The Best Winter Activities in North America for All Ages

By Behnaz Arab

Oct 10, 2023

winter activity fun snow cycling and ENVO  snowkart with friend by frozen lake in canada

Winter brings about a lot of changes in scenery and offers many fun things to do. While skiing and ice hockey are often thought of as typical winter activities, there are also newer options that are becoming more popular. We will introduce you to some exciting winter activities that you may not have heard of before. Whether you choose to try them out or not, make sure you have all the appropriate gear before venturing out on any winter excursion.

1. Skiing

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America Ski and Skiing on snow

Skiing has been a beloved and exhilarating pastime for many years, providing a surge of excitement and breathtaking scenery. Whether you are an experienced skier taking on challenging trails or a beginner relishing in the easier slopes, skiing can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. However, it is crucial to be cautious and take steps to prevent any possible hazards that may come with this ageless sport.

2. Snow Shoeing

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America snowshoeing on snowSnowshoeing is a special way to discover winter landscapes. With specially created shoes that distribute your weight over a wider area, you can easily walk on top of the snow without sinking into it. It's a low-impact and eco-friendly activity that allows enthusiasts to explore remote areas, discover untouched snow meadows, and bask in the peacefulness of winter forests.

3. Ice Hiking

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America Ice Hiking on snow

Ice hiking involves navigating through icy terrains using specialized equipment, offering a unique blend of challenge and wonder. As you traverse across frozen landscapes, you get an up-close view of nature's frozen marvels, including towering ice formations and shimmering frozen lakes. However, due to its nature, this activity is not suitable for all ages and requires proper training and attention to the associated risks.

4. Cross Country

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America cross country skiing ski on snow

Cross-country skiing is a unique activity that differs from downhill skiing in that it offers a more tranquil and immersive experience. With your own strength, you can smoothly glide across flat or slightly rolling terrains, journeying through dense forests, vast open fields, and alongside frozen lakes. This activity presents an excellent cardiovascular workout opportunity while also providing a chance to appreciate the tranquil winter landscape.

5. Ice Hockey

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America ice fishing on frozen lake

Ice hockey is a sport that holds a special place in the hearts of North Americans. It's not just about the game itself, but also all the values and traditions that come with it. From the earliest days of the sport, hockey has been a symbol of teamwork, strategy, and sheer determination. It takes skill, agility, and focus to play the game well, and those who do it right are celebrated as heroes by their fans. In addition to the technical aspects of the game, there is also the cultural significance of hockey in North America. It's a sport that brings people together. One of the things that makes hockey unique is the way it's played. The game is fast-paced and physical, with players zipping around the ice and slamming into each other with impressive force. It's a thrilling spectacle to watch, and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment.

6.  Ice Fishing

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America ice fishing on frozen lake

Ice fishing is a peaceful and enjoyable activity that involves drilling a hole in a frozen lake and waiting for the fish to bite. This serene experience allows you to appreciate the tranquility of the frozen landscape while staying warm in your cozy gear. With many beautiful lakes in Canada and the USA, ice fishing can be a fun adventure with the right equipment.

7. Snowmobiling

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America Ski and Skiing on snow

Snowmobiling is a popular activity among adventure seekers who are looking for a unique way to explore winter's vast landscapes. It allows you to traverse through snow-covered forests, open meadows, and scenic trails while experiencing the invigorating combination of cold air and the warmth of adrenaline. With varying terrains that challenge every skill level, snowmobiling is an exciting and thrilling way to experience untouched snowscapes. However, it is important to ensure that you have received adequate training and have a good understanding of the risks involved. It is not recommended for children and older people who may find it difficult to handle the challenges that come with it.

8. Snow MotorBiking

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America ice fishing on frozen lake
Gas-powered snow motorbikes are. an innovation that combines the spirit of traditional motorbiking with the charm of winter.  With their agility and snow-traversing ability, these bikes redefine winter exploration. The gas-powered engine ensures a consistent surge of power, even in the most challenging snowy conditions. However, it's not an activity for those who seek peace in nature or want to have family fun with kids

9. Snow Cycling

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America snow cycling with envo snowbike on snow

Did you know that cycling is no longer just a summer sport? Snow cycling is becoming a popular new activity.

In the past decade, people tried to adapt fat tire bikes for the snow, but these bikes often faced challenges - especially on flat, icy terrains or mountainous regions. However, ENVO has revolutionized this space with its electric snowbike. Unlike a regular fat tire eBike, the ENVO electric snowbike replaces tires with tracks, making it incredibly stable. Whether you're climbing a 25% slope or trudging through 50 cm of powder snow, the Flex snowbike handles it with ease. It's also so user-friendly that anyone who can ride a regular bike can master the snowbike in no time. Plus, this clean and quiet machine ensures that you can enjoy nature without causing any harm or noise pollution.

10. Snow Karting

Winter fun adventure activity in Canada and north America Snowkarting and go kart on snow or frozen lakes

Snowkarting, introduced by ENVO, is an exhilarating activity that's garnering attention. Picture this: A go-kart, but on snow. The ENVO SnowKart promises a thrilling yet sustainable experience, perfect for every snow enthusiast, young or old. From collecting firewood to full-blown winter exploration, this electric powerhouse is versatile and can handle any winter terrain, be it ice, hard pack, or powder.

With snow cycling and snow karting added to the list of winter activities, this season promises to be more thrilling than ever before. There's something for everyone, whether you're an adventurous spirit or someone who prefers the peacefulness of a winter setting. This includes individuals of all ages and even those with disabilities.


North America's winter is truly something special, and Canada shines with its over 30,000 amazing lakes. Just picture it: clear blue waters turning into glossy ice sheets, surrounded by snowy landscapes. It's nature's own winter wonderland.

But don't just look at it from your window! There's a whole world of fun things to do out there. From zooming around on a snowmobile to gliding on ice skates, there's an activity for everyone.

Winter's too cool (literally and figuratively) to just stay indoors. So, put on that warm jacket, step outside, and find your perfect winter adventure. Trust us, there's nothing like breathing in that crisp winter air and having some fun in the snow. Dive in and make the most of this wonderful season!


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