Cheap Electric Bikes on Amazon

By Haseeb Javed

Apr 23, 2024

Cheap Electric Bikes on Amazon



Ever wonder how some ebikes on Amazon can be so shockingly cheap? The answer lies in a business model that prioritizes volume over quality, often built around sourcing from manufacturers like Alibaba in China.

Here's a breakdown of the cost structure:

  • Manufacturing: Let's say an ebike is produced in China for a mere $169 USD.
  • Shipping: Add $25 USD for shipping from China to the US.
  • Import Fees & Taxes: Factor in port fees and import taxes, bringing the landed cost (the total price delivered to the seller's location) to around $300 CAD.
  • Amazon Fees: Selling on Amazon isn't free. Listing fees, fulfillment fees, and advertising costs can add up quickly. Let's assume a ballpark figure of $55.92 in fees per ebike.

That seems like a crazy low price, right? Well, there's a catch.


Profitability: The Question Mark

Now comes the math. If we add a hypothetical $150 for shipping within North America, we're looking at a total cost of around $455.92 CAD.

Here's where things get interesting. Let's say the ebike is listed for a rock-bottom price of $699 CAD. This translates to a 38.36% profit margin.

The Cost of Profitability?

On the surface, the numbers might suggest a healthy profit margin. But that's before we factor in the ongoing costs that these budget sellers often try to avoid:

  • Customer Service: Providing responsive and helpful customer service requires dedicated personnel and resources – expenses these sellers may simply choose to forgo.
  • Warranty Support: Honoring warranties involves replacing faulty parts and addressing customer concerns. This can be a significant cost, especially for products prone to breakdowns. Budget sellers might offer minimal warranties or none at all, leaving you on the hook for repairs.
  • Returns: While Amazon has a return policy, some sellers might exploit loopholes to avoid shouldering the full cost of returns, especially for damaged ebikes due to poor quality.

The Bottom Line: A Race to the Bottom?

By cutting corners on quality, customer service, and warranty support, these sellers can achieve a seemingly profitable business model. However, this approach prioritizes short-term gains over long-term customer satisfaction.

Lifting the Lid on Battery Costs:

To give a comparison let's delve deeper into a crucial component: the battery. Many cheap ebikes advertise a seemingly impressive 36V10.4Ah battery. This translates to a 10s4p configuration (10 battery cells connected in series, and 4 rows connected in parallel), for a total of 40 cells. The advertised 10.4Ah capacity suggests individual cells with a rating of 2600mAh.

Here's where things get concerning. Reputable brands like LG and Samsung produce safe, high-quality cells that typically cost between $2.2 and $2.7 each. Just for the cells alone, a battery using these safe options would cost around $88 USD – alone!

When you factor in additional components like a Battery Management System (BMS) for safety and charging control, the casing, and quality control measures, the cost of a reliable battery quickly surpasses the advertised price of the entire ebike. This stark contrast raises a red flag – cut corners are likely being taken on battery safety and quality.

BiKASE Fireproof eBike Battery Storage Bags Review - Road Bike Rider  Cycling Site

The UL2849 Certification Question?

Some Amazon listings advertise UL2849 safety certification, a mark indicating the product meets specific electrical safety standards. Obtaining this certification is a rigorous process – it's expensive to test and ensure every single component complies with UL standards.

Here's the red flag: achieving UL2849 certification at the price point of these cheap ebikes is highly improbable. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in China reportedly offer counterfeit testing reports for a minimal fee.

So, how can you spot a real UL2849 certification?

Look for certification from a reputable independent lab such as SGS, TuV, or UL Labs themselves. These labs have a strict testing process and wouldn't jeopardize their reputation with fraudulent certifications.

The Bottom Line:


The appeal of a budget ebike is undeniable, especially at first glance. But after peeling back the layers, it becomes clear these deals often come at a dangerous cost. The corner-cutting on components, particularly batteries, creates a significant fire hazard. Recalling the stark contrast between the advertised price of the entire ebike and the cost of just the high-quality battery cells themselves should be a major red flag. You're quite literally risking your safety for a temporary bargain.

Think about it this way: when you're riding an ebike, you're trusting it to propel you safely and reliably. These cheap options from Amazon jeopardize that trust. They lack the proper safety certifications, and the potential for a faulty battery to spark a fire is simply too high. Imagine the potential consequences: serious injuries, property damage, or even worse. Is a temporary price saving worth risking your well-being and potentially the safety of those around you?

Invest in your safety. While a reputable ebike might require a slightly higher initial investment, it's an investment in peace of mind. Look for established brands known for quality products and prioritize features like UL certifications from independent labs. Read reviews from real buyers to gauge not just the ride quality, but also the after-sales support and warranty coverage. Remember, the cheapest option often ends up costing you more in the long run, both financially and potentially in terms of your health. Choose an ebike that will take you on adventures, not to the emergency room. Your safety and enjoyment are worth it.

 About the Author

Haseeb Javed is an Engineering Manager at ENVO Drive Systems. With years of experience in ebike product development, Haseeb has been instrumental in launching successful series like the ENVO 50, Flex, and Stax. His deep understanding of the ebike market makes him a valuable resource for anyone considering an ebike purchase.


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