Can You Get A Speeding Ticket On An Ebike

By Jocelyn C

Feb 16, 2022

Can You Get A Speeding Ticket On An Ebike

When we think of a speeding ticket, we typically think those are reserved for motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and buses- In other words, you need a license to operate. Most importantly, these vehicles can reach speeds that can injure and cause significant accidents, hence penalizing them if they break the laws. So then, by this criteria, it would make sense for cars to get tickets, but what about ebikes? Unfortunately, it may come as a surprise, but yes, you can get a speeding ticket riding your ebike, especially if you're not following the rules of the road. It's important to note that you do not need a license to ride an ebike. ICBC defines an electric bike or motor-assisted cycle as "a two- or three-wheeled cycle with a seat, pedals and an electric motor or motors (power output not exceeding 500 watts in total). A motor-assisted cycle (MAC) cannot be gas-powered." You can buy electric bikes with larger motors, but there are many reasons behind a motor size and how it affects the ebike. To lessen your chances of a speeding ticket, here are some rules to follow and reasons you could get fined for riding your ebike in Vancouver, BC.

Riding an ebike Too Fast In A School Zone

Speeding Ticket #1

On a regular bike, it may be hard to tell how fast you're going without a speedometer, but on an electric bike, your LCD screen will tell you your speed. Motor vehicle or not, the same rules apply to cars and electric bikes. It's important to remember that your bike is a sturdy piece of machinery with gears and motors, and we must slow down in school zones. It can injure a pedestrian or a child in an unfortunate event of an accident. As cyclists, we can easily breeze by during our leisurely rides. Still, we should recognize that school zones and other limited speed areas such as construction zones apply to cyclists and can be ticketed for zooming past unknowingly.

Riding electric bikes Too Fast In A School Zone

Riding an Electric Bike Downhill Too Fast

Speeding Ticket #2

For the adrenaline junkies, speeding downhill is what we live for. Feeling the wind on your face and taking every chance to rip down as fast as you can is all part of the fun. According to ICBC, an electric bike's maximum speed is 32km/h on level ground. Our ENVO electric bikes will legally assist you up to 32km/h; however, they will not assist past that speed. If you're riding downhill, you can continue pedaling and reach a higher speed, but the motor will not go faster than 32km/h. We all know how easy it is to accelerate downhill, but often there will be speed traps at the bottom. Make sure you monitor your speed and slow down if you find yourself going too fast.

Speeds Vary From Location And Class

No matter your location, please check your local electric bikes regulations. Each province and country will have their own set of laws. View British Columbia regulations here. It's important to note that electric bikes come in different classes. Envo ebikes are classified as a class 1 and 2. This means the maximum speed is capped at 32km using either pedal assist, throttle or both. Electric bikes also come in class 3. Class 3 electric bikes can go up to 45km/h and are not allowed on standard bike paths. If you're ever worried about whether or not your ebike complies with local laws, there's no harm in double-checking. It's unlikely you get pulled over going 35km/h in a bike lane, but it's good to know what you can and can't do in the case you do get pulled over. If your electric bike is not up to local regulations, we recommend not to ride around local parks with pedestrians. You don't want to take anyone down, and for your safety, you shouldn't be going so fast that you lose control and don't have time to react when that unavoidable dog or car wanders into your path.

Our ENVO electric bikes will legally assist you up to 32km/h


Electric bikes offer an outstanding balance between a standard bike and a motor vehicle. Laws surrounding electric bikes tend not to be overly restrictive. Still, they are there for your safety. Remember, any rules that apply to motor vehicles also apply to electric bikes in terms of traffic laws. Check out our bike safety post to make sure you know basic bike rules. We often don't think of how fast we're going when we're riding. We ride to enjoy the adventure. Even though going fast is fun, we often forget how dangerous it can be in the wrong circumstance. Be smart and safe and know that yes, you can get a speeding ticket on an electric bike.


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