access to spare parts and repair services; they also offer online customer support and assistance. Norco has representatives in North and South America, Africa and Europe. ENVO is based across North America only. At the same time, while the bicycle parts are standard and most bike shops can work on both brands, only a few shops are equipped to repair or service the electrical components of Scene VLT. 


ST comes with a whole set of goods: front and seat post suspension, fenders, rear rack, kickstand and integrated light. To get the same set-up on Scene, you’ll need to invest more in customizing your bike, as it only comes with a standard kickstand and a light. 


If you are planning on travelling with your e-bike, you will need to get a car rack with a capacity that will match the weight of the bike. In the case of the ST and Scene VLT, you will also need to have a bike adaptor bar. 


The Norco Scene VLT bike has a mid-drive motor, so the chain is under constant load and wears faster. A significant disadvantage with mid-drive motors is the fact that if the chain breaks, you can't use your bike, compared to a hub-driven motor where you can still use the electronics of the bicycle to get you back home in case something goes wrong during your trip. 


ST from ENVO is way more affordable than Scene VLT and has much more features for a fun and comfortable ride. For a lower price, you will get a set of accessories that you will need to purchase extra to get on Scene. Norco bikes are in the higher price range because of the drivetrain configuration. 


If you are ready to spend a lot of money on an electric bike that will make you paddle a lot like on a regular road one - go with Scene VLT. If you are getting an e-bike to go for longer trips and don’t want to feel tired after the ride - ST from info is just the bike for you. It is more affordable, with a bunch of cool features and a great design. If there is a chance for you to take a test ride before making a decision - that would be a perfect way to pick the best bike for you. 


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