Why You Need to Consider Buying a Snow Bike

By Haseeb Javed

Dec 13, 2022

Why You Need to Consider Buying a  ENVO Snow Bike | EBIKEBC


It's that time of the year when snow is falling everywhere, and what makes a better excuse for some snow biking? It is a fun activity embraced by more and more people every year.

A snow bike will be one of the top-of-the-list options whether you have an athletic spirit or enjoy outdoor activities in cold weather. It is a green choice, as well. Therefore, riding a snowbike that produces no carbon emissions is a dream come true for those with environmental interests. 

In this article, we discuss what is an electric bicycle, the benefits you can expect from riding a snow bike, how to convert your ebike into a snow bike, and how much to pay to purchase a modern one. 

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 What Is Actually a Snow Bike?

What is an e-bike? These bikes are a hybrid product with a standard bicycle frame, an electric motor, a battery, and a specially designed wheel system. In fact, they are pedal-assisted e-bikes used to travel on snow. The big difference between an e-bike and a snow bike lies in the latter's rear chassis and the use of ski instead of wheels.

There are only a few options for electric snowbikes; the first option is Moonbike which is more comparable to a motorbike rather than a bicycle. In the pedelec category, there are two options: E-trace by Arosno, a recumbent style snow bicycle, and Flex Snowbike by ENVO. Flex snow bike is the closest thing resembling a bicycle with its upright geometry and pedal assist options. While E-trace is an innovative approach, it is limited by its weak motor (mid-drive), and reliance on power transmission through the chain raises reliability concerns. 

Snow e-bikes have the best of the two worlds. You can use them all year round. Compared to heavier and more expensive options like snowmobiles, you can still enjoy riding over snow at a much more affordable cost and ease. 

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What is ENVO Flex Snowbike?

Envo strives to combine electric mobility with greater environmental causes like curbing fossil fuel emissions. The Flex Snow Bike by Envo is an example of the company's engineers' effort to present customers with sustainable engineering technology. 

The Flex family comprises four types of bikes, among which the Overland (off-road e-cargo bike) and Flex Snow Bike (a pedal-assist type) are interchangeable. It means relying on the shared foldable aluminum frame, and by doing some add-ons (a rear caterpillar track), an Overland can be converted into the Flex one. 

Optimizing transport on compact snow and powder results from mounting a front ski that allows you to keep riding through the snow as deep as 12 inches. Meanwhile, the rear track system delivers 1500W that permits you the maximum climbing grade of %25. Finally, the dual battery option on this bike allows you to ride from 30-100 kilometers.  


 The Benefits of Riding Flex Snow Bicycle

Snow bikes are perfect for having fun, spending some leisure time, and doing sports and outdoor activities. Moreover, if you look forward to more adrenaline spikes in snow, they are great for exploring the woods and nature. 

Compared to similar action sports vehicles like snowmobiles, they are affordable, light, and maneuverable. Flex Snow Bike has extra advantages, such as:


  • It occupies a smaller space in your garage, and its non-bulky structure allows you to explore here and there. 
  • Snow bikes like Envo's Flex will also benefit your health in different ways. You can ride it to achieve your fitness goals as part of your routine exercise plan. Since you have to go out in the open area to ride and spend energy pedaling your way through the snow, you'll burn calories. All in all, snow biking is a form of a low-impact cardiovascular workout. You can expect it to improve your heart health, strengthen your legs and glutes, and boost your overall health. 
  • Snow bicycles are environment-friendly vehicles. With particular emphasis on green design technology, Flex Snow Bike produces no noise pollution. Therefore, when pedaling through pristine woods and mountains, you can ensure your presence won't disturb the nature around you. For those concerned with the carbon footprint Envo snow bike runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery that propels the wheels forward with no fossil fuel burning involved. 
  • Snow bikes like Envo's are year-round investments, meaning you don't have to wait for the snow to fall and then ride them. Envo's Flex snow bicycle can be converted into an Overland bike and used in warmer seasons.  
  • Snow bicycles are easy to transport. You can carry the conversion equipment kit and the main bike frame in your trunk to your desired location and assemble the bike.  


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 How Much a Snow Bike Will Cost 

Hence, what is the best snow bike in the market? Or, better asked, how much it costs to obtain the cheapest snow bike kit? The answer is the conversion kits that both fit your budget and offers both an enjoyable plus safe experience. 

Envo's Flex Snow Bike is currently priced at $3,879.00 CAD. Sounds a lot? Not really. Simple math shows us that if you have to buy the bike separately, your snow biking adventure's final cost may be quite a lot. Envo's bikes are interchangeable, and a single frame can be used to have both an e-cargo bike (Overland) and an electric snow bike (Flex). 

It sounds like a reasonable long-term investment, as you'll have a multi-functional bike that works all year round. All you need to pay for is a reliable snow bike kit. 



Small, light, and handy snow bikes are an affordable and fun iteration of e-bikes. After reading this article, you should know that a snow bike is not the same as a snowmobile bike, snow dirt bike, or even a sled bike, though similar in some ways. A worthy option to experience joyful winter riding is buying a snowbike kit or snowbike conversion kit. We discussed how much is a snow bike kit. 

Are electric bikes good in snow? Riding electric bicycles or even a mini snow bike is a great option for you. It can help you achieve your fitness goals and weekly exercise activities outdoors. Moreover, since the snow bike is a pedal-assisted option, it will cater to your environmental concerns. Riding one won't need to burn any fossil fuel and produces no noise pollution. 



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